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  1. December was definitely 30 day wait. I don't know how they do there scheduling but i think they need a better system.
  2. Glad to hear your cards are moving as expected. This is my third set coming back and the first time I didn't receive them in hand within the expected time frame. Thats the only reason I was having concerns.
  3. Last time I submitted I got mine back in exactly 30 days. If I would have know this would happen I would definitely have submitted sooner.
  4. Yeah its 30 business / working days. That's why I ask because they've now had my cards longer than that and still no progress. I'm going to be in a tough spot soon as i have subscription service that uses these cards. I sent them in with about 9 weeks of cushion before I would be needing them. Around the time they arrived they changed the wait time so I have no idea if my cards got a 30 day wait, 45 day wait, 75 day wait or just whenever they feel like it. I love cgc for grading and I'm actually getting another submission ready so I have 4 or 5 months of cushion this time.
  5. Does the turn around time generally start when you make your order and get your order number or is it from the time of arrival. When I sent me cards out the first week of January it was a 30day wait. They are still just received and have been this way longer than the 30 days.
  6. Are there any specifications as to what is an error card, and if I submit an "error" card could it be decided that it is not an error and just be graded regularly. I know that may be hard to answer but I have a few cards that I feel are full holo errors and would like to grade. I am just unsure if CGC will either recognize the error or maybe the holo bleed isn't bad enough. I do not have any pictures of the cards as I am at work but it can be seen in the linked video at about 10:40
  7. I want to submit 3 cards for walk through service as well as my 50 card bulk order. I have to write walk through on the box so it gets attention but there will also be non walk through cards. Should I send 2 boxes and do different submissions or is 1 box okay?
  8. I just had my first submission finished and shipped today. I was just wondering if anybody knows if the grades are viewable online and if there is a census page for trading cards.