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  1. You didn't even mention the estimated grade.
  2. Are the JLDs slabbed? I specifically stated I'm looking for raw copies.
  3. Bought some DC issues from Lou last week. Got them in just a few days and packing was excellent. Will keep an eye on future offers!
  4. Yes it is. I'm offering $60 for 9.4-9.6.
  5. Instead of writing 5 comments, you could have written 1 comment stating asking price and condition.
  6. Guideline 5 is not a requisite anymore. I'm only supposed to state what I'm looking to buy and conditions. Sellers state the asking price and condition. What am I missing here?
  7. Well, I'm new to this process. It certainly wasn't my intention to appear as a low-baller. But wouldn't it make the process easier if sellers directly stated the condition of the book they are selling along with the asking price?
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't people supposed to come to me with asking prices? I say what I want, sellers present what they think would be a fair asking price and we negotiate from there.
  9. Not necessarily looking for 9.8 candidates, so maybe $300 for 9.6.
  10. Looking to buy the following raw keys: Amazing Spider-Man 300 (9.4-9.6) Amazing Spider-Man (Original Sin) 4 (9.6-9.8) Batman Adventures 12 (9.4-9.6) Edge of Spider-Verse: 2 (9.6-9.8) Flashpoint (v2) 1 (9.6-9.8) Invincible Iron Man V3 9 (9.6-9.8) Justice League Dark (v1) 1 (9.6-9.8) Justice Society of America (v3) 1+var (9.6-9.8) New Avengers 7 (9.6-9.8) New Mutants 87 (9.4-9.6) New Mutants 98 (9.4-9.6) Star Wars: Darth Vader 3 (9.6-9.8) Tales of the Teen Titans 44 (9.4-9.6) Teen Titans V6 12 (9.6-9.8) Tho
  11. I would like to get these if they are still available Armageddon 2001 #1 (3rd printing) DC One Million #1-3 Gog #1 Infinite Crisis #1-7 Zero Hour #4, 3, 2, 1, 0