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  1. I don't know what can be claimed, but I would add that it would certainly reasonable to claim a figure that at least covers the cost of packing materials, postage, and lost time. Also, what on Earth is the postal service doing that allows their packages to spend long periods of time soaking in water? I mean, did the postman drive into a lake?
  2. Yes, and even though we may very well be entering a collectibles bubble, I think TMNT1 is probably one of the safest titles to hold onto due to its scarcity and how iconic it is.
  3. It just went for $66,000! Subtracting the Buyer's Premium, the seller will get $52,800 (if I calculated right).
  4. Too bad those boots are wasted on a doormat like Trina.
  5. I just came across this French version of GXS 1, and it fixed the double Cyclops issue and also added Wolverine. Unfortunately, Wolverine is with the old X-Men. 😟
  6. Why not? Chris Evans got to play both the Human Torch and Captain America. Edit: Credit to Valiantman who beat me by a few seconds.
  7. tvindy

    sgt 13.jpg

    It looks too fragile to press. I wouldn't risk it.
  8. Yes, here's the link:
  9. I like how the artist fixed the crack in the Liberty Bell.
  10. It is if you only search the sold listings.