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  1. Yep, the seller took down the auction. We still don't know the going rate for a 9.6, but at least now we know for sure that it's less than 65k. Of course, who knows what it might have sold for on Clink or Heritage, where you don't have to face the risks of eBay? Edit: Looks like the seller relisted it.
  2. I'd love to know what happens on the following page. My guess is that he ended up in hell reliving his execution for all eternity.
  3. Didn't they also come out with a series that was dedicated to all the weapons in the Marvel Universe.
  4. Top row, fourth from the left. That was the very first comic in my comic collection. I asked my mother to buy it for me from the rack in the local grocery store. And I use the image of that comic for my profile pic.
  5. I'd say he did well. That sounds about right for a 9.4.
  6. Thus auction on Comic Link just ended. TMNT #1 went for $14,000. The interesting thing is that the price was bid up to that price in the first few days of the auction, and then it froze there for more than two weeks. I expected some last-minute sniping, but there was none. The last bid was placed on the 13th.
  7. It will be interesting to see what happens. Probably it will either be snapped up right away, or it won't sell at all.
  8. Yes, without the notes, there's no way to know for sure. I wonder if there's some internal damage that would explain the grade. Maybe there's a torn page, or someone doodled with a crayon.
  9. Actually, if you have point zero one cents, you have a hundredth of a penny. (Sorry, just noticed this and couldn't resist.)
  10. I hope it's like that for me when it comes time to sell my 9.6. $10,000 is a great price for a 5.0.
  11. I'd always assumed that "over five figures" means "at least six figures," since $99,999 still contains only five figures. But with two people telling me different, I may very well be wrong. No worries, though.
  12. No need for anyone to apologize. It's all good. Like I said, I just wanted to be 100% certain no $100,000+ sale had taken place.
  13. I understand and agree with your words, but you seem to be implying that $10,000.01 is over five figures, while at the same time arguing (correctly that cents don't matter). Since most of this seems to be tongue-in-cheek, I think I'm probably just missing a joke. My main concern was just making sure that a TMNT #1 hadn't sold for $100,000, as that would have blown my mind.
  14. Okay, but if cents are being counted, then $10,000.01 would be seven figures. And gas prices, such as $259.379 per gallon, would be six figures!
  15. I think so. $99,999 is five figures (not over five figures). The lowest six-figure value is $100,000.