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  1. I like how the artist fixed the crack in the Liberty Bell.
  2. The circumflex over the e in "morcêgo" is also an indicator of the comic's age. Orthographic reforms to Portuguese have removed a lot of the diacritical marks over the years. Also, Batman is just called "Batman" nowadays in Brazil, so I guess that whole "Morcêgo Negro" thing didn't last. I love Batman's red boots!
  3. I should probably clarify and say that my issue isn't with your opinion. I just found the article itself to be very problematic. It conflates collecting with speculating and assumes that a lot of collectors who care about the dollar value of their items would never think to do a quick search on eBay to get an idea of the market. I recall that a few weeks ago someone speculated in one of the threads that the market for comics will probably crash in the 2030s when the last generation of people who bought physical comics in their childhood starts to die off. That makes sense to me, but like yo
  4. I don't think even the exceptions, like furniture, are likely to skyrocket in a short period of time.
  5. Basically, the message of the article is that any collectible you buy cheaply will not immediately skyrocket in value over the next couple of years, which is something most collectors already know.
  6. But I think the point is that the turkey doesn't know. Hence the surprise at the end. And in this analogy, we are the turkey.
  7. I think what people were saying is that people should be aware of the problem so they can take measures to protect themselves from being taken advantage of. I don't recall anyone in this thread saying we want to stop it. It might be more accurate to say that we want it to stop. Investors and speculators benefit, but only until these practices cause the market to collapse. Collectors suffer as they get priced out of the market. I think it was Rick2you2 who pointed out that HA can legally and anonymously bid on their own auctions. They don't have to worry about a 20% lo
  8. In recent years, the Internet seems to be moving away from community-rich sites. Netflix and IMDB are two that come to mind. They had a good thing going and then just threw their communities in the garbage.
  9. The cited paper found that between 14% and 28% of auctions on eBay had shilling. So, yes, unless you can poke some major holes in their methodology, then it's very unlikely that no shilling at all is happening. No one in this thread has singled out any individuals to accuse. That's like someone acknowledging that murders take place in New York City and suggesting taking a few precautions when visiting that city. I don't think that a legitimate response to that statement would be "guilty until proven innocent."
  10. US elections have a lot more safeguards and transparency than internet auctions. We can say definitively that if there was any fraud at all, it was so inconsequential that it could not have changed the election results. What we know is that it is orders of magnitude easier and far less risky to set up a few extra accounts to commit auction fraud than it is to commit election fraud. (And apparently HA can even legally place anonymous bids on its own auctions.) Yes, all courts and election boards have said there wasn't significant election fraud, But where are the credible investigators of aucti
  11. I suspect that the people who are not offended simply don't believe that shilling and price manipulation have a significant effect on the market. My guess is that if the facts were widely known, nearly everyone would be offended. (I'm certainly open to the possibility that it may actually not be that bad, but since it's hard to prove either way, we should all be concerned that it might be very bad.)
  12. I wonder if that cover was the inspiration for this Mark Ryden painting.
  13. This is something I've never understood with regard to comic book preservation. Since comics (especially the older ones) are not printed on acid-free paper, how does putting them in mylar bags protect them? The acid is already there. And yet there are SA and even GA comics with white pages and in 9.0+ condition. What keeps the acidic paper from becoming yellow and brittle? (I've often thought it might be an interesting idea to bag comics with a pinch of baking soda to increase the pH, but I'd be afraid to experiment with my comics.)