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  1. Mrdonut14

    Pokemon TCG

    I will be adding all Pokemon cards that i have gotten graded. Please feel free to add your photos as well and lets get this new thing moving
  2. This is why i want the sub grades on the cards it looks a lot better and also so i know why it was not a full 10
  3. Ok so like i said i am new at this and i feel really stupid but i got one of my cards back on Friday and I messed up, I forgot to add the sub grade option to all of my orders to my cards. So here's my question, Would I be able to send back the cards I have right now to have that added and or am I able to call CGC and ask them to add it on to the other items that i am waiting for them to be sent back. Has anyone else had this problem before, like i said i feel really stupid and I would really like the sub grades on the card as well. Thank you and i look forward to reading the comments in regards to my questions. Thank you again.
  4. So i am very new to sending items to get graded. What dose this mean when it states this for the cards that you have sent in. Also will it show you the grade for the item when you click on it once it is done being graded, or will you have to wait till you receive the card back in the mail. Any information will help thank you and hope every one has a great day.