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  1. Late to the party but i wanted to give my two cents. I've dealt considerably with carded and boxed action figures. I can only tell you what I would do (and have done). And of course, suggestions are dependent on how much you paid for this collection. I think it is worth submitting the Bossk, Vader and Kenobi to a grading company. By the way, Bossk is hot and this one is on a ESB 32-Back card! Much like CGC slabbed books, the figures will command a higher price and if anything, will sell faster. I do think that another factor for graded figures selling better is that the submission process is a bit cumbersome (and expensive) such that customers would rather have it already taken care of for them. I have exclusively used AFA as I think that, out of all the competition, they are the most reliable and right now, realizes a better ROI. I just wish they would modernize their website and make their online submission process more streamlined (I have been offering to do so for years now!). I won't speak on the casing / yellowing issue as @Comicdey did a great job explaining it, much better than I could. And congrats on this very nice vintage star wars pickup!
  2. Late in the game here...but agree with most at a VG-.
  3. Sorry, I haven't scanned through the entire thread. Is the X-Men 266 still for sale?
  4. Very cool cover! And congrats to both parties. I don't think I have seen this book outside of the Gerber photo journal
  5. A request that probably doesn't come up often. Looking for high grade 1st print copies of Classic Illustrated Crime and Punishment and War of the Worlds. Figuring out print version for CI can get a bit tricky so here's some guidance for these particular books: 1. Crime and Punishment: HRN (highest reorder #) - 89 Published Nov. 1951 2. War of the Worlds: HRN - 125 Published Jan 1955 Thanks! Pete
  6. Awesome thread! Why is that Planet Comics #48 still available?! That is a very reasonable price!