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  1. That's an interesting point. I definitely was not looking at the problem with an evolving model in mind - I realize this is where the deep learning comes in. I have to admit, I know little about the subject. My perspective is one of removing the human factor out of the process and yet still uphold a standard. And that standard being a well defined model worked out by a consortium of reputable graders and is completely public information. But if the model is ever evolving, then I am not sure how practical it would be to the comic community. And if the ultimately goal is to have a "better
  2. Actually I was discussing this very subject with my wife the other to get the grade of a comic book from photo scan(s). Don't ask why. But we concluded that it is impossible, at least in the practical sense. Lol. It is an incredibly difficult endeavor because it requires large amounts of data and you're trying to translate something that is very subjective into objective, empirical, repeatable results. And really, grading involves assessing interior pages, staples, and I think side views. That's a lot of images for one comic book. That said..if you take a step back and remove the im
  3. Walked away from the last CLINK auction really disappointed - I was outbid on the Supersnipe #8 at the last few seconds. Closed at $4,000. So which boardie was it?
  4. I bought a bundle of comics from Sohrab at a great price. Really impressed with his packaging technique. Thanks bud
  5. I had an equally terrible experience with them...actually twice, thinking the next time would be better. Shame on me. Will never buy from them again, no matter how enticing the lot is. THEY ALSO TRIM BOOKS WITHOUT DISCLOSING. They also have a crew of shillers, which explains the often unrealistic winning bids.
  6. And for non-store, non-MPS accounts, this page. Also $750 max.
  7. Good question...according to this ebay page, accounts not activated for MPS, the $750 cap applies for both #1 and #2.
  8. Hey Brian! So I am glad you asked because I was wrong. I did a bit of digging and found the ebay page on fee structure for managed payments sellers (MPS). Apparently, when you switch to MPS, the FMV fee no longer caps at $750 and is just slightly more complicated. I recommend reading that page to get a good understanding of what to expect to get charged on your sold items. In most cases, ebay is still a more cost-effective sales channel than ComicLink and ComicConnect, provided you are comfortable handling the packaging and DIY promoting. I put together this table below to help summariz