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  1. I would've thought a pressing would remove that crease altogether and the long color break would be a big disappointment. Great book, sorry about that imperfection.
  2. Ha, if that were my book I'd trim it, just being honest. Not from a view of trying to cheat someone because I'll probably never sell any of my comics until I die, but I literally couldn't go to sleep at night after seeing that.
  3. That sucks about the cancelled ebay order. Can sellers do that? Isn't that the reason why they have to place a reserve? Is there anything you can do about it? Just seem dishonest to me.
  4. The kind of 6.5-7.0 that I'd love to have because the fc presents so well.
  5. I don't feel bad but honestly don't run across deals like that very often.
  6. Are the new labels an option? I prefer the old labels with comments like "1st appearance..."
  7. Does cleaning come along with the standard pressing technique? If not, how is a comic "cleaned"?
  8. I created an account but it is waaaaaaay too complicated. I'll keep using my Excel spreadsheet.