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  1. Thanks man. I had a couple other people recommend the same, leave it as-is or just do 1 "spot" color lightly in places. I think I'm going to leave it for right now, it'll be awhile before I send it off so I have time to change my mind. Really appreciate the feedback!
  2. Just (mostly) finished the black and white portion of this, trying to decide whether to color it in as I originally intended or just clean it up a bit and keep it monochrome. Thoughts anyone?
  3. Lol, no worries, I was only half serious, seen you post a good bit of coloring lately and since it was black and white I thought of your work. Appreciate the response though!
  4. Just got these in the last couple of weeks. One enormous Knull remark by Kirkham and Mayhew's standard dislodged-jaw Venom. I'll probably be selling both in the near future but they're hanging on my wall for the time being.
  5. Hey, wanna do me a favor and color this for me if you're bored lol? I was originally planning on adding color to it but it looks nice in black and white and I don't want to mess it up. Would love to see it digitally in color before I make up my mind and I don't have a graphics tablet to do it myself.
  6. My most recent sketch cover. It was my first time drawing Rocket so I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, but I'm happy with it, I think.
  7. Actually I had an easier time with the black than the white ones. Its super easy to discolor the white accidentally with stray paint or pencil/ eraser marks, and the white doesn't match if you try to just plaster over it. I'd rather work on black blanks anyday lol.
  8. Been playing around with some more blanks, nothing really impressive but thought I'd share. I bought about 50 blanks off another artist last week for like $3 a piece so I've been experimenting with different styles and characters I don't normally draw.
  9. Your inking is very good, you should try some of your own line work, might be surprised what you could pull off.
  10. Maybe look into a courier service? Honestly for 2k I'd just buy a ticket to Australia and take the book back as a carry-on. If I'm going to drop a couple grand I might as well get a brief vacation out of it. If traditional mail is your only feasible route then yes I'd imagine the insured and declared values would have to match. In the unfortunate event the book is damaged the shipper would dispute the insured value based on the declaration, and customs could drop the hammer on you for undervaluing your item in order to dodge VAT.
  11. Dude I saw these a few months ago and was blown away, such amazing work, I wouldn't even know where to start in replicating that lol. Would love to have a piece like that on my wall.
  12. Thanks man! I'm really leaning towards keeping it, just bc its my first. I actually have an idea for a ghost rider, just need to get a blank for it. Whenever I get around to doing it I'll post it here first so you can see if you like it!
  13. Thanks! I was hoping no one would choose the fire option I just started drawing seriously about 6 months ago, the pandemic left me with very little to do at work so I started doing little batman and venom sketches when I was bored and its just kinda progressed from there.
  14. I posted this in the sketch cover thread, but figured I'd share it here as well. It's my first ever attempt at a comic cover, going to get in touch with CGC about registering as an artist tomorrow and take the leap into selling my art. Wish me luck
  15. Thanks man, its the 1st time I put the teeth on my sig, thought it would be a cool little add-on. I put the "1" on the right side since it was my 1st comic cover, but its a great idea to label it on the back instead, hadn't heard/ thought of that before. Really appreciate the input!
  16. Yeah I'm leaning towards the grading route, I'm going to email CGC tomorrow to inquire about the process. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it!
  17. Wanted your opinions on this guys. It's my first ever attempt at a sketch cover and I'm not sure if I should try to sell it as-is, get it graded first, or keep it since it's my first one ever. I still need to register with CGC as an artist before I can get it graded, fyi. Thoughts, comments, concerns? Is it terrible and I should kill it with fire instead? I need objective input friends.
  18. Thanks man, she does some really cool work for a very reasonable price. I'd highly recommend checking her out if you haven't already.
  19. Lol, thanks man. I've been on a roll with Namtak today it seems, it's been a good bit of fun actually. Gave me a reason to return to the boards more often than usual.
  20. Thats awesome! I see you're a fellow Unknown Comics live sale connoisseur. I have a chibi Harley Quinn from Anna coming on Monday, but I really love yours. The chopstick claws are priceless lol.
  21. Not sure who this old guy is but I drew him anyway
  22. Lol, I know, it was a joke this time. I was hoping someone would take it seriously though, so thank you for that 😃
  23. This just came in today, by Anna Zhuo from an Unknown Comics live sale back in November. Not bad for $145 graded/ shipped. Apparently they ran out of Spider Gwen blanks so thats why its on an Amazing Fnatasy 15.
  24. Honestly though I thought that depiction of Darkside was some kind of older/simpler rendition of Thanos, totally missed the actual Thanos directly below him. Plus Superman battling that x-men sentinel up top really distracted me.