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  1. I've bought a couple of times from Derek, and he always sends the books fast, packed well and exactly as he describes them in his listings. Thank you again!
  2. Got this in a random lot for less than $1 - unfortunately there are spine issues and also some weird indentations on the back cover (funny enough, they almost look like cat teeth marks). Too bad because the rest of the books in the lot were a nice grade, but I just love this cover so I'll keep it around.
  3. A little beat-up, got them in a random lot buy. Groo is a Mark Jewelers
  4. I like to pick up small, super-cheap random lots when they have a couple of books that look interesting. My criteria is that they have to be small lots and my cost has to come out to less than $1 a book (unless it's a lot that includes really specific keys or something for example, then I'm more flexible). Here are some of the more interesting/fun/intriguing ones (in my opinion) from my last couple of buys, all under $1 a book: The Groo issue is a Mark Jewelers.
  5. Mastermind is a cartoon. Doctor Strange is a real guy. There's no way a cartoon could beat up a real guy.
  6. I will lend you $0.83 USD - gotta stick to that exchange rate. Or I'll send you the $3 in the pic if you send me some Timbits...
  7. Went digging at an LCS over the lunch hour, found some neat stuff.
  8. I'm currently selling a bunch of my old video games that have just been sitting in storage. The video game market is just as crazy as comics right now - I take good care of my stuff, so they basically all have boxes and every single insert that came with the game. Sold a Game Boy Advance game complete in box for $175 last night, and I have two sealed games listed at $300 each, and I'm on the low end of the BIN and sold offerings for those games on eBay. I have a bunch of stuff listed, and I've sold through $500 in the last week or so. My plan is to sell enough in the next few weeks to be
  9. Not to belabor the point of all this, but a 2.5 just sold for $70 more than I paid for my copy (which is only an 8.5) less than 8 months ago... crazy. 2.5 OW/W sold at a BIN of $449.99 - Wow, and I just saw a 2.0 OW/W went for $455 after 18 bids -
  10. It's one of those books that had unsold cases out there though - I know Very Gary comics has bought at least one case based on checking out his videos. But $14 seemed like a fine price, it's been a $10-15 book for a long time.
  11. I just grabbed one more high grade copy at $14. The lower-priced ones were flying off eBay faster than I could refresh. Not sure why I sat and waited, should have bought a 9.8 when they were cheap. Oh well.
  12. Spider-man Unlimited 1 is finally starting to creep up since the Venom trailer dropped...
  13. Apparently this error is more common than I thought for this issue: - Why an X-Men label??
  14. Got this weird Punisher War Journal 30 in a random lot but it’s inside out. It was a lot buy with just pics of the books from a seller that just lumped a bunch of randoms together; I assumed it was just bagged incorrectly in the pic. Crazy thing is it’s a newsstand. I can imagine it not getting noticed at the printer and even the distributor, but how did it make it past the newsstand and not get sent back to be destroyed? Guess someone else found it and thought it was cool... Front: Inside front: Back: Inside back:
  15. I wasn’t sure where to put this, couldn’t find anything searching... I bought a couple of super-cheap random lots on eBay - the kind of stumble-upon where 1-2 books will pay for whatever you spend and the rest is gravy (or drek, usually). In the pics, one of the books looked like it was bagged backwards, with the back cover showing. After opening it, it’s really weird. It’s a Punisher War Journal 30 newsstand, and it’s produced inside-out (best way I can describe it). Here are pics - had anybody run across something like this before? Front: Inside front:
  16. Look right above the "Hey Spidey" on the eBay book - that crease isn't on the other book you linked to.
  17. "Number 1 victory royale, yeah Fortnite we 'bout to get down..."
  18. Selling some sealed and complete-in-box (CIB) video games on eBay - Final Fantasy GBA games, Conker's Bad Fur Day N64, etc. - username: jesster1 Mods, if this post isn't allowed in this forum, sorry about that, I'll understand if it gets removed.
  19. Me too from now on!
  20. Back when I was having all the issues, I got an email about how his store was swamped, couldn't keep up, etc. He said he was refunding everyone but would keep the books they ordered set aside, and when he was back up to capacity he'd contact people to see if they still wanted the books at the original purchase price. However, I still never saw a refund after that and I had to get my credit card to settle the refund, and I definitely didn't get a follow-up email. Between him and ComicXposure (who I also had to get my credit card to settle a refund), it was a bad couple of months. Not to mention