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  1. Nice slabs..I just submitted some last night and will be doing much much more...
  2. Ok I submitted my order last night and I wanted to use my $150 credit since I upgraded my membership. At no time was there a place to add my credit or ID me based on my ID #...So I did pay by credit card BUT my question is how or where do I put in my credit or use my credit for grading? Also since I still have my credit can I also use that towards grading trading cards? If so where in the heck do I use my credit please... Thank you
  3. As I am a flipper more so then a collector my goal is to try and find first appearance issues and variants if I can remember them all. I got a few apps to look up but damn you could spend hours looking at each comic if you dont have anything memorized. Has anyone pulled say $20 or more value comics from a $1 bin box before?
  4. Thank you for the quick response. Good to know and will be sending soon.
  5. I just signed up and have my shipping box from membership coming to me. I want to send in 1 comic non signed under $200 value and aprox 6 magazines for grading. Can I ship BOTH comics and magazines in one box and use 2 different invoices (or 1) OR Do i need to ship completely separate 1 box with 1 comic and 1 box with the 5 magazines? Thank you
  6. Ebay shows some old 1930s mags but yea i saw the short list but i hope they can do almost any style as long as it fits the size requirements and low or no nudity
  7. I see a lot of the sports related and playboy magazines slabbed but lets see your pics of "other" magazine slabs. Maybe an old Fishing magazine or Car magazine? Who here does this as I have some ready to go and looking to build on it strong.
  8. How about those silver age books that were really READ so much a slab grade would make it about a 3 to 4 grade. Raw may be $2.00 or so. Because its Silver Age would the slab bump so that it is worth the effort? I dont know how you guys do it. If i go to a comic shop and see boxes galore and trying to remember all the key issues and what they are worth I go crazy
  9. Thank you all for the responses. Doing more research and from reading to most or at least a lot of the slabbed if spending my own money should be done on key issues or first appearances of a certain character.
  10. Kinda new to comics and grading. My question is when it comes to the CGC graded slabs does it raise the value any compared to book price? Example if a comic is worth $10 in NM (I assume 9.0 or above) does having it CGC graded a 9.0 raise the value past $10? I ask since I am wondering is it good idea for comics from the 1980s or later to be graded if it can raise the price. Thank you