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  1. I updated the recrap on page 1, and will try to get to some Sgt. Rocks and some SSWSs this afternoon or pm. Busy day with retirement party that went three hours, and trying to get the place cleaned up as my youngest is coming home from college. Oh and haircut at 4 pm!
  2. lizards2

    The Resurrection no more

    Don't forget his producer/hype man Fluff Daddy AKA the Notorious Carpet Bomber??
  3. lizards2

    Ditch Fahrenheit's Journal

    the Pube at 2:45 and he BOC had me, baby!
  4. Last book of the night, even though I have a full drink - I am not entertained: Our Fighting Forces 176 9.0 OW pages $12. Teensy crease @ URFC, couple of spine tics.
  5. Our Fighting Forces 152 9.0+ ow pages $7. Spine tics, ½ “ dint @ center of FC. Kirby art! ( I'm sorry, I will likely go to Hell for many of my other sins before this one, but Kirby was not on his game after he moved to DC )
  6. Our Fighting Forces 139 9.0 OWW pages $25.
  7. Our Fighting Forces 138 9.0 slightly OW pages $25. Minor dint at URFC/ULBC, spot on hull of submarine (1/8” X ¼”) – food residue? Relatively certain it was not greggy - he does messes right.
  8. Our Fighting Forces 116 9.0 appearance, but browning, so 7.5 OW pages $18. Let's flush this turd - $5. Note arrival date in logo.
  9. Our Fighting Forces 102 4.5 CR/OW pages $3.
  10. Our Fighting Forces 100 5.5 CR/OW pages $4. Spine wear, 2” crease @ LRFC, foxing FC/BC.
  11. Our Fighting Forces 98 6.5 OW pages $10. Bought as a 7.5 here. I am the original sucker/doormat.
  12. Our Fighting Forces 89 6.0/6.5 ow pages $12. Nice glossy copy.