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  1. Canadians scare me. They are always up there..., lurking...., planning...., all with that façade of niceness...., shudder.
  2. Why would you obscure the book with a CGC slab?
  3. I've gotten complimentary pubic hair included in my orders from here (thanks Bob, Roy!!! ), and that was kind of sweet, and memorable! Many just include their dog's hair, wrapped up in the tape and in the comic sleeves. Not quite as impressive...,
  4. Yup - when your 10 pages behind..., and sales aren't marked..., I see prickycollector slipped it in, once again.
  5. Right - but the cover is supposed to appear like a folder Right - so what is a CBCS slab doing in a thread titled, "Where in the world was the Quality Control at CGC???"
  6. Was he kidding? Big chunk out of the It's not a CGC slab.
  7. make sure you put it under the fluorescent lights for a few days first.