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  1. You should have bid higher on my JLA 6!!! I don't have the money to go all in these days.
  2. Detective Comics #359 RAW copy 7.0ish

    I'm admittedly not the sharpest guy here, but it took me a full 15 minutes to find this. I still struggle with the new websites lack of intuitiveness.
  3. I don't collect the stuff, but seeing all the low grade rags being offered and sold for $500-1500 would have me spooked too.
  4. Cover question

    The signature would not affect the grade at all at this level. The second photo in the eBay listing is an enlargement of the signature area. I've missed things before on eBay listings, such as "centerfold missing".
  5. Cover question

    I found it on eBay sold listings. The photo is terrible for assessing grade, but it is probably a VG- or G/VG or less. The selling price for that, even in a slab, is about $25.
  6. Cover question

    Based on the condition, it is not worth submitting, unless you really, really like low grade books in slabs.
  7. This week in your collection?

    Well it's to avoid staining the holder. You know I hear there are other websites to satisfy what apparently has your mind occupied. Anyways have a good one Well, 50 years is usually when you start checking....,
  8. Please allow me to vent about grader notes...

    Did they look like 9.6s or 8.0s?
  9. This week in your collection?

    I wonder if the graders no longer eat potato chips while grading...., ??
  10. This week in your collection?

    Were you giving it a rectal exam?
  11. Favorite Comic Posters

    Except for those two, which are in frames on the kitchen wall, everything else is packed away. Sound familiar? Yes