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  1. I live in a small town, and even took weight-lifting classes with my carrier for about ten years. She is a union steward, and I was a labor relations specialist for the Feds, so we had some good "shop" conversations. She collects record albums and old stereo equipment, and she knows I collect comics, and what is in all those incoming and outgoing packages. She takes care of our stuff, and is a great femailman! I talk to her once or twice a week!
  2. Getting your meat smoked at a comic convention? My how times have changed...,.
  3. I like to think you put that photo in just for me...,
  4. Well , pm me if your attitude changes..., I got a 217 in 9.2/9.4, so. very happi-ish... About that.
  5. I had a similar plan, however, two plus years into retirement, I have made little headway in selling more than I buy. I have longevity in the genes, so 58 is still pretty young, however, nothing is guaranteed. My dad was super healthy and active, and he was randomly killed one day, way before he would have "naturally" died. That was a shocking wake up call to how quickly plans can change. On the moving boxes around bit, it is a pretty good alternative to lifting free weights - just practice good form, and it will be good and healthy for you.
  6. Silver Age Doom Patrol and Metal Men?
  7. It looks like your scanner needs a warshin' Rupp...,