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  1. lizards2

    To Slab or not to Slab?

    It would probably only be half as irritating to read.
  2. lizards2

    Raw vs CGC

    Just goes to show, there's a very thin line between genius and madness. And drawing every character in painful stages of constipation...,.
  3. were you happy or disappointed with the grades?
  4. lizards2

    Modern day comics

    But you can only here that "shhhhccclicckkkk" sound of the cover be opened for the first time ONCE..., on any given book.
  5. lizards2

    Comic Shops in the Seattle area worth visiting?

    I would have dinner at a nice Greek restaurant, and then go have a few drinks at the gay bar down the street.
  6. lizards2

    Raw vs CGC

    Thank you guys😊😎 I talked with one if the dealers I work with on ebay, he said both thanos and spawn are bad investments. I'm conflicted though, it's kind of like new mutants 98, its value drops all the time, but it's the first appearance of deadpool. And how come punisher cant gain no momentum? Except fa in amazing spiderman? Even xfactor 6 is dirt cheap and I thought apocalypse was a great movie. And why is NYX 3 so valuable, that Logan movie stunk! The only way death of robin will increase is if joker killa him in the upcoming joker movie, and the only way for that to happen is if they introduce him in the next justice league. All these different factors come into play, its causing my brain to🤯 Will silver sable and black cat prices moonshot with the upcoming black and silver movie or will raiders fans get all confused? What about eternals or shang chi, and why is marvel point zero the fa of sam nova, who is a man called nova than. And can gambit catch steam with fa in uncanny x men? I spend money on comics for two reasons cause its nostalgic and I like too. I have three copies of xforce 11 because I like domino. 2 copies of AMS 361 cause I like too. I balance needs and wants effectively besides I just had a triple double from tim Hortons I'm a little zuked Because.
  7. lizards2

    To Slab or not to Slab?

    What story?