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  1. lizards2

    new batch of CGC books - no inner well :(

    Do any of the other preservation companies offer random destruction?
  2. Verpert I didn't say it was a good experience..., yet.
  3. lizards2

    new batch of CGC books - no inner well :(

    So if I ship slabs to other people, the usps/ups removes spine rolls / stacking creases?
  4. yeeeaaahhhhh buddddy! My Vampire Tales cherry popped by a booty-cooder…,
  5. lizards2

    For the love of PGX

    I've cracked out hundreds of CGC books, and they have no claim to consistency either. I've probably cracked out about 40 PGX books. These were typically cheaper HG SA books, but I detected no monkey business as far as restoration goes, and the grading was OK in relation to CGC, but I tend to really scrutinize my slabbed purchases of any of the grading companies. If the book is obviously not close to the stated grade, I don't purchase, and that includes CGC books. I've probably only cracked out about 10 or so CBCS books, and those I tend to scrutinize even more, as most of those were a disappointment. Grading is an art, not a science, so I doubt inconsistency issues with either CGC, PGX or CBCS will ever be resolved.
  6. lizards2

    new batch of CGC books - no inner well :(

    Not yet. Wanted to find out if anyone else was getting them like this or if this was a one time error I've cracked out a couple slabs lately that were like the ones you just got back. By eliminating the corner dimples, maybe they are trying to mitigate some of the damage those dimples have done to past encapsulated books.
  7. lizards2

    Creepy and Eerie, Frazetta and Ken Kelly

    A dog's got to pee, man.
  8. lizards2

    Creepy and Eerie, Frazetta and Ken Kelly

    I think it was a limited edition print. It's fairly old - I bought two of them and had them professionally framed. I gave one to my brother, as he is a big time hunter.