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  1. Agree in principal but dunno...heard bondage was not really an item of interest in the collecting community You need to go for the LARPers.
  2. Same here. It's taking foreeeeever to refresh. It's almost as slow at @Comcav "take" time lately The boards just need some discipline.....,
  3. I was at the little deschutes camping ground just outside Bend, for a couple weeks, summer of ‘76. Whatever happened, it wasn't me.
  4. I'd say "I'm easy" but I know that would not be a good idea;) After tomorrow night, anyone interested in singles, just PM me...or doubles...or...I'll let Mike fill that one in;) I'm not as perverted as you th.…., never mind.
  5. LOL...YES!! It's so nice to see a person Your books are rarely in my "lack of focus", but I always enjoy your threads!! Always lots of books I rarely if ever see.