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    Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Comics..., who forgot the chips???
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    Oregon Outback-Duckland!
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    I have no registry points, so I exercise my geek superiority by being a jerk.
  1. Ebay 20% off

    Gaah! I'm supposed to be on the wagon...,
  2. A young boy, definitely not a girl, there is no skirt;) And no bow on his head....,
  3. Are the Boomers cashing out?

    I don't think I got the last few comic boxes out of my parent's house until I was about 45ish. Now it's my house, and I can start moving some boxes back in, if I wanted to.
  4. The two of them together were always good for a bondage cover...
  5. I love Richie !! You seem like more of a Casper guy to me......,
  6. The U. S. of A. ... East Coast toxic waste depository, or somewhere else?
  7. Richville... The Money Bin...,
  8. help with mail in option

    Just step into my office if you wish to submit....,
  9. Doctor Tom Brent and his Flying Nurses

    Ah, bless you Glassman, bless you. I do like your way with words! Keep going, we're barely half way through. Hundreds to come my friend, hundreds! And if you like this, try some of the other threads in my signature links below. A right pair of unpopular cretins and their dog used to run them I'll let @lizards2 deal with the iguana bit... Odd - I have the urge to go have a smoke. My wife, and daughter, had tons of the Cherry Ames, Student Nurse books.
  10. Is this place deader than ever?

    You do know you're supposed to take your boots off at the doorway liz, don't you? Lizards do wear boots don't they liz? Not real ones.
  11. Is this place deader than ever?

    Got ya. Sniff your crotch, then your feet and then you'll know. I stepped in it this morning - can't really detect a diff.