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  1. lizards2

    Marvels, Magazines, and Maybe More

    Yes. I believe I marked everything that had sold, so if it hasn't been marked sold, it should still be available. I was trying real hard to get back to this thread with more books, but then summer took off, and I never quite made it.
  2. First rule about thread mafia is "you do not talk about thread mafia" I don't remember you being part of the gang...., ?
  3. Can I start a thread where I presell for mid-2019 and just drop ship from his thread? I see no rule against it...,
  4. lizards2

    Basketball at Wizard World Chicago

    Let me know if you can get @arexcrooke in for a real sport, then I might commit.
  5. lizards2

    ComicLink 2018 Show 'em if you got 'em

    Got this as a companion piece to my Bernie Wrightson framed print of the same scene. Not sure about the Canadian Edition stuff, but has a great fragrance of back bacon and maple syrup. No greggy stains yet, though....,
  6. "Non-stolen but en feugo?" "Hot!" (In a good way...,)
  7. lizards2


    Take per pm Looks like he is on a carpet bombing mission.....,