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  1. If I had to pick one I'd have to say Wolverine Limited. Miller at his best and the story hold up well.
  2. At this point almost all of the Golden Age books should be lumped into the key category since they are just red hot. There is still some subsets like most funny books and I think westerns but at this point even those books are probably taking off. But for all the lowly Silver-Age to modern collectors there is a plethora of books out there right now and putting together nice no key runs seems to have never been easier.
  3. Which is why they seem to be exploding in popularity in my area. There is another one in Cleveland / Akron / Youngstown every year and the old ones just keep getting bigger. You expand the radius to include Detroit/Pittsburgh/Columbus/Buffalo and you could probably go to a comic con every couple weeks without trying hard.
  4. The hobby has never been a better time (other then during a sever crash) to buy random non key books. Set aside $30 a week and you will have a great assortment of classic books after a couple months. Mid grade Silver-Age books are cheap as hell especially if you wait a bit and grab some during auctions or with bulk low ball offers. Avoid the select keys and you will be surprised what you can get now for dirt cheap.
  5. On the college level I agree RJ seemed like the better player but physically Zion should transition better in the pros. Way too much hype around him but Zion should do better from a total number of all-star games standpoint.
  6. Interesting info. Not a large amount of money when a single movie can generate 8x that much but I agree the numbers do not appear to be dropping compared to ten years ago. I'm assuming the big difference is the variant market was not strong before 2011.
  7. Per the dictionary: Hobby is an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure. Sitting around looking at your phone is a leisure activity which is scorching hot right now.
  8. I commend all the people who enjoy all of their collection and want to enjoy them to the very end. But if you feel the collection (or even some of it) is a hindrance then it make sense to sell off books slowly and not have your relatives accept pennies on the dollar when they try to sell off your entire collection in one shot. Selling books is a pain but if you can spread out the sales you typically do much better.
  9. Greasy meat and sticky lollipops are exactly what you want in the hands of people flipping thru your comics.
  10. Does watching videos on utube and playing around on your phone a hobby? I see this as the hottest hobby if it qualifies.
  11. From a flipping stand point were the new guys worth attending the show or was the picking as tough as expected. I talked to Rick and the booth prices have become too high for most of the regulars to afford.
  12. In a nut shell from what I am seeing is - the sales numbers on current books are as a whole plummeting compared to even a decade ago - variants are keeping flippers in the money but only a select few are making the money while most lose just as much as they win - Key books and about half of the Golden Age books are exploding since demand far outpaces supply - 95% of all Copper - Silver-Age books have dropped in price (quite a few significantly) with everyone wanting only keys books. - the hot book of the month has now become the hot book of the week with several weeks of people speculating on which book will pop in a few weeks.
  13. I got the offer also and I don't ever get any of the offers. You sure everyone didn't get it?
  14. Ugh - what a cluster F. The last 2 episodes were just cringe worthy due to the insane fast pace of the 2nd to last episode and the snooze fest of the last episode. They could have ended the series with the death of the white walkers and I'd have been happier then the crappy ending. Oh well - the first 7 seasons were epic.