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  1. It's really not that bad - definitely not worth giving up on E-Bay. I get deposits a few times a week like clock work and I really don't see much difference other then not having to transfer funds over from Paypal to my account.
  2. I really like to go to movies for the enjoyment of doing something different in a different environment. Watching movies at home on the 65" tv is great but it really pales compared to the thrill of watching a movie on opening weekend. There are some negatives but the popcorn tastes better - candy tastes sweeter - just a great way to get out of the house for a few hours and recharge. I'll really miss theaters if they go the way of the dodo.
  3. I'm thinking there will just be a consolidation of theaters in most markets. It was getting pretty crazy in terms of the number of theaters within a 20 minute drive of my house (got to be at least 10 if you include the high end eat at your seat ones). There will always be a need for theaters in most major markets but there definitely do not need to be as many.
  4. Yikes - they really didn't want to give you a 9.8 on those X-men 4s.
  5. God it would have been sweet if he scratched out the S in shooters.
  6. I've probably bought 12 slabs via the spin a deal and I'd estimate I've gotten a 12% discount on the batch (quite a few 5 - 10%ers and a couple 50/75% discounts). It's fun but I'd guess I'd have been able to get close to the same deals with offers since a bunch were not smoking hot books. But Bob's prices are pretty good before the discount so I've always been happy with my purchases. Not a criticism of the promotion in any way but just some info for people that are considering giving it a try.
  7. That is awesome and my teen self is pissed that I didn't think of it.
  8. I watched the 1st episode last night and it was ok - 6/10. Felt like it wanted to be Supernatural but the funny parts felt very flat. Some decent gore and the pacing was ok but just felt a little off. It was good enough for me to keep watching and I'll probably finish it by Halloween.
  9. Do you think it's good? Its on my want to watch list but that list is long and distinguished.
  10. It's not a great movie (bordering on bad) but I love They Live with Pipper. I can watch that one over and over again.
  11. Spiderman - anything else is silly. Almost any issue sells and they sell quickly.
  12. I really want this series to be a hit for financial reasons but the teaser was pretty weak. The story is so strong that I'm surprised they left me feeling bleh after seeing the teaser.
  13. I disagree but maybe it's just an issue of it not being new and exciting this season. The gross factor has been there but in terms of story line I think it's been a tad weak.
  14. $2.50 a piece for nice high grade TOD is pretty cheap. Nice pick up.