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  1. My January 28th submissions are still sitting at received but mine are prescreen which for some reason takes an extra two weeks to get a grader to look at them.
  2. A whole 8% off?? Guess I just sit back and expect all the offers to come pouring in!
  3. True - there is a ton of speculation floating around with no hard facts. But we do know a Exec at DC is saying DC will close down if the recent changes don't help sell books. Was he joking? I'm not sure but I do know when there is smoke coming from all directions then there is usually fire.
  4. I couldn't find a direct quote about the profits from DC comics but I guess I've heard it mentioned a few times over the last time here on the boards and elsewhere that ATT was losing money producing DC comics. We know DC comics must not be that profitable for us to even be talking about it (nobody has seriously discussed Marvel closing down their comic selling so to me they must be making money). If DC as a comic book company goes belly up you don't see that as a negative (regardless if the characters get licensed out)? Marvel was in the same boat and barely survived when they sold off Spidey and FF4 but I also think it was a different time in terms of printed publications back then.
  5. I agree someone will try to make DC profitable again but if DC can't do it them why would anyone else make it work. I guess Marvel could come in and give DC a Marvel flavor but is Marvel doing that well at selling new comics right now?
  6. That definitely would be a twist that may spice things up a bit. If Marvel movies takes over producing DC movies then could we possibly see a Justice League & Avengers movie?
  7. This is a good question but i think its short sighted to say no new books will have no impact on back stock sales (especially if you look out 20 years). If sports cards stopped making new cards stating the card market was dead do you think the overall card market would just keep plowing ahead? No new stories = even less new collectors = quarantines steady decline in collectors over the next 20 years. I've not bought a new book in over a decade (other then 1 variant which I didn't read) but I do not see the death of DC comic division as a minor blimp in the industry. There will be a trickle effect which we will all notice.
  8. I know a couple of the store owners who have come on here have said over half their sales are new books and I’d guess DC has to be at least 1/3 of those books sold. So take away 15% or more of a stores sales and I’d think there would be quite a few closures. Will all that money typically spent on new DC books flow into the back stock market or would it go elsewhere? I’d guess most would go elsewhere since those buyers obviously want new stories and old storylines won’t cut it.
  9. My big concern would be the optics to the collectors out there. Many of us have been preaching the impending doom of print comics but to see one of the big two close up shop is another thing. Hearing comic execs talk about the death of comics must hit close to home when you are a collector with 200k socked away into a comic collection. I’d think we would see a flood of collections up for sale if DC goes bye bye.
  10. I always get a couple request for pics of what books I decided to grab. Bulk buys and quick pick ups from the $5 or $1 boxes was the name of the game on Friday.
  11. The dealers in the room were some of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Lots of joking and just a fun room to hang out in. From a buying stand point there was a ton a nice Bronze books - tons of $5/$1 boxes with good stuff in them - decent selection of minor keys. Definetely not a con to see Batman 1s or even most big keys like X-Men 1. Matt has a few big books and he even has some nice Golden Age books. I’m not sure if the craze is dying down but I didn’t see a lot of Golden Age changing hands and instead Bronze Age keys seemed to be the hot items. Very nice Con that I’ll try to attend again next year.