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  1. Where they both restored previously.
  2. Nice! I picked up a very nice Black Hammer 1 San Diego variant and thankfully put it on the to be graded pile.
  3. 1Cool

    Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    From my decade of experience selling books - September - November are the slowest time of year selling books. December picks up a bit and then a lull between mid January and March when tax refunds prompt the summer surge. Books sell very well from March until August. Key books sell all thru the year but the number of books sold always seems to follow this pattern.
  4. Here is a related question. Every Con I've been to that Stan is doing signing at you can hear the money getting sucked out of the room and deposited into the Stan sig line. Now that that will not occur again do you think the buying public will spend their money elsewhere while attending Cons or do you think Stan brought in the people and they won't be coming back?
  5. 1Cool

    Venom Movie

    Are we still arguing about this hit movie. Was it great - no. Was it enjoyable and different - yes. I know the number of comic movies is in a lull right now but it seems overkill to still be arguing about a movie that was so successful at the box office.
  6. 1Cool

    current turn around rates at CGC

    75 prescreen Modern received 9/25 SFG 11/2 two batches graded 11/5 All 3 batches graded and 1 batch moved to QA/QC 11/6 1 Batch shipped 11/7 Last Two Batches shipped 11/13 About 40 business days. Looks like they have the time expected down to 33 days so I'm hoping the next batch of 100 is done by Christmas. The copper / bronze set had 8 9.8s, 14 9.6s and 3 rejects. The late copper batches had 22 9.8s , 15 9.6s and 12 rejects The number of 9.8s are a bit up but not a huge swing from last year.
  7. Where is the rest of the 100?
  8. 1Cool

    current turn around rates at CGC

    Mine are in the same boat but i think the Holiday on Monday put everything back a step. My fingers are crossed that mine get shipped today and hopefully yours will also.
  9. 1Cool


    Thread is closed. Thanks for the purchases!
  10. 1Cool


    Thread closed since books will be available to the masses here in a minute. Thanks for the purchases guys!
  11. 1Cool

    "Wall books"

    I don't know which is more terrifying. The clips used to attach the books or the fact that he thinks a X-Men 282 and 2001: #1 are wall books.
  12. 1Cool


    Only a few left so no need for a recap. Thread closes down at lunch today.
  13. 1Cool


    Saga 1 sold via PM. Thread will close up at lunch so grab them while they are hot!
  14. I'm not an underground guy but I do have to commend you on taking the pictures underwater even though the books could get damaged
  15. 1Cool

    Stan Lee RIP

    My wife thinks they must have filmed a few cameos of Stan to use after he is gone. My fingers are crossed we get to see him at least one more time so the crowds can cheer.