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  1. "I guess the concern here is that the GPA lemmings are going to see the last sale of $1,200 and bid accordingly and the new normal is now based on a “false” premise because of the BP." What does the following statement mean if it doesn't mean the 20% isn't part of the true cost of the book.
  2. I know there has been quite a bit of back and forth over this but I just don't know why you believe the 20% fee is not part of the cost of the book. You want to debate if shipping should be part of GPA since free shipping sales may inflate the price of a book compared to shipping separate but the fee is irrelevant. The book could be $500 with a 100% fee its a book that sold for $1,000. Book sells for $0 and a $1000 fee its still $1000 for the book. Why would a 20% buyer fee be any different then the 15% sellers fee - it's all part of the price paid for the book.
  3. I had a buyer of one of my auctions this week ask to cancel the purchase because he didn't have the cash (possibly found it cheaper). Deadbeats buyers and sellers seem to flock to auctions on E-Bay (almost no issues with BIN buyers)
  4. Fees seem high and I have not ever needed anything on their site so I avoid their site. Pretty easy solution on both fronts.
  5. Why do they use the often time confusing 20% buyer fee if it's understood the buyer incorporates the 20% into their bid amount. Wouldn't it just be simpler to just take a 20% fee from the total bid amount or are they gaining a small amount due to a small minority of people not taking the 20% into account during a bidding war? The 20% buyers fee may just be a carry over from a time long gone but it just seems confusing with little gained.
  6. It’s Mycomicshop that imposes a 3% fee to buyers on consignment items.
  7. Yellow hulk? They should cut to the chase and make a rainbow hulk to cover all bases.
  8. I've never bid on Heritage but how upfront are they with the 20% premium? I'm assume they make sure you know about it when you are signing up but since pretty much everyone skips over the sign in info I'd hate to think of all the people who are shocked with the 20% add on at the end. Doesn't comiclink add on a 10% fee for some of the books they sell? You would have to be blind to miss the notice for the 10% buyers fee on there.
  9. Maybe I should give this show a second chance. I got about half way thru the 1st episode and switched to something else since it crossed the line into just plain dumb.
  10. True - it is part of the current "game" when selling books. It doesn't make it any less irritating when somebody makes an offer of $3 on a $5 book that is a steal at $5. People seem to have a ton of time on their hands so they are using that time to try to snipe books in auction or make tons of offers on books and see if anyone is hungry for sales. I'm just curious what books people seem to be selling like crazy over the last couple months. I keep an eye on my own books and books that sell in my categories (Copper/Bronze/Silver) and I don't really see a huge increase in sales over the last month. Big keys do seem to be selling very well.
  11. What is the name of your e-bay store? I'm interested what kind of books people are selling in droves. April was great but May has been really slow with a tons of low ball buyers.
  12. Sounds like the bag wasn't opened in front of the cousins so the content of the bag could have easily been a batch of Richie Rich or Ducks. From a good karma stand point it would be good for Jimmy to tell everyone what happened and take his piece of the $300K. I'd hope I'd go that route but if the card was to me and it feels like karma is righting a wrong (missed party) I'd just grade the books and give some awesome Christmas gifts to the family this year.
  13. Sounds like it's a moot point since I think the guys brother got the $500 offer. It's all very confusing but I do agree the OP may be a tad difficult from what I'm reading and he may have taken offense when non was meant by the shop owner especially during a financial crisis and a ton of people hadn't even heard of CGC in 2008.
  14. I don't have the figures from 2008 but I'd actually say the $500 is very good especially if the store was probably hoping to sell them for $600 - $700 to give him some profit. The Star Wars 1 and 1st Inhumans were hot books back then from my memory but the rest were not scorchers.
  15. yea - that had to be a strange meeting for the banker processing that loan. "You want to buy what?" But I'm mostly kidding about Chuck. Other dealers passed on buying the books due to the size of the collection but Chuck was young and hungry enough to pull it off. I for one am happy he got lucky rather then the treasure trove being dumped into the trash. But that does bring up a good point about getting all the facts. You can vilify Chuck if you only hear the amount he paid but then the facts come out and it sounds less like he stole the books. The $500 in store credit for raw copies now vs 10 years ago also makes the story go another direction.
  16. I'm still hording this series like a mo fo. I've got two complete high grade sets and 2 CGC 9.8s of 1 & 2. I like hording books that really resonated with me - FF Annual 6 worked out great - Micronauts 1 is still up in the air - Locke and Key and Preacher not so much.
  17. You think this is bad you should have seen what chuck paid for the Mile High collection.
  18. Thankfully I was on the very end when it all came down or I don’t think there was enough people nearby to lift it off me. I heard a snap and the shelves kind of buckled and the end one kind of sagged towards me. I held it for a split second and it got heavy really fast so I jumped out of the way and watched in horror as the shelves came down domino style. Thankfully the owner saw it all happen and knew I really hadn’t done anything to have it come down like that. I can only imagine how scary that must have been.
  19. I’ve been hammering on this guy for 3 years and he just won’t bring down his price for the whole thing. He has has some really nice books but his 50k price tag is just crazy with almost all the bigger keys having been picked a long time ago - heck even the minor keys are pretty much gone. I spent $1,500 for all the books shown which is about 350 books. I keep expecting the whole thing to sell eventually but in the mean time it’s fun to go pick out a few long boxes each year of the new hot books - that way I’m not trying to store 300 long boxes in my basement The new batch of Avengers Annual 10 were some really nice looking copies from the 100 he has squirreled away in another box. I’ve got about 300 copies right now and I think he had over 400 copies a few years ago. Kind of crazy to think that many minor keys have been just chilling there all these years. He probably has 30-40 copies of all the Micronauts, Kazar and Dazzler books (except the 1s) and hopefully there will be some hot books pop out of those series and I will know where to go.
  20. Nope - I grabbed four Superman 300s since they looked nice and it’s a sweet cover.
  21. Nice picture - those boxes almost got me. Thankfully the guy never blamed me for the cheap shelves collapsing and we have had no issues after he put up shelves that were meant to handle that much weight. That day was definetely one you don’t forget.