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  1. Wow - the second episode was not that much better. I understand the intent and it is unique but holy hell is it slow and off-putting. They better get the ball rolling quickly or else the rating on this are going to be terrible.
  2. The problem is the 1st one just plain sucked and I can see a ton of people never coming back for the 2nd one considering all the great tv on the various streaming services. Man - that 1st episode blew chunks.
  3. Well - at least all the packages are accounted for when I had them scan them in before I left. The previous 20 packages are still missing so they must have had a thief who grabbed boxes when people where not looking since I'm unclear how so many packages get lost (especially since they were in two batches on separate days). I've had maybe 2 packages disappear over the last decade so for that many to up and walk away is just a crime (literally).
  4. I've had 20 packages go missing over the course of the last month (probably about $400 retail) which has causes quite the hassle all the way around. All of these boxes where shipped around December 15 - 25 and I dropped them in the assigned containers since the line was out the door. None are showing up as being scanned in and all of them where 1st class mail so I don't have any insurance on them (not that it would matter if they were never scanned in). I've of course switched over to having everything scanned in but now I'm not seeing a couple packages as being scanned in even though I sto
  5. None of it is modern junk so you wouldn't be interesting in this honey hole.
  6. I know you knew - I was also kidding People who are not lazy drive 8 hours in a pandemic for the sweet books!
  7. I told you the name of the place months ago. You were just lazy.
  8. Here are a few pics of my last purchase from the guy up north. I grabbed a ton of Bronze Age Star Wars, Secret Wars and Bronze Age X-Men in this batch. I cleaned him out of a bunch of Silver Age Daredevils that I’ve passed on a couple times. Finally cleared him out of his last Avengers Annual 10s. I think I’m back up to a long box worth of this issue now I’ve got to get busy rebagging and boarding. The old school bags are falling apart.
  9. How are you buying it if no one can sell it??
  10. You want the address of my honey hole you will have to PM me
  11. I hit up the local antique mall on Saturday and ended up buying another 5 long boxes of books from my guy. Pictures will follow later tonight but this will probably be the last batch of books I get from him. If anyone is near the Cleveland area and wants to go check out a 60 long box collection of books - PM me and I'll give you his info. Most of the flippable books have been grabbed but there still is a bunch of books for the collectors out there.
  12. I got my bonus box of books this weekend and they are sweet. Tons of DC books I've never read before. Please thank the donor for me.
  13. I think all issues under 20 will see a nice price spike since the print run was so low. I in no way think Invincible will be as huge a show as WD but it is a great story to pull from. It really depends on how well the series is received but my fingers are crossed.
  14. $850 shipped and it is yours The raws are still in the basement since I don't thing they have ripened enough.
  15. Whoops - I must have bumped it up to $949.99 since everyone wants a 10% discount now adays.
  16. Don't say that! I sold mine for $1,700 a bit ago and I really thought it had a ceiling of $2,000 unless the show is a blockbuster. I sold one 9.6 for $800 direct and my last 9.6 is sitting unsold for $899. I've got two raw complete sets but I don't think I get anymore graded #1s so I guess I'll be happy with the profits.
  17. Those skate boards are awesome. I tried skateboarding once and almost broke my wrist when I fell down. Back to biking I went.
  18. The last few months have been great in terms of sales with 2020 being my best year ever. There was some slower months during the year but books have been selling very regularly and the stimulus money has sparked some bigger book buying this month.
  19. A few people have had their tenure extended to 6 years but I'd say she is limping in on a flat tire in terms of finishing her 3 years. Ratings are abysmal which is not surprising since I'm a huge fan and I just couldn't watch the last season. I don't mind some woke tv and I'm all for changing up the format a bit but every episode came across was preachy and the writing as just not good. I'll be back watching if they can replace her with someone good
  20. Crud - this thread made me look to see if I got my money and I only got a small percentage of the $600. I think I got a bunch more from the last batch so the income criteria must have gotten lowered.
  21. I'd love to go to Motor City and Baltimore this year (along with my local Wizard show in March but I don't think that one is happening). I'm a little worried about Cons in May and June at this point with the slow role out on the vaccines.
  22. Wow - I got my gift from Whipple already. Now I've got to ship mine out this weekend to prevent feeling like too much of a slacker.
  23. I'll take Lot #6 - sounds like some good books for the kids next Halloween
  24. If I'm reading it right - prize #39 gets a $50 gift card from E-Bay and a signed Billy Joel photo along with the stack of books since it's the 2nd Turtle item taken. Just a FYI that I hadn't read until after picking