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  1. It’s only outrageous if you are calling it a 9.8 and charging $75 for a raw Power Pack 1. Especially if the book has a 20% chance of getting a 9.8 if subbed. If someone gaurenteed the book was a 9.8 or I’d get my money back (I’d eat the grading cost) then I’d be happy to pay $75 if the book looked perfect.
  2. Typically if someone buys your books outright the price was a steal to begin with - and even then they will probably try to get a bit off.
  3. Nice to hear you did well! What books can you tell us we’re flying off the shelves?
  4. I'm not going to be greedy. I had $30 invested into each copy so blowing them out at $225 was a score - $350 / $400 is just gravy money.
  5. I went to a million comic book sale that took place a couple weeks ago at a big comic shop in the Pittsburgh area (New Dimensions) and your post reminded me of that sale. A million comics is about 4,000 long boxes of books and I think he said it probably was closer to 5,000 long boxes of books. He had all books for $1 each and I left with a short box after searching for 4 or 5 hours. You would think 5,000 long boxes would have some gems in them but after they have been picked over a couple times there was just an avalanche of junk in those boxes. Hard to imagine anyone leaving 75 long boxes to the wolves but after seeing so much drek I can see why you would want to wash your hands of books at a certain point.
  6. It really just comes down to if the collection is $300k in Mile High prices or not. If so then $30k is very reasonable.
  7. I could be wrong but I bet his attitude will change over the next 5 years or his Con will be a thing of the past. You either adapt or you die. There are a bunch of nice 1 day comic only shows but they are cheap to set up at and cost a heck of a lot less to put on so I can't imagine Heroes can compete if they stick to comics only.
  8. But do they really? Cons like Heroes need dealers to make money to have them keep coming back but do the general comic buyer care if dealers make money? I'd say most would love to grab books at half price and heck with the dealers bottom line. Things seem to be very slow on E-Bay other then keys and movie hype books so I can understand why people are inflating prices since those are really the only books selling right now. Dealers can blow out books for 75% off but if those books are not selling on e-bay then it really doesn't matter how much they lower the prices.
  9. Not really surprising when you think about it. It’s a huge comic con with very little filler and no celebrities. The number of comic collectors has been shrinking in my opinion so it’s not hard to imagine Heroes numbers shrinking also.
  10. Got to love hype. I looked thru the last few long boxes of high grade Bronze books I tried to sell for $3 a piece last year and there was quite a few Atlas books left over. Now they are selling for $15-$25 a piece.
  11. Power Pack 1s are going crazy. I sold a handful of 9.8s last year for about $225 and just sold a left over 9.8 for $350. One last copy im trying to get $400 for it - wish me luck.
  12. Bill's Books (local lcs owner and Con dealer) said he sold several dozen long boxes of books in the parking lot of his hotel yesterday. Sounds like a Harley move but he said it was a couple local guys - was it you?
  13. Saw it last night - meh. Thought BR was a much better movie but it may be I like Queen a lot better then EJ. It just felt a bit flat and I never got into it.
  14. I do agree Endgame was very significant but more in terms of it being the end of an era but that didn't really have much to do with the movie itself. Some people loved Endgame but for me I didn't leave feeling in complete awe of how they did that and feeling happy and content inside. Avatar in the theaters in 3-D was worth seeing 3 times with various people - I've seen Endgame once and it was enough. Each his own but I'm happy Avatar is keeping the throne for now.
  15. It would be a shame if Avengers beats Avatar. Avengers was a good movie but Avatar was an event when it came out and people were lining up to see it in 3-D. Heck - I think that movie may have brought in the 3-D movie craze since it was so revolutionary.
  16. I don't think the lcs in my area get a ton of high grade keys in stock so the odds of them sending books in to be graded are rare. They also appear to not want to lock up that much capital for the time it takes to get books graded. If they buy a book for $500 they are more then happy to get $800 in a few days then $1,100 for the graded book after a couple months. I've got 5 nice stores with a half hour of my house and I can't think of a time any of them have had slabs up for sale.
  17. But haven’t you at this point gotten what you were going to be at least content to get. You asked him for a $100 refund which you got (all be it from Paypal). Your thread is definetely a smudge on his name so he doesn’t get away scott free. I’d say it may be time to just move on and mark it up as a learning experience.
  18. Not going so no need for a badge.
  19. Good info. Sounds like just about everything in current life - up to debate by two lawyers that charge $300 an hour. In this case the buyer is only asking for the seller to refund the $300 so it should be a moot point and the seller should just state there will be a $300 refund once the book comes back (ie full refund). I wonder if our discussion will eventually get pulled into a small claims court and we can get a ruling at least - which will obviously be overturned by another judge lol)
  20. I need to fight harder to see if I can get some of this Paypal hush money!
  21. Based on what I read I didn't get the vibe that the $100 came from Paypal but was a refund forced by Paypal. If Paypal ponied up the $100 then the seller is on the hook for $300 no question.
  22. It is correct that the $100 dispute money came from Paypal and not the seller?
  23. Did the $100 paypal money come from Paypal?? That is unlikely based on my dealings with Paypal.
  24. I don't agree with your top statement. The $100 refund was thru Paypal but by defacto a refund thru E-Bay of the book not being as represented. Are you saying the $100 wouldn't be considered a refund via E-Bay?