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  1. The thread had some potential to make people think about the current rules but I think the only outcome was to destroy the perception of the OP. It’s been awhile since a newb has come across with the right mixture of cocky and distain to make my gag reflex kick in.
  2. We have watched up to episode 6 and it’s a good show for us. Good drama but also some good action at times. CGI does look pretty bad at points but overall a good show to watch during downtime.
  3. What would be the intent of said “thread crapping”? Alert newb buyers? Prevent spam listings? Inform ignorant sellers? The problem I see is how slippery the slope is when it comes to comments in a sales thread. We all would be ok with commenting on a thread selling a common $50 book for $1,0000. But then someone would say something about a great presenting, ultra hot book that is currently $200 but could explode up to $400 any minute that the seller wants to sell for $300. It’s far easier to just outlaw the discussions in a thread and require all the discussions be via PM.
  4. I went to the antique store yesterday and bought another 4 long boxes of books - last trip of the year. I won't bore you with pictures this time since there would be a lot of pictures of stacks of copies. Best score was a mid grade Avengers 48 that got mixed into the $18 books. My first copy since the price exploded. My favorite grab was a nice high grade set of Conan 6 - 22 that I may get graded. Love me some early Conan issues.
  5. Does every new book have a 1st appearance at this point?
  6. Stay out of the modern thread and the amount of hot books you see drops off substantially. Problem solved!
  7. I think it's completely overblow in the current market. 50% hit to price because of some tiny color touches and a bit of glue? I obviously don't like it when people try to do restoration without disclosure but a book with a tiny bit of restoration should not be 50 - 70% off the price of an untouched book.
  8. I knew we had a new beanie baby on our hands when a couple local dealers where telling me they sell twice as much Pops as they do comics at local Cons. They specialize in the limited edition Pops and people were clambering over each other to get the rare glow in the dark version or whatever. Most of them are pretty ugly. Seems like someone is mixing stuff together in the classic beanie baby craze cookbook to me.
  9. I'd say yes - Babe Ruth cards still sell. Inverted stamps still sell. Heck - I'd think the key beanie babies may still sell. The true key books should do very well over the next 25 years - the rest of the stuff I'm more worried about.
  10. Yep - see them now. I just got excited and started searching for books I wanted and skipped over the banner and the links. The book I bought outside the spin a deal section was only a $25 book so it's good. It is addictive especially when you haven't gotten a big discount - the next one will definitely get it!
  11. I had a misunderstanding at first (not Bob's fault) but it worked out. The Spin a Deal is only available on a select group of books - you need to hit the Spin a Deal link at the top of his page to be taken to the list of books you can spin a deal. I tried my luck on three books on the list that were pretty good deals to begin with and got 2 - 10% offs and 1 - 5% off. Fun way to clear out some books.
  12. I fell asleep half way thru so i'm glad I didn't miss much
  13. Looking to pick up a couple more copies at a good price (roughly 90 GPA + or -). Send me a PM if you are selling.
  14. Nail on the head! I’m also concerned about my Vango and Mone going down in price. I’d have to throw them away if they were worth 70 million!
  15. Damn man - you got Joey on lockdown over the last month?
  16. I am far from perfect in my grammar. You just come across very bluntly with your opinions and I’ve no idea who you are or your background in the comic field. I’d think anyone who pops into a well established message boards and starts throwing around their weight after only a couple months would find some resistance - don’t you think?
  17. I’m unsure on how the total number of titles has much to do with the conversation other then possibly explaining why most books have terrible sales. Movies have not translated into a plethora of new young collectors - they have spawned a way for “key” comics to go up in price and massively increased the demand for a few titles every year. The millions of people who watch marvel movies or super hero tv shows are not flocking to comic shops. Comic books are manufactured collectibles more then ever and history does not paint a pretty picture for these type of collectibles.
  18. Who are you? Do you attend many big Cons? I thought you were 20 years old based on your usual writing style but you say you have big sales and have been collecting for 40 years.
  19. I'd think it will look similar to the record market of today. There will be some key books that will hold their value but most (98%) books will decrease in value to the point they are just garage sale fodder. There will be a small niche group that buy new comics and maintain a large collection of books but the days of old will probably never happen again in terms of books sold. The younger resellers (flippers) will take a beating at some point and not look back when they move on to other means of making quick cash. I'm sure there will be spotty increases in demand (like records do every now and then) but comics should become an obsolete medium (paper reading material) that will only be enjoyed by a few people.
  20. I'm not 100% sure I completely understand your post(s) but I think you are saying hot books or keys are selling great and the rest are cold unless blown out via auction. I 100% agree with this. The "over priced garbage" is getting harder and harder to sell for prices that would have been snatched up a couple years ago unless designated as a hot book on a speculation website - I agree with this also. I'm hoping we don't have to use the boards as the metric to determine if a book is at a good price - board members are notoriously cheap. A do agree E-Bay buyers are quickly becoming as cheap as board members.
  21. 1 book sold over the last 4 days. March was crazy - April was ok - May was slow and June so far has been frozen solid. I also have been pretty busy processing a big purchase to get a bunch graded so I've been very lax on posting new books so that hasn't helped.
  22. "I guess the concern here is that the GPA lemmings are going to see the last sale of $1,200 and bid accordingly and the new normal is now based on a “false” premise because of the BP." What does the following statement mean if it doesn't mean the 20% isn't part of the true cost of the book.