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  1. Here's a couple of pictures of the book. With and without sleeve.
  2. What a great book! Must be around 130 Ditko/Lee stories over some 670 pages. Starts from 1956 and goes to 1961. Wonderfully moody art, Ditko was really on top of his game. I've probably read half the stories from the Masterworks series, so being able to read all of them is a real treat, looking forward to part 2 in the spring.
  3. It's obvious that he was named after his parents' favorite monsters: b (Bombu) c (Colossus) Happy Birthday!
  4. Picked up three pre-hero issues from Chay, great transaction. Thank you!
  5. Beautiful set Rick! Congratulations on the award. I'd be honored to buy you a pint someday.
  6. Just saw it in IMAX. Really enjoyed Mysterio and the action scenes. Better than Homecoming. Also got my figurine
  7. Is there a set for all the Atlas/Marvel pre-hero monster issues? If not, should we ask for one? AA 1-14 JIM 50-82 ST 67-100, Annual 1 SW 1-5 ToS 1-38 TtA 1-34 WoF 15-19
  8. Thank you for doing this! I've been hoping for many years for a side-side comparison.
  9. I don't know. But issues 111,112,113 are equally scarce in 9.4+. Maybe lower circulation? Or lack of interest in Torch vs. the FF?
  10. Gotta admit that Plantman knows how to grow a pair.
  11. 113 is not the easiest to find in high grade...
  12. There are some benefits still to collecting runs. You're prepared for any issue to explode.
  13. Yeah, but I never thought of the Living Tribunal as a key character...
  14. ST 138 has been very hot lately, and now it looks like 158 has joined it. Any ideas why?