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  1. I don't know. But issues 111,112,113 are equally scarce in 9.4+. Maybe lower circulation? Or lack of interest in Torch vs. the FF?
  2. Gotta admit that Plantman knows how to grow a pair.
  3. 113 is not the easiest to find in high grade...
  4. There are some benefits still to collecting runs. You're prepared for any issue to explode.
  5. Yeah, but I never thought of the Living Tribunal as a key character...
  6. ST 138 has been very hot lately, and now it looks like 158 has joined it. Any ideas why?
  7. I have gazed into my crystal ball while burning eau d'locker room incence sticks. The veil has opened to the window of the future... (cue spooky music) Season 1: ~ With the success of "Godzilla: King of the Monsters", Disney decides to do a new TV ~ series for teens featuring Rick Jones, Amadeus Cho, and a yet-to-be-announced female, ~ who cleverly expose/fight pre-hero monsters and hapless aliens attempting to conquer ~ the world. These creatures are then exiled to a mysterious island (Monster Island). ~ Some guest appearances by established super-heroes. Season 2 + Big budget Movie: ~ An avengers quinjet crashlands on Monster Island (think Jurassic Park for super-monsters) ~ and they have to fight to stay alive and escape. Hercules, Beast, Valkyrie, Brother Voodoo, ~ and others are cast. Fin Fang Foom, Goom, Glob, Roc, Rorgg, among others provide suspense. ~ Rick/Amadeus/? decide to go to Monster Island to help the heroes against the wishes of the ~ establishment. You heard it here first. Invest now and invest often.
  8. One of my favorite Strange Tales covers, and a very tough one too. Just wish there were no word balloons on the cover... Can't go wrong with Egyptian theme monsters.
  9. Unca Ben, No idea how you knew which issue the ad was in, but you're right! I dug out Atom 23, and there it was...
  10. It's a computer die. Modern art
  11. Maybe we should petition Nintendo for a Monster Smash Bros title? Settle this in the ring.
  12. The price of #89 has gone up nicely in the last couple of years, personally I don't see much reason for it to keep going up. If you want to sell, it might be a good time. On the other hand, it's a classic and they are always (or at least should be) hard to let go of. Good luck with your choice.
  13. Roughly what grade? There is a nice 8.5 upcoming at auction (Heritage?) if you want to wait a little to judge demand. I would keep a nicer copy, it's just a cool book.