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  1. Rosland

    Strange Tales 89

    It's a computer die. Modern art
  2. Rosland

    Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!

    Maybe we should petition Nintendo for a Monster Smash Bros title? Settle this in the ring.
  3. Rosland

    Strange Tales 89

    The price of #89 has gone up nicely in the last couple of years, personally I don't see much reason for it to keep going up. If you want to sell, it might be a good time. On the other hand, it's a classic and they are always (or at least should be) hard to let go of. Good luck with your choice.
  4. Rosland

    Strange Tales 89

    Roughly what grade? There is a nice 8.5 upcoming at auction (Heritage?) if you want to wait a little to judge demand. I would keep a nicer copy, it's just a cool book.
  5. Rosland

    Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!

    I concur (turning a bit green with envy)!
  6. Rosland

    Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!

    Goom, I assoom.
  7. Rosland

    Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!

    Dear Mr. Starr, Those books truly are astonishing. Don't see 'em like that for sale anymore... Sincerely, Rosland (in formal mode)
  8. Rosland

    Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!

    Here's a very tough one in grade...
  9. Rosland

    Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!

    As a semi-lurker, I also want to thank you all for the outstanding postings.
  10. I can help with a 343
  11. Rosland

    STRANGE TALES #110 Club!

    My records have: CLINK CGC 9.4 $4100 (Apr 2017) CLINK CGC 9.4 $6600 (Sep 2016)
  12. My comics only check in, they don't check out
  13. Too quiet lately, hence... Would love to see the single 9.6 copy.
  14. Let's throw a 338 into the ring...
  15. Rosland

    Silver age comics that are heating up

    I put in reasonable bids but had no interest in chasing them into the stratosphere.