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  1. No, I don't have them all, still working on it. Don't expect to finish for many years...
  2. I'm just an old Legion fan. Love the old covers and then the Shooter stories.
  3. So if you would just sell me your Adventures, I'd have a hell of a collection!
  4. I've always wondered if the #247 9.6 was a WM, really have no idea. The Mohawk is a 9.2. I've seen some Northlands and Rocky Mountains go by over the years, but yeah, there is a huge lack of peds here. Wonder if they don't exist, or whether collectors are sitting on raw piles of copies somewhere...
  5. Love your Adventures, Tim! Any story on why you collected them in the first place? Erik
  6. This issue also has a classic cover (for its time at least). Gotta love the 60's...
  7. Here's a warm-up before the big one gets posted...
  8. Rosland

    Steve Ditko has passed

    RIP Mr. Ditko. You created and changed the world.
  9. Rosland


    Any chance of Cerebus #1 getting a boost? FMV is about 4x the current score. Thanks,
  10. I would really like to see the next FF movie focus on Doom, showing his rise to power from nothing to ruling a small country somewhere in Europe. As he then threatens the world, the FF arise and thwart his scheme, but leaving him as ruler at the end of the first movie. Marvel needs serious villains who don't just bite it at the end of the movie. Dr. Strange could certainly be involved given Doom's magic...