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  1. But his minor is in collages. Collages!!!exclamation point I comsider his kredentials to be impeckable!
  2. Thank you, that really helped galvanize my thought process. It is published, I’d just treat it similarly to newer art where pencils and inks might be on two separate pages. The price breakdown would skew more to the pencil/ink page than a typical pencil and ink price split, since this is finished vs stat correction page. I appreciate you dragging it out of me, it helped. 😁
  3. I did put in an order last night, so fingers crossed, but no worries if someone else beat me to the punch.
  4. I’d already sent an email request, but just to cover my bases, I’ll take that Demon Semeiks page, if it’s still available.
  5. I got this one while chatting with Mr Mignola at SDCC. Super nice guy. Hellboy (obviously) and Baba Yaga. I got this from Jae Lee. Also at SDCC. He had to finish it at home and send it off to me, and it was totally worth the wait. I’d asked him to give me a definitive win, whichever way he wanted, and he delivered. I’m looking forward to seeing how other artists decide this matchup.
  6. I’m pretty sure I was on the receiving end of one of these tactics for a piece I won at auction last year. I went to sleep thinking I’d maybe gotten a nice deal, and woke up to paying just a hair under my max bid. Whichever of you it was, get ready for revenge! (Joke. I don’t care.) You all are teaching people to be auction killers in here. I dig it.
  7. High school pretty girl strategy activated! Yeah, I might be at the dance. I dunno, it looks kinda lame, but maybe I’ll see you there, if I even go...
  8. Very interesting. Thank you for taking the time to explain. I play a good bit of poker—well, before last March—and I hadn’t thought of applying the concept of reading your opponent in that way. Early bids sitting like that is an especially nice clue I hadn’t considered like that. Would you apply this level of thinking to weekly auctions, as well?
  9. Oh, I didn’t change my mind on the opinion, just that it was not a great question for here the way I’d asked. I had tied it to a personal situation, but I realized it could read as a negative about the other person involved. They were really pleasant, so I didn’t want to do that, and possibly mistakenly hurt their reputation. Basically, my question was to ask if something is considered unpublished if it’s used to make stats for an actual published page. An artist made a page, and then realized that they wanted to change one aspect throughout, so they made that correction in each panel by making stats of each panel with the correction, turned those into a stat page, and used that for publication. The two pages, unused and published, look nearly identical, except for the changed aspect. I’d assume the stat page is gone, if that is how it went down, but the page with pencils and inks that wasn’t “used” was left behind. So, I was asking what that is considered, and how to value the work.
  10. So you like to emphasize, or add to, bid sequences to discourage other bidders on an item? If I’m understanding correctly, that’s interesting. I’d never thought of it like that before. This board is a cool resource for guys like me trying to “get” the OA market. I’m not the type to get worked up or needled into an action, but early and quick over-bids have definitely pushed me off a piece.
  11. Exactly. It’s not worth getting worked up over these kinds of things, imo. Another page will be along soon enough, and who needs the added aggravation nowadays?
  12. I suddenly have an urge to get a commission of an enraged Hulk mashing the bid button. Hulk strongest bidder there is!!
  13. Thank you, that’s a great idea for a commission. I hadn’t considered that idea. I might check a few lists to see who’s open. Right, that’s a good point, too. Makes sense.
  14. It would be cool to get all of those parts of the process for one page. That would make for a pretty sweet display, imo. I wonder, are there any dealers that offer this type of service?