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  1. There is a thread (on page 2 now), where the heavy lifters here came up with general market values for A quality pages. What you’re describing sounds like a possible A page, imo. The Journey into Mystery range was 20-30k. Thor was 10-20K. Yours is the first Thor, which I think gives it a slight premium. It’s also pretty awesome key issue. I’m not as well-versed as other people here, but I agree with about a 20-25k valuation. You could start with $20,000, and give yourself some space to counter if they hesitate? It shouldn’t be an insulting offer, and the page seems to possibly be on a valuatio
  2. You probably already saw this, but one went up for sale on CAF. BWS Conan Good luck!
  3. Agreed, total gimme...Daredevil and Clone Spider-man.
  4. Later on that night, when he stares at the hot waitress just a bit too long...
  5. I know Glen Brunswick (panel page art) and Bechara Maalouf (nostalgic investments) had some of the pages for #256. Mostly Glen, I believe, but I’m not positive. I had one page from that issue before I sold it to get a page from 250. I’m sure my camera phone pic isn’t high enough quality, though. Sorry. Maybe they still have scans? Maybe they could also track down a few pages they sold? Good luck!
  6. I’m certainly not a Peanuts expert, but I’d noticed the same thing as Batman-fan. And if you follow Aokartman’s link, that daily did have a copyright. Your link doesn’t, and there’s no discoloration in that spot. I guess it could be restoration? Could that sort of stain be lifted that well?
  7. I’m jealous of everyone that gets to Con it up. If my daughter’s birthday wasn’t yesterday, I’d be there, too. Next one... Pics or it didn’t happen!
  8. Norm Macdonald is lovely this time of year. Thanks for the reminder!