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  1. Of course. Hence the discussion. It just seems like low hanging fruit to prune. This listing comes up a lot. Heh, that’s a whole other problem. Beer google bidding?
  2. The description only says “hand drawn,” but without specifics. It’s poorly/cleverly written, too, in order to create subject verb confusion so people can’t really say it’s signed by Jack Kirby, since they threw Cap in there first. Following the language, it was signed by Captain America, and then they outed his secret identity as Jack Kirby! Oh noes!!!! You can also read it as claiming nothing definitively. Why is eBay letting this go? Odd. I know people here have logged complaints.
  3. Is creating a “hinge” something a collector could (should?) do on their own? Carefully? I have an EC horror page where a panel was drawn twice, and taken off sometime in the past. I wanted to attach it to be able to see both easily (and keep the pieces together, I currently have it on the next portfolio page).
  4. You know, Bill might be right. I think the inking is different, and I missed it with the image similarities. Good call, Bill.
  5. I found one on one of my collectibles It’s a lunchbox. The others look familiar, too. I’d bet they are on other 80s-90s Marvel Super Heroes line collectibles. I don’t have a thermos in this one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the other top Spidey image was on the thermos. I’d also add it’s a pretty collectible toy line, so hold onto that art, buddy.
  6. That guy is pretty jazzed about original “Faberge” Brut. Is it sad that I watched? (I know it’s sad)
  7. I’ve actually come to the conclusion that the market will be healthy going forward. I’ve spent the last year in a balancing process on my overall collection (comics, toys, and art, too), trying to look into that crystal ball to guide my moves. It’s not a finished conclusion yet, but I think I’ve drawn some market parallels. Excuse me if this isn’t exactly the discussion, but I feel it’s where the discussion will eventually go. I am not going to talk about what I’m excising and selling, because that would just confuse the message, and start a debate on what to move away from. First, the OA
  8. That Iceman piece is awesome! The Iceman figure is one of the rarest and most expensive from the SW line. Your art here is a lot cooler, and more sought after, than you think.
  9. I have some Zeck Secret Wars pages. Big fan of his work. Two sequential pages, and the second was inked by him, too. Sad Galactus is about to eat his home. Crooked-headed Ultron—courtesy of the Hulk—as he is defeated by the Wasp. Guest appearance by Art Adams.
  10. Fair enough. I’ll serve up something with a little higher difficulty level next time.