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  1. My brother put his initials on the splash page of his comics so there'd be no confusion which were his and which were mine. One of his was a Batman 123 he'd bought off an older collector and then traded to me; I sold that along with many of my books during college and years later, when I was flush and bored I put together a Batman set. I bought a copy of 123 (not sure where) and when I opened it up there were my brother's initials on the splash page.
  2. The problem with trying to talk to extreme partisans is that they tend to default to writing "NOTHING" and "ALL" (caps theirs), which should be your first first clue they are extremely partisan, and potentially well nigh full of the "venom" they claim so stridently not to be speaking from. Try to have a conversation with Kirby Absolutists and you may quickly find it is very difficult to satisfy them: ("You have to acknowledge Kirby was co-creator!" "Yes, he was co-creator." "How dare you?!?!? He did EVERYTHING!!!) I love Kirby's art, but the only creations or co-creations of his tha
  3. If I was the owner of the front cover with clipped logo I would place it over this cover so it all lined up and looked complete in mylar. No need to glue it down or anything. Just lay it on top.
  4. I like lively discussions, too, but sometimes these things devolve into a question about who is more willing to ignore their family and work obligations to post all day long, and it begins to feel like it does when you're walking away from a barking dog and you know the dog is convinced that you're walking away because, although you wanted to stay and try to out bark him, you just knew you weren't able to.
  5. Reisman was paid for his takedown-that's-"not-a-takedown" and you are clearly willing to spend far more of your life bolstering the takedown than I will ever be willing to spend of my going back and forth and jumping through textual hoops like a circus dog giving you examples of this or that. Or responding to statements that make no sense about kind of comics Stan worked on from 1941 to 1961, when Timely/Atlas did everything from the continuing super hero comics to crime and detective comics, westerns, horror, science fiction, romance, true stories, Bible stories, and many others, as Stan him
  6. The author says he was objective and I believe that he believes he was objective, but by journalistic standards he just isn't He editorializes often, based in large part on his personal opinion about the quality of Stan's work versus Jack's work sans each other and post Marvel's silver age. One can easily and reasonably disagree, but he treats his opinion as an objective fact, and fails to recognize that he's comparing apples versus oranges when you're talking about non-comic projects (TV, movies, etc). The core of his assertion that Jack did it all starts with period quotes from
  7. Not to mention you'd owe taxes on 1K of profits you didn't actually receive
  8. Hard to say. Of course, as a kid, like all fans I sought out books based primarily on whether they had not been cleaned and pressed. Later, as an adult, I came to see that comics also had some (admittedly limited) appeal for being the original source material for immensely entertaining and enlightening characters.
  9. They look like different pieces. The OA is clearly an ASM 68 cover homage completely redrawn while the one on the lunchbox looks like a stat from the cover with added inks on top of the original image.
  10. This sparked more of a debate than I'd anticipated. But I feel anyone's pain about creating the schedule with sales from ages ago and once had an accountant call me to ask if I really had saved a receipt for a Silver Surfer book which I had listed as costing me 25 cents. I told him I did not have a receipt but believed I'd bought if off the stands and 25 cents was the cover price, and yes that actually led to a discussion about whether tax could be included, and mileage to the store could not be factored in because I had ridden my bike. The conversation was mostly joking, I think. I hope.
  11. If the Post Office, a branch of the federal government, delivered it to him that must prove he is the one and only Superman.
  12. I do not own this because I failed to bid on it, but some years back Heritage sold Jack Kirby's bound copies of Cap 1-10 with cap and red skull artwork on the binding papers.
  13. Oh. So now working families desperate to keep the lights on will have to pay taxes on the money they get for old toys and video games, unless they have saved all the old receipts and are willing and able to spend many hours accounting for each item in order to prove they sold for a loss.
  14. They said I couldn't list anything until I "registered" with some new service, which asked for my SSN or ITN. Me no likely, Is this a new thing? Since when?