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  1. The glass on my scanner is dirty. It's not stains on the book, did not transfer after scanning.
  2. I picked up this copy JEE HYUNG LEE Ghost-Spider #1 cover variant. Per the description for the comic: Marvel Germany / Panini and BLU BOX. Contains the German edition of US Absolute Carnage on 60 pages: Symbiote Spider-Man 1, Amazing Spider-Man 31 Cover of US Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider # 1 Variant I would like to submit this to CGC how would I enter this for submission under Title and issue number and all other pertinent info to get this grade and slabbed. Thanks in advance
  3. Yeah I think I am. Just to preserve it for my PC. This comic was thrown into a bundle i bought recently.
  4. There is a tear on the front about a 1/4 long unfortunately. Was the spine glued normal for this book? There are stables you can see them make impressions on the back cover. Just find the way this book is put together a bit odd. Thanks in advance.
  5. Would after a clean/press could it possibly go up to 9.4? Or stay at a solid 9.2? Thanks.
  6. It's about 3/8 inches long. Im hopeful that can be pressed out.
  7. Thanks in advance for grading opinions.
  8. Thanks in advance for grading opinions