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  1. Would you crack the cases yourself or let CGC do it?
  2. Thanks, man. The fronts look really nice in the cases but the back covers have the damage. I can't find the moderate cover stain that CGC listed in the graders notes though. There are some spots on the back cover.
  3. Sure, in this case I'm looking for advice from the board on if a press would help the grades of the 5.5s. The fact that one is a newsstand version may affect the decision. Are you gonna weigh in or...?
  4. When I click the 3 dots I get 2 options...share or report.
  5. One of them did say cover stain but I don't remember worrying about that when I sent an in. Hey, I trust CGC and won't shy away from sending in more books...i have 6 scheduled for grading right now. I'll make sure to temper my expectations this time
  6. Sorry guys, I don't know how to reply to specific posts...hows it done? To the one question about holding it in the light...i did and I could for sure see defects but I just didn't expect anything lower than a 7 If a 9.6 can have a few defects...how many does it take to get all the way down to a 5.5? I can understand if there's a rip...a loose staple or writing on the cover but for light creasing and light bends? To the other question..yep, this was the first group of books I've sent in to be graded. The 300s took a looooooong time.
  7. Well, I guess I'm terrible at grading based on my estimates. I prob should have had them pressed. I prob had a false sense of security because I also sent in 2 of the 299s and 316s along with the 300s and I got them back quicker. The 299s came back 9.8 and 8.0 both with white pages. The 316s both came back 9.4s...off white to white It never crossed my mind the 300s would be such a lower grade. Like I said, I bought em 22 years ago so they weren't all that old at the time and I know I took good care of them I changed the bags and boards every year.
  8. 22 years ago I put together 3 complete McFarlane runs ...all bought from Ebay. This year I sent the #300s to CGC to be graded and I just got the grades...im less than thrilled. I actually had trouble sleeping last night I was so worked up. The best one came back a 9.0 - off white to white Light increasing to cover...light stuffing to cover...light spine stress lines to cover The other 2 both came back 5.5s. 5.5 white pages Moderate bends to cover...mod creasing to cover...moderate spine stress lines to cover 5.5 off white to white Ligh
  9. I go on comics go collect to get FMV before bidding or buying a book. Is that a good place to go?
  10. Thanks for reading. Does the FMV go up and down strictly based on sales? I'm a 80s kid so older books don't make me tingle like a good McFarlane cover or the Punisher/Wolverine limited series' do. Spider Man 299 in 9.8 has dropped from 600 to 425 in the past month or 2. Punisher 1 Limited from 180 to 130. Then you have Spawn books that came out 2 years ago going for crazy prices. On top of that...most sellers on Ebay seem to always expect to get more than FMV. Any advice on navigating this minefield?
  11. I have an older CBCS slab with a bunch of scratches holding a Killing Joke 9.8 and I want to put it in a clean case. I know CGC did this at one time. Thanks!