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  1. Stacked on top of each other? This copy has been bagged, boarded, boxed and basement-ed for the past 20+ years.
  2. thanks. can you check out the 244 I posted please?
  3. Thank you! Could you look at the 244 I posted when you get the chance?
  4. I can't seem to find anything specific to cross grading a book. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  5. How about slabbed books in mylar? They are pretty airtight when you seal them. No, no ...or okay? I always assumed they were okay or there wouldn't be a market for them.
  6. I got a book...its was "received" on 12/3/20 and hasn't moved from received yet. It's getting a press and grade. Is it normal for a book to sit in received for 4 months?
  7. I need to choose which to keep. One has some sort of surface spotting but is otherwise perfect. The other has multiple color breaking spine lines. Which would you keep? Thanks
  8. If you had #37 to #193 already, how would you go about completing the run? Keep in kind that your wife already threatened to cut off your privates for buying too many comics in the last 6 months. Would you go hardcover? Reprint? Thanks!
  9. Do you use current bags for modern books or do you like a bigger bag so the book has room to move around? I like a snug fitting bag myself but I've bought a few expensive, raw books and when I received em I noticed they were usually in bags too big for the book.
  10. Cut off should have been whenever they switched to glossy pages. I can't be the only person who hates them.