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  1. Surprisingly I think this is my only comic with a Sub-Mariner appearance thus far
  2. Hi everyone, wondering if any Hornhead fans out there had any thoughts on pre Frank Miller Daredevils. Always loved the character, don't have any Bronze Age DDs pre FM, am I missing out on some good stuff? How are those Daredevil/Black Widow issues?
  3. Got this bad boy from a friend today. Almost wonder if it is a resub candidate?
  4. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! Just ordered up a raw 116. And the rabbit hole goes further...
  5. A collector more than an investor! I would probably not think of flipping these issues, it sure is fun seeing them gain value though. There have only been a few times I have flipped comics, and when that does happen it gets "reinvested" - aka the collection grows!
  6. I had a feeling the Michelinie run is the place to go to. And man do I wish I would have had this idea 10 years ago before I took a collecting hiatus lol. Still, relatively low cost stuff that won't break the bank by any means.
  7. This is kind of the concern I have. It seems like Iron Man doesn't have as many key issues or acclaimed runs as other titles. And that doesn't mean there probably isn't some great stuff in there, just not as reliable as the more "top tier" BA Spideys and X-Men.
  8. That would make it starting at Copper and working back towards Bronze and uo to modern. Maybe start with the O'Neil run.
  9. Hi all, wondering if you had suggestions of where to start an Iron Man collection. I post this here as I really love Bronze Age, but I would not be opposed to the idea of starting in Silver or Copper either. Demon In a Bottle seemed like an idea of a place to start, but wondered if there was better jumping on points for classic Iron Man. 55 seemed like a logical start as well, but I thought maybe to try to let the Thanos dust settle a little, but that issue could very likely maintain value or continue to grow as well. Any ideas are appreciated!