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  1. That is the date on the indica. It has nothing to do with the release date. Previews were released on November 20 (Tech Jacket), November 27 (MOTU 1) and December 4 (Savage Dragon). Noble Causes 3 (actual cameo/1st appearance) was released on December 4 as well. Thanks.
  2. That is simply incorrect. Savage Dragon was solicited earlier, but was not actually published until December 4, 2002. The same week as Noble Causes 3 (which contains an actual cameo and not a preview). Tech Jacket 1 and Masters of the Universe 1 were released in November of 2002 and contain the same preview that Savage Dragon has. THESE BOTH PREDATE the Savage Dragon and Noble Causes appearances. Please don't spread misinformation. Those dates are just from the indica and not actual release dates.
  3. I know hot off of SDCC, these were highly touted, then suddenly comic shops were shipped these by the tons, where once though to be scarce, now overprinted, and a lot of customers grabbed stacks to horde and hold, so I'd probably shy away from these if buying on speculation more than passion, since I'd guess there's quite a bit of 'em out there, probably more supply than demand, with lots of folks waiting in the wings to offer 'em up on eBay, and because they're free, the cost of goods / cost basis is $0, and they can afford to sell 'em at $0.99 or whatever and garner pure profit. suddenly comic shops were shipped these by the tons Okee dokee... ( ACTUALLY the top 1,000 Diamond accounts were shipped fifty ea...) I gave them away. This weekend in NY Gerard gave away a "Doom Patrol song" to the 300 fans that attended his panel. They were cassettes. He's becoming the "killer promo guy' fast. Not saying the b&w promo will put your kids through college or pay for your prescription.... Easy $10 soon though. Ask anybody set up in NYCC how his stuff sold there. Gangbusters. 1,000 x 50 = 50,000 2,000 = 1 ton 50,000 = 25 tons So, yes there's tons of them out there and they're still sitting at LCS's around here in the free stacks I also saw 100s at one of my stores. I don't know how they got them, but they definitely had them.
  4. In Rogue One? Or did you mean a different movie? I just googled and don't see that speculation anywhere.
  5. I am willing to give the show a try and I do like Patrick, but $10 for a local one day con with the usual suspects setting up seems like a Harper show with double the costs and half the participants. I guess we shall see. I definitely wish him luck!
  6. But Marvel has a minimum 1000 print run on the 3rd variant and 3k/1500 on the first two. They either changed it at the corporate level or these guys are destroying half of them or something else. Where are you getting this info from? -J. I got it from knowing retailers who work with Marvel/DC over the years. Those are the rules. I have someone contacting them tomorrow to see if the rules have changed, but I have not heard anything to suggest that.
  7. But Marvel has a minimum 1000 print run on the 3rd variant and 3k/1500 on the first two. They either changed it at the corporate level or these guys are destroying half of them or something else.
  8. It is not techincally any rarer than the Legacy Line Art variant or the Aspen Puddin Pack variant. They are all limited to 1000. Bulletproof might have stated they would have 800 after damages, but it was still printed to at least 1000 and they were all distributed to them. So, unless they just threw out 200 copies straight into the garbage, then they all were printed the same.
  9. But they have the new DC logo on them, so they were obviously a new printing.
  10. Are any of you up at Fan Expo? I heard they made a mistake/error on one of the Color Variants and released some on accident. Can anyone confirm this or let us know if it is hot up there? Batman Fan Expo Color Variant This seller has sold 10 or so of them for a decent price and another one had a few sets, but no one else has listed them at all.
  11. I did a bit better then my last couple Harper shows but not enough for me to crow about. The crowds were definitely in attendance and there was some buyers in the house but I'd say there was pretty much the exact same sellers as the last Harper show. Definetely felt like a stale batch of inventory and I ended up only buying a ASM 300 even though I was there an hour early to do some buying. I didn't end up making it up there because I was in Pittsburgh for Steel City on Thursday and Friday and knew I was leaving for Chicago in a few days. I am glad you did well and it had a nice turnout. Sucks that it was the same stale NEO inventory. I wish we could do something about that. Must be a bunch of hoarders in our area that don't want to sell back collections to any of the local dealers or shops.
  12. Not really. They don't have a true storefront at that location. They have a lot of items listed on ebay and on the website: