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  1. Ok, well people asked why it sold for more and I gave you an explanation. You can believe it or not.
  2. That is not true. It legit has a darker cover on some of them. I have seen it myself. I can't account for every seller, but don't spread misinformation. I personally don't think it should sell for any sort of premium.
  3. It is possible that someone (insufficiently_thoughtful_persons) thought this was the darker version of the cover that sometimes sells for a premium even though it is just a print error or the scan could have been darkened. IDK anymore.
  4. LOL. Thanos 15 3rd Print is his coolest earlier cover if that is how we are doing things these days. GET IT before fomo!!
  5. I get that. I just feel that if the show is long running and the general populace has not read the actual comic, then the book could be decent for a while (A la WD 27 and other random WD keys when it was still heavily watched by non-readers of the book). Just my 2 cents. I could be 100% wrong and no one gives 2 Sh##s about it.
  6. No one thinks 1st Oliver in #26 might be desired at some point?
  7. i would guess this also has something to do with it.
  8. Yeah, i would guess someone else would buy it or run a similar show. I have zero doubt about that. It is just sad that it is probably done in it's current form and Wizard is probably done as well.
  9. I am kind of assuming that Wizard might be joining the list of things going out of business if they can't do the show this year. This had to be the last possible way they could make any real money and they have been on life support for years and years. It will be sad when this show doesn't exist any further. I love C2E2 as well, but Rosemont really makes this show more fun and a seemingly better time.
  10. Why wouldn't he be playing Bruce Wayne?? That would make the most sense for about 1000 reasons.
  11. The last 7 have went for $1232+ shipping, $1300 BIN, $900+ shipping on a BIN, $1700 OBO, $1175 BIN, $1850 OBO, $1750 OBO. All the best offers went for over $1500 per. This book has been on fire since late May. The 9.6s and raws are also at all time highs.
  12. Plenty of them are sitting on ebay for between $450 and $550. The buyer on clink is either stupid or a shill. This book has only really moved in newsstand 9.8 as previously suggested.
  13. That is the date on the indica. It has nothing to do with the release date. Previews were released on November 20 (Tech Jacket), November 27 (MOTU 1) and December 4 (Savage Dragon). Noble Causes 3 (actual cameo/1st appearance) was released on December 4 as well. Thanks.
  14. That is simply incorrect. Savage Dragon was solicited earlier, but was not actually published until December 4, 2002. The same week as Noble Causes 3 (which contains an actual cameo and not a preview). Tech Jacket 1 and Masters of the Universe 1 were released in November of 2002 and contain the same preview that Savage Dragon has. THESE BOTH PREDATE the Savage Dragon and Noble Causes appearances. Please don't spread misinformation. Those dates are just from the indica and not actual release dates.