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  1. It's working for me. You may need to validate your email address or perhaps log out and log back in; it just looks like the system doesn't see you as a 'member' yet.
  2. I've got a bulk order that was received 11/11 and hasn't moved to Schedule yet. That's only 7 working days, so I'm not worried about it, but just offering for reference. I will be happily surprised if it moves along next week, but with Thanksgiving I'm guessing it probably won't.
  3. Yeah, they don't have as many stages as PSA, but they do seem to be hitting their dates. I think they take it out of a box and sort it, tag the cards to anonymize, and then put it in line to get keyed/front end validated. That's why the hyperlink doesn't show until they've 'scheduled it for grading'. I'm not sure how they back into making sure they hit their SLA on the grading itself. I imagine with you having several larger sized bulk shipments in at the same time, you'll see a little variation on how those go through the process. The charge timing is probably hurting your confidence more than there's evidence of the process being slower than promised. I'll tell you, the answer I got back from their cust service guy via email matched what you heard, too. They charge up front. I hope that's gotten to the mods here so they can make sure not to accidentally misinform. FWIW, my express shipment was fast. 11/12 it was scanned, scheduled for grading on Monday, graded and shipped yesterday (11/17). That's five calendar days, including the weekend. I was not expecting that to happen so fast. Only two cards, though.
  4. Have they been in 'received' for more than 30 days? It's gonna go the distance on the bulk orders, I believe. Standard looks like it's in the mid 20s; I'm sure it'll be similar for most bulk orders.
  5. Yeah, it definitely makes it such that type of card pricey to do as a standalone. Mine was the Blaine's Charizard, so it', that card makes sense to get graded like that. If it were a mid-tier card or lower, I'd probably wait until I had more cards that would hit that category so that at least the non-card specific charges would be halved. I'm not sure how the other companies handle that; it's pretty clear that when CGC splits out the parcels into workstreams that they charge for those card(s) to go through their own process. If there was one spot I could see them changing this, it'd be to allow the shipping to be re-bundled. I imagine that would mess with their workflow, and they'd have to manage getting the submissions re-grouped, which might just slow the whole thing down. They are perhaps choosing speed over cost efficiencies for the buyer. Given that folks are moving to CGC for SPEED + GRADING QUALITY + LOWER PRICES AT HIGHER TIERS, this is probably makes sense from a business standpoint.
  6. They get their own timelines and ship separate, I believe. If you notice, your shipping charges go up significantly whenever you have different tiers, or even different charges in the same tier (adding subgrades to some, not all or error grading, for example). This is because they are planning to ship multiple packages to you. Any time things aren't priced exactly the same in the submission, it breaks out a new handling fee of 5 dollars for each group that's different and splits the submission into multiple pieces for processing; those pieces seem to act independently of each other. Example: I sent in 11 cards. 10 were standard w/subgrades. 1 card was standard w/subgrades and an error validation. It's all standard, but I was charged 5 dollars handling for the 10, and another 5 for the 1. I was also charged to ship the submission in two boxes. The submissions were entered separately and finished at different times (both standard, so they both finished under 30 days from when they were entered into the system).
  7. CGC responded to that thread.
  8. I have the Neo 2 folder and I love it. I've considered grading the Typhlosion, but I kinda like having the binder complete. There's 1-2 cards in each of those that do very well if you get high grades, but that's really just if you're looking to sell them. I've seen complete sets graded out and sold, but the price was definitely driven by the top card(s) and I doubt you get a great ROI on grading the less desirables. You gotta think that the binder page they include with that isn't exactly archival quality, so cards that that Charizard and Happy Birthday Pikachu might need to be set aside in something a little more protective, as the years pile up.
  9. I'm not saying you should panic, but I'd definitely shoot them an email to try and track that down. They seem to be about 6 or 7 days beyond that period to get things 'received' in the system. If your tracking says it was picked up, that means they have it. I seriously doubt they lose many boxes permanently.
  10. These guys are definitely moving faster than PSA and Beckett, once it gets into the system. I think their volume is up and they are hitting that pre-processing issue that all the grading houses have hit during pandemic times. My sample size is small with CGC, but my first standard submission was turned around with 4 or 5 days left in the stated timeline. They corrected an error on my labels within 2 days of getting them back, which was very nice (and the promise on the email communication was that it might take 20 days). I have two in right now; a bulk submission that's is following what everyone else is experiencing, and that Express that was received yesterday and is definitely moving faster. If you did standard, I think you'll be 2 weeks or so before you'll see the status move. I recall my 'received' status was in place for pretty much the whole period and then it went quick once it was 'scheduled for grading'. That said, given your volume, it makes sense to take a look at how they perform.
  11. Scheduled for grading. You'll see a hyperlink on the submission order number at that point and can click that and see how they imported the shipment. Then it'll say 'grading/quality control', I think, after that. Then 'Shipped'; the grades will be available at that stage and you'll get email notification of the shipment details. I do wish they'd confirm the timing of the payment. If they are going to slip on service levels that would be a big deal/change. I was definitely not expecting to have to pay up front when I submitted things in and have had to adjust my plans a little bit.
  12. So, the charge situation seems to be not resolved, but I do have some more anecdotal information on submission timing. I sent in a two card express shipment that was picked up from the post office yesterday afternoon. Box was marked express, so I hoped it would get through quick. It did. They had it in the system by 530 pm and today it's already shifted to 'scheduled for grading'. So the tiers definitely act like you'd expect them to; I'd assume walkthrough is the same expedited process to get into the system.
  13. That was my understanding and my experience on my initial submission, but I'm seeing an attempt to collect the charges already on a bulk submission that posted to the system as received today (11/11). I'm wondering if there's been a policy change?
  14. They've definitely changed something when it comes to the charge. My order was just cleared into Received and they tagged my payment method today. My first submission wasn't charged until much further into the process.
  15. What day was it delivered? I'm curious when the tier goes up how much faster the data entry is on the intake. I would expect Express and Walkthrough to get moved to the front of the lines.