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  1. This. The amount of time it would take them to comp values wouldn't be worth it. Send your cards in for the value you want them to be insured, were they to get lost.
  2. It sounds, again, like a you thing. From what I can tell, you're taking your singular perspective and extrapolating it on the whole.
  3. Why are you guys trying to tell the dude who's holding the bag that he doesn't know how to do it? I really question why a lot of people are in this hobby. Takes too long to grade and the bubble is gonna pop and ruin all the value. Maybe you guys should exit now and find something happier to do.
  4. Your real clock doesn't start until it's in the system, I'm afraid. I do hope they get ahead of their receiving issues soon.
  5. I agree. I bet the Pika is about a hair away from a 9.5 centering. I'd crack it and slip it back in on another submission, lol.
  6. Pika looks a little thinner on the left than the right, maybe a hair more so on the back. Honestly, they both do. CGC definitely isn't 60/40 like PSA claims on their centering. It's HARD to get a 9.5 or a 10 on centering. I believe they use computer imaging for their centering, and the tolerances are tight. I have wondered if the rainbow cards might be harder to get 10s on because the borders aren't clearly defined all the way around the card, but with the number that they grade you've got a lot of data available to validate and arrange expectations around.
  7. yeah, you're in for 5 dollars plus a second shipping transaction, so if it's just two cards (or a relatively small number) you'll want to stay consistent on the subgrades between them.
  8. I would imagine you labeled it Japanese when you filled out the submission form. Did you try to select Korean? If you had, you would have seen that it didn't populate. Oddball stuff should be a red flag to do a little due diligence; tough lesson, though.
  9. Yep, this. The card looks ok. If the customer doesn't want to reslab it himself, which he can do for 10 bucks, I'd refund and do that myself. It sucks to have to deal with, but it happens every now and then.
  10. That is true for cards received pre-2/16, but that is no longer the case. They bill at time of grading now, which is a better incentive for them to move faster.
  11. Honestly, if Disney had demand that made their lines explode on the scale you reference, they would absolutely increase prices and would sell premium tickets to high rollers who wanted to skip the line.
  12. They got more cards than they expected and had to increase TaT. Higher tiers get priority. If you do not like the risk that comes with the lowest priority, I suggest you look at a higher tier for your next submission, since the TaT seems to be of higher marginal utility to you than cost.