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  1. Maybe followed by his Allentown Tec 27? Was just about to bring up the AT Tec 27. It would give the Church Action 1 a run for its money for most valuable comic book in the hobby I think. I would lean towards the Tec 27
  2. Anybody intellectually honest that has been following this conversation between you and I has already seen history bear witness. So says the comic book dealer. I've never said that comic books only go up. Does that make me a bad dealer or a good dealer? Round 128.. FIGHT!
  3. Makes sense, but you think there will be less errors about this moving forward though? I think a few will still slip through the cracks. Doubt that everyone who has or have recently bought a new hero label with the restored book would re-submit for a purple label. I believe those people who gotten away with this would quickly sell them to maximize profits. Of course there are some good souls out there who would turn them back in for the appropriate label color.
  4. Yup and I sold my 5.0 copy a couple months ago for $19k so right in line for a 5.5.
  5. Didnt know how expensive these Star Wars figures sell for until now over at Hakes Wowsers!
  6. Certainly has.. That's what happens when there is too much hype on a certain book. Later on it will come back down to earth.
  7. So did the guy manage to throw the spear to the KKK executioner or did he get shot first?