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  1. He does accept offers too. Maybe offer price of what it sold for + pressing and CGC fees?
  2. That's a fine looking 3.0! Looks better than my 5.0 actually from the front cover
  3. Batman and Green Lantern were on the same pier fighting crime, just on opposite sides
  4. Down to $5500 now. I knew it was too good to be true. I wonder if there was a glitch or something. Very strange.
  5. Are you saying you ain't going for the CL 1.8 copy?
  6. Gap might be widening between the two books. Used to be neck and neck. I mean we're talking about a 1.5 point difference here which makes a huge difference in value per half a point for these mega keys.
  7. Let me know where I can find that same burger in the frozen food aisle. Been looking for days since you posted it, no luck
  8. Was one of the bidders, like most was surprised at the final hammer price
  9. Just saw it.. Wow that's crazy!? Who in their right mind would bid that much for the 1st app. of Robin!?
  10. Surprised at how close the running is between the Bat 1 CGC 5.5 and Cap 1 CGC 7.0.. Bat 1 - $204,000 Cap 1 - $216,00
  11. X-Men #1 for me too! Btw, you're asking in a silver age collecting group so there might be some favoritism towards silver age books more so than bronze age. But in the grand scheme of things, I think most would also lean towards the XM #1 generally.
  12. Thanks! That's why I sold my higher graded one and got this instead. It's all because of these boards that had to mention little things like that and my collecting self told me that I needed to have a copy with the quotes and the blue to be "complete."
  13. Back in the club. Sold my 5.5 for this copy instead because of the double quotes, blue under the table part. and better PQ
  14. Nice book. Glad you're wearing socks