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  1. MCS aka MyComicShop seems pretty reputable if you ask me. I just dunno if the sale really went through.
  2. Must be the white pages? . That price is between what a 9.4 and 9.2 sells for.
  3. The AF15 CGC 6.5 cream to off-white pages in today Heritage sold for 72k. That must be a new record price for that grade and paper quality. Not 100% sure if it is a record price. I remember seeing MCS sell a 6.5 last year for $85k on ebay.
  4. Not my book, but is anyone else surprised at the hammer price of the DD #1 CGC 9.0 on Heritage that sold for $18k today?
  5. Same here, just finished reading this entire thread and the IG posts that people posted. Yeah he is a scumbag and knew exactly what he was doing. Typical scammer, trying to take advantage of the system and pretend how it is someone else's fault. Funny how he doesn't have clear before and after pictures of a five figure book. The blurry bottom spine pic of the book is all that he's got? 😆 I've also taken a look at his ebay feedback and boy, he seems to be a terrible grader and would block the buyers who disagreed with his grading, kinda like how he blocks IG comments if they don't fit his narrative. Someone on IG asked who pressed the book, and he is being so secretive about it. It obviously points to him, he messed it up. Nerdygirl made a good point about how he complained and how he wouldn't trust CGC handling his books after how Matt was flipping through the Supes 1 quickly "in which he so roughly handled" in the video and yet he continues to use CGC's services. If he was dissatisfied at how they handle books, why send your book to them? Well, I certainly hope CGC bans him from submitting books to them or there will be more crazy fiasco.
  6. So shocked.. he will truly be missed. Seems to be a great person and a fantastic actor. Very said, RIP Chadwick
  7. yeah that one, but was looking for the final bid price before it went up for a BIN/BO
  8. Loving it!!! Cant wait to see it in theaters (if it opens by that time lol).
  9. Anyone know the final bid price for the Sensation 1 CGC 9.6? The new CC website looks and works fine compared to when they first introduced the new layout. The only gripe I have is that now, everyitme I click on the image or title of a book being auctioned, a separate new window doesn't pop up like how it was before. I now have to open up a new window each time so I can copy and paste the link of all the books I'm interested in. Such a pain to do.
  10. Yep. I agree that trimming is not resto. by any means.. CGC should have a different colored label with trimmed books, excessive resto removal, anything of the like to highlight how it is complete destruction of comics. I'd like to see the red label brought back for it (1st gen modern books were in red labels and have since changed).