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  1. Yep this is true. That's why there are graded CIB games with a beat up box grade graded say a 3.0 and high graded manuals and cartirdges in the 7.0 and up. All of which WATA averages them all out for the final grade you see in the front of the label. Not sure how VGA does it but they mark the labels as qualified for unsealed games I believe and that's it. This is commonly done for the rarer 1st print boxes to combine with other pieces. But there is a higher premium paid for CIB's games with a higher numerical grade for just the grade of the box, everything is would sometimes be easier to find. This is why factory sealed games are commanding higher prices since everything is in it's original factory sealed state. Found this recent article that gives a little about the hobby and its outlook: Video Game
  2. Seems like it was a success. Saw a low graded Tec 33 and MF 53 conserved copy sell among others.
  3. I have a nice ASM 13 CGC 7.0 offwhite-white pages if interested
  4. Frank C. I suppose. I think he pursued another career or what not. His background is play writing I believe.
  5. Yeah I get what you're saying. But I think it's the new generation of collectors who just want to relive their glory days as kids back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. I for one loved playing video games as a kid, actually owned almost all the 80s and 90s consoles between myself and my brothers. So it's pretty cool to see that video games are gaining some respect.
  6. If those games were sealed, they're selling for crazy money now. Gotta know too which are first editions and the correct types of factory seals.
  7. I'm getting a little bit better in understanding the market. I have also shifting some interests into video game collecting as well as comics. There a few long time comic collectors who are doing the same thing and have been on this for years. I think the market just exploded a few years ago, dunno how or what got it going into this new gear. Video game collecting has been going on for maybe 10 or so years with a just a few then started getting bigger and bigger as it gets more publicized. Of course the most popular collector Dain Anderson who founded the Nintendo Age website and recently sold his pedigreed collection in Heritage (Carolina Collection) and a few other venues.
  8. I wonder what the video game collectors think or other hobbyists outside of comics when we pay $$$ for old paper. They'd think we're crazy too
  9. You may be right . I've seen this before with Heritage so not out of the blue.
  10. Easy solution. Just use your own handy magnifying glass to look at your computer monitor closely of the book
  11. I wonder if the kids are charging for a scan of the book