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  1. Action 1 with the small lead. The next few polls for "which would you rather own" should be these: Superman 1 or Batman 1 Marvel 1 or Cap 1 All-American 16 or Flash Comics 1 Adventure 40 or More Fun 52 Action 7 or Tec 29 Just some ideas
  2. Book has a nice spine, like an 8.0. Overall the condition is around a 6.0. The back water stain might hurt the grade from grading in the 7's.
  3. Sorry to hear about this, i hope you will get your collection back. I'll keep my eyes out for your books. Might also be a good idea to contact CGC themselves about this in case they received or will receive a list of books that fits your stolen collection. Pictures would definitely help with the bigger keys.
  4. This might be the movie of the year for me. Huge MK fan ever since the first when I first played it on Sega Genesis. I remember going to the arcades and battling it out with other gamers. My player of choice has always been Scorpion. Simple moves, loving the spear and his fatalities, he was bad*ss! Those were some fun times. Really can't wait for this movie!
  5. Another one of these polls. It's like I see these pop up once a year . Quite obvious what I would pick here
  6. It's good for sellers, bad for buyers paying more now for a copy lol.
  7. My copy is with CGC right now for a cross over. Hope it grades the same at the very least
  8. Tough call, both beautiful books that present very well for the grade. To me it's a coin toss, therefore I didn't vote. I'd say go for the one you like better long term.