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  1. So are they grading all kinds of cards or just non sports cards, but gaming cards?
  2. Congrats on the jumbo case pickup!!!! Not sure what year but if it's 2018, that's fantastic!
  3. Top 10 SA books will always have some debate on the pecking order of things. All valid reasons I can see thus far. Important thing is buy what you like. Who cares what others think about whether this book is better than that book or this book is historically more significant than that.
  4. Gonna be tough finding a seller who will be fine with an 18 month monthly payment plan especially on mega key books where the price of purchase is locked in at that price. Chances are a book like AF #15 has a greater probability of moving upwards in value rather than downwards, so would be somewhat of a loss for the seller. If the time payments were cut down to a max of 6 months which is more doable, then I can see it happening.
  5. Huge book! Good luck with the search!
  6. Good question! I really dunno, but 700k is a good start.
  7. Thanks for sharing and glad your items arrived from DHL. I think that the regular DHL shipping is quick and more or less on-time, but the DHL eCommerce side might take longer. I believe they are both different departments of DHL. Since I sold my item on ebay and could not directly ship it to Taiwan, I had to ship it via USPS to a local shipping center in CA and they then would ship it via DHL to the destination with a new label. I guess all that takes a lot of time now with the current state of the country. I'll give them a call tomorrow and see what is going on. Sometimes another customer service rep and give you better answers. I hope that you get your stuff from the Netherlands soon!