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  1. Thanks Peter. Yeah book looks great for its grade, had to jump on it
  2. Same ^. My prediction was well above the sold price
  3. Well I know it doesn't count but I would've said 6.0.. A 7.0 without the stains. Looking at what others posted, man I'd like to buy raw books from you 😆
  4. I thought the Fantastic Comics #3 did very well. Didn't think it would go that high for a 0.5 book.
  5. The staining too may prevent the book from re-grading higher. CGC is notorious for lowering grades with stains.
  6. I'd rather use some teeth whitening toothpaste, less toxic
  7. Yeah saw the break happen when the card was pulled out of the box. It's a pretty big hit. The article though has an error in that there is no autograph on the card. Doubt it will reach 750k. The logoman autographed version of zion is still out there I assume hidden in a box. That one I can see fetching half a mil or more.
  8. Beautiful AF 15 a white pager to boot! Very difficult finding a copy in any grade with white pages. Congrats Dan with the sale and good luck with the house hunting!
  9. I believe Buttock would know more about it