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  1. I have started communicating with the mysterious Comicmylar on e-bay. I want a big book (for me) and I am finding an overall lack of information troubling. While I get answers, I am hoping for more details.
  2. I have a stack of the Kaluta covers and always looking for more.
  3. I first saw it on E-bay, then found the seller & book elsewhere and made it happen.
  4. I just unpacked this one. I think it is rather sweet. The wife even likes it.
  5. Does anyone have an e-mail for him?
  6. Neal’s best run of covers come from Superboy.
  7. He loves the out-stretched hand and it is repeated often.
  8. Neal was determined to expand the palette at DC in his early years.
  9. Can't stop......keep collecting.......more.....
  10. Here is a better picture. It is a nice copy.