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  1. Ok thank you so much for this information. I'm sorry for inconveniencing the staff in this way. Next time, I'll know the correct address and it shouldn't be an issue. Thanks again!
  2. I used team bags to avoid the sticky tape residue but yes, this is how I shipped them.
  3. Ok thank you. It seems that I sent my card order to the comic branch. oops.
  4. I shipped out an order of bulk cards to CGC today, and shipped my package to the address on the website, which is CGC PO Box 4738 Sarasota FL 34230 I only later realized that I had received an email following the completion of my order, telling me that the address should have been labeled as PO Box 4701. As previously stated, I found the first adress on the shipping instructions within the website, specifically on the page called 'general instructions.' Should I be worried that my order will not reach CGC or did I do everything correctly and am in the clear?
  5. My estimate in that case, would be somewhere in the range of $40-70 USD although this is based only in speculation. I wasn't able to find any hard numbers relating to prices for this specific card, but I think that if you asked $60, you would probably get a bite pretty quickly. Considering it's a charizard card, you might even be able to get away with asking a little bit more.
  6. I have placed each card within a penny saver sleeve, and then into a toploader, in order to keep the card from moving around, I then put the toploader into a small resealable plastic bag that encapsulates the entire toploader tightly, and keeps the card inside from coming out. I just wondered whether it was alright to send cards that had been individually sealed in this way.
  7. Perhaps Weiss Schwartz, Force of Will, DBSCCG, and Vanguard as well...
  8. which promo? Is it the one that comes with the Elite Trainer Box that you are referring to?
  9. I believe that PSA wanted the sender to estimate a declared value after encapsulation. Does CGC expect the sender to estimate their declared value based on the price of the card in it's raw form, or what they expect for a price after encapsulation?
  10. I was hoping to submit each one sealed in a team bag. Is this acceptable?
  11. If I seal each toploader in a team bag, will this be acceptable?
  12. So I have been storing the cards that I want to send in within toploaders and sealing them in team bags. can I send them to CGC in this fashion or is there a specific way that CGC wants the cards to be shipped?