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  1. Man Atlas had some brutal war covers, that guy's neck is sickening:
  2. P.s. DO NOT trim the interior pages. That will result in a purple and most people hate trimmed books.
  3. It's a printing error. There is no deduction below 9.8, so it won't affect the grade at all.
  4. This is a cool anti-commie cover I had not noticed before.
  5. This will garner a conserved label. Once dipped in a liquid the sizing on the paper changes and CGC can tell. There is no way to reverse it. If you've ever held a book which has been cleaned in this way it is pretty obvious.
  6. Don't get me wrong I still LOVE his work. One of the best.
  7. I was way off at 5.5. Just on general wear along I wouldn't put that at 7.5 then add in the marks on the BC and I think it is much lower. I thought it looked like the spine was split at the bottom but I must have been wrong about that.
  8. Yeah I'm at 1.8/2.0 too much general wear and tear for a 3.0.
  9. I agree 100%. His composition and colouring are 1st class, but his actual draftsmanship not so much.