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  1. It is a super cool book but I can't help but think many more copies will surface and prices will come way down.
  2. All the best Joe. I'm sure everyone is wishing you a speedy recovery!
  3. RD 7 is at the very top of my want list! Great taste as always.
  4. I'm not sure. It isn't in hand yet. The seller said it has a spine split and it looks to have a large tear on the FC.
  5. This is the old Heritage scan (book now reholdered) but this beauty is now mine. It's the Harvey Kurtzman File Copy which is awesome.
  6. This is the old Heritage scan (book has now been reholdered) but I just picked up this beauty:
  7. 4.0 restored. CT/piece fill in the red of the top front cover and the pieces on the top of the back cover look like they might have been reattached.
  8. Sure. I don't think either Suspense 8 or Startling 11 are drawn particularly well.
  9. Of course, lots of people would like to own both but that is a far cry from concluding that Suspense 8 should appreciate in the same way as Mask 1 and 2 have. I just don't think Suspense 8 is in the same league as the Mask books. But reasonable minds will differ so it isn't an argument we can resolve.