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  1. Leave the pieces attached and put them back in place. There will be no deduction for this. I've had books with quarter sized pieces like that on the edge of an interior page receive 9.8.
  2. I love this book. I was thinking 4.5 as well. But I was guessing on the appropriate deduction for the partially popped staple.
  3. 17 is more than I would have expected. I wonder if many of them are resubs.
  4. Multiple posts because I'm super happy with this pickup.
  5. Twins! I feel like this one is in the same league as #50.
  6. +1. It can also be fun trying to find books that you think others have over looked. Dive in you won't regret it.
  7. Great pick up. Price was VERY reasonable given the other prices in the auction.
  8. I think it is unlikely but does anyone know if that check mark means this might be a Cosmic Aeroplane copy?
  9. We are both kidding but I have to say that several books with CVA stickers have done very well recently...
  10. The Virgil Finlay pieces in his gallery are amazing. I hope some come to auction.
  11. You can find out the price of 'buy it now' best offers that have been accepted by searching for the item number on this site: