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  1. This was my first thought too. I feel like it has been up about as long as I have been a board member.
  2. I would not restore this. If you are concerned with keeping it intact then I would send it to be conserved. People like Kenny Sanderson (whom I can highly recommend), Susan Ciccone, and Mike DeChellis can all do this kind of work.
  3. I for one like that the sales section is self-policing. I think it helps promote integrity and makes others more confident when buying. The rules aren't particularly complicated so it isn't much of an ask to have new sellers follow them.
  4. I'm surprised you both think that. The WM4 cover sold in 2013 so is reasonably distant. Also the cover didn't present very well with the large brown glue stains. I also think WM4 is a far inferior image and not not a cover I think of as falling into the upper echelons of classic covers (though it is good).
  5. Servers me right for skimming the description. With that in mind I'd round down a bit from 200k. Though I'd still lean towards it breaking 100k.
  6. I'm not sure this is a sound comparison. The SS cover is not nearly as iconic as CoC 19. The only good comp that comes immediately to mind is the Teenage Dope Salves cover which sold in the high 46k. And Planet 1 was 146k three years ago. I think this is both more iconic than the TADS and has broader cross cultural appeal than Planet 1. So I wouldn't be surprised at something in the 200k range.
  7. Wow! This has to be the biggest piece of horror OA to come to auction in recent memory. I think it is deserving of its own thread. Anyone care to make a guess on the final hammer price + BP?
  8. I dunno' if you are making the inquiry it isn't the same as walking into a store. I think in this case the inquirer is obliged to make the first offer.
  9. Oh man. I hate the coin grading scale. Why is the top grade a 70????!!!!
  10. My mistake I thought you submitted something that came back lower than expected too.
  11. I can't see anything which would be properly called a large circular stain.
  12. You made me crack it Looks fine to me. No interior stains either. Go figure
  13. My recent sub was fine (one book was actually quite a bit higher than I expected). Conversely, I did buy this book recently and the grade is a total head scratcher. Graders notes say that there is a large circular stain on the FC bottom right. I have looked at it every which way under strong light and can't see any stain.