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  1. Came across this while sorting comics. Modern pre hero appearance. 🤘🏻
  2. Yep. Good luck finding it. I looked in a ton of comics. If you have an idea of what issue this happened in let me know. My collection is in very good order. And I have all of the comics it might have been in, unless I have it graded. 👍🏻
  3. No, that was not it. I knew about that issue having them in it. We were talking about a sign that referenced the Hulk was coming prior to his first appearance.
  4. Battlefront #38 5.0 ow $29- Battlefront #39 4.5 ow $23- Navy Action #10 5.0 cr-ow $17- Navy Combat #9 5.5 ow $29- Navy Combat #12 5.5 cr-ow $27- Navy Combat #13 5.0 cr-ow $29- War Comics #38 4.5 ow $29- War Comics #43 5.0 ow $38- i will take these.
  5. Zapp comics is a great store. Was there the other day.
  6. I need World of Fantasy #7 for the set now. That’s a hard comic to find a nice VG or better copy.
  7. Plus I need to get some bags and boards to sort this pile.
  8. Went good bro. Did all the older stuff. But I have newer comics (like 1985 to maybe 2015 when I stopped collecting new books) in different boxes. I have to funnel like 5 long boxes of new books into 18 long boxes. But then I am done. Haha Then I can do fun stuff, like changing out some bags and boards. Never ends. Haha