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  1. Is anyone looking to unload multiple nice copies of Cover A? I have... quite a few... but am not necessarily opposed to picking up a few more if anyone is looking to shed 5 or 10 at once.
  2. I grabbed a couple copies of Ghost Rider 28 recently but I was thinking about whatever dumb card they included in the polybagged version
  3. I hope this finally comes true. I am not a big DC guy but I was looking forward to using some of these properties to kind of dip my toe in the water and figure out if there was anything I was more interested in exploring. But I really do think they're going about things in a wrongheaded way. I mean, Batman is their biggest property and they're developing a Batman trilogy outside of the DCEU? What sense does that make? He's their biggest draw by a factor of two and they're eschewing the chance to use him to draw viewers into other properties? If the RP films are huge, imagine what a RP cameo co
  4. Correct. TFAW still has copies of Cover B below cover price if Yara's a character you like. I guess make sure you order enough copies to make sure they're shipped in a box and not one of their tiny mailers though
  5. They sent me a copy of ASM #61A instead of the Cho variant I wanted and they just let me keep the one that they already sent me and sent out a copy of the Cho variant for free. As @awakeintheashesmentioned they send single issues in a very slight mailer with virtually no protection. Luckily my issue arrived undamaged but if it hadn't happened to have been handled with care it would've been ruined. Now that others mentioned it I've only every done fairly large orders through them. I have my preorders set to all be sent once a month so the only time I've ever received a single issue was to
  6. I haven't used them much but so far I haven't had any issues. When you get raw books from them they're just stacked in a single plastic sleeve but the box it comes in is well padded. Everything I've ordered has arrived in good condition as expected, they only sell new books. For the FFWW1 Cover B order I placed I paid for them to individually bag and board them at $.25 per which is high but the books were 20% off cover after release too and I think I'll probably CGC a bunch of them so I thought it was worth it to pay a bit more to protect them a bit better. But I haven't had issues with t
  7. Y'all know I love Yara Flor so take this with a BIG grain of salt because I am as invested in this character as I have been in any in maybe my whole time in comics but... Future State Wonder Woman 1 is starting to move a little bit, could be something to watch going forward... The first 9.8's of cover A to hit the market were going for just $50 back in February. The last 9.8 of cover A went for... And there's a listing that ends in a few days sitting just under $100... Could this book heat up even more if Wonder Girl #1 is as well received next week as FFWW 1+2
  8. The first print was in 08/1999 correct? That's the only thing that makes me think maybe this is a reprint
  9. If Shang-Chi lives up to the hype the trailer generated we are going to see tons of kung-fu franchises revived...