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  1. Marvel is going to be getting into the horror subgenre as well through Hulu and film. I think Blade could be the centerpiece of all of that
  2. I guess I get to play contrarian today I don't think the Rambeau hype will be stable but I'm trying to get my minty ASM Annual 16 graded and out of my hands before that happens. Which I don't think will be for a while. I just sold a copy of Giant Size Captain Marvel #1 for $50 and that book was literally a free throw in with an order I made years ago. As for Harley I think the book was just undervalued before. Harley has a great character design and is super popular. Margot's adaption has been popular despite the films themselves being stinkers so why wouldn't her first appearance
  3. I avoid most of the variant cover craze but I do like most of the variants for ASM600/700/800. Not touching the 850 stuff but if I had seen this a week or two ago I would've scooped the whole lot. Oh well.
  4. I just picked up most of the #800 variants and I paid around $6-9 each like a sucker! This is a sweet deal!
  5. Does anyone think there may be a market for keeping books like UF4 polybagged, like there are for some 90's books and some of the comics sold in multi-packs in stores? I have a really nice copy that I think could score a 9.8 but it's still sealed and eventually there will be very few sealed copies out there since everyone is getting theirs graded... ... am I just talking myself into buying another UF4?
  6. If it comes back 5.5 WP I'm going to be able to fly you out to personally slap my presser
  7. I have an ASM 7 that just arrived at CGC... think it may be 5.0+ but I don't know about white pages. Honestly sent it to my presser so long ago I don't even remember whether I examined the pages. I say all of that to say I MAY have good news for you if you're still looking in 4 months. Maybe