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  1. http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/234969/terrifying-vision-future-awaits-neill-blomkamps-first-short-oats-studios/
  2. There was a cult classic 1977 Japanese movie also called House and is known as one of the weirdest movies made. I saw it a half dozen years ago and wasn't that impressed though.
  3. If anyone sees It Comes At Night, please remember the "symptoms" in the pre-title sequence. I think there's 4, one is sleepwalking which helps a lot. Please post the other 3.
  4. Went and saw It Comes At Night today. Was a bit disappointed, it's made well and acted well, but it's no "Horror" movie, as it's being marketed, and the ending fails. SPOILER
  5. Funny, a guy I knew in high school lived in a house near Venice, CA where that was filmed. He pointed out what I hadn't noticed. On the fence are dolls. One of those fences was the fence between the alley and his back yard.
  6. Is there a post credit scene like in most Marvel movies? I didn't want to stick around like most of the audience was at the screening I went to today.
  7. If you want funny gore, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is definitely worth watching.
  8. Neill Blomkamp's new streaming series trailer.
  9. All David had to do was cut off his hand. Here's some info. I picked up. LV223, where Prometheus takes place is one of three moons around the 4th planet in a distant system, the planet is called Calpamos (a gas giant with rings). LV426 is one of the other moons around that same planet, and that's where Alien and Aliens takes place. The Engineer's homeworld, where Shaw and David are headed to is referred to as the 4th planet, but can't be Calpamos because we see in Covenant it's not a gas giant, so it's just a coincidence. Hope that helps someone, it did for me.
  10. Here's something I recently picked up, I don't think there's too many of these out there, especially still sealed after 23 years.
  11. Thought I would post a pic. of this rare item since Craig Yoe who published it just asked me for a pic. (funny enough he waited over 6 years to respond to the IM) I've never seen another copy or it even mentioned anywhere since I got it in 2011. The one most know is the "Special Edition" with the Rick Griffin cover that's in comic book format, but this is the regular edition tabloid paper from 1972. One of these days I'll get the Rick Griffin cover comic book and compare the two.
  12. Is anyone here anymore? Was just checking eBay for some wants and came across this, someone got lucky and it wasn't me: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Jesus-Loves-You-Rock-Of-Ages-Vintage-Comic-Book-Zondervan-No-1-Rare-/222492929141?hash=item33cd9cac75%3Ag%3AQ0UAAOSwrhBZBOIv&nma=true&si=h5mN5lTUDxUBHeirnmPg%2BKxHrqA%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  13. Just saw the trailer for the first time. Didn't realize it was based on a graphic novel or that it was super hero related. I see it's on Netflix streaming, but isn't rated very high. Worth checking out to those that have seen it?
  14. I believe I was one of the early people to recommend Train to Busan here, after buying a import DVD with bad English subtitles. Another one I believe I've recommended before, but it you haven't seen it, is Witching & Bit ch ing (sans spaces) from 2013, it's exceptional for taking the viewer on a wild ride not expected (save yourself from reading a description and go in not knowing what you've stepped into). It's available through Netflix, but not on streaming. Or you can get it on amazon, they've got a HD version with English subtitles on streaming if you want to buy it, because the blu-ray doesn't have English subtitles, only the DVD.
  15. Strontium Dog Fan Film There's a 20 minute fan made film of Strontium Dog online for you U.K. 200 A.D. fans. Search facebook for Strontium Dog Fan Film .