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  1. 50 Cent #II (1st)

    DEADPOOL 2 (2017)

    Was enjoyable, but not like the first. I wasn't laughing through the whole movie like the first one, in fact I don't recall laughing until the parachute jump scene. There's a mid credit scene, but "Oh, holy S*** Balls..." there's no post scene you need to wait around for.
  2. 50 Cent #II (1st)

    The Unofficial Underground Comix thread...

    The Head Comix page from Yarrowstalks #2 sold via Heritage last week for $143K. Is this a record for a single regular page (non-cover) of Underground Comix art? How about non-splash page regular comic art? Seems like a lot of money for a single regular page that isn't a cover?
  3. 50 Cent #II (1st)

    Missing comix

    Send Corben Fan, Arnie, the list, he can probably get you most of these on the list.
  4. 50 Cent #II (1st)

    The Unofficial Underground Comix thread...

    There was a Cheech Wizard comix that someone in the old boards claimed to have found an edition that had a phone number on the inside front cover, that nobody else has seen, if I recall correctly. Maybe one of the others can recall the book and more info. on it.
  5. 50 Cent #II (1st)

    The Unofficial Underground Comix thread...

    The Miami Concert comic was called Miami Pop Festival Official Program. There was a loose map that I've only seen once, but I think most people assume it's the drawing of the layout inside, but it's not.
  6. 50 Cent #II (1st)

    Which issue was the actual Return of Superman in '93?

    The original Superman came back to life in the first issue of the Return of Superman arc? I thought it was Superman: Man of Steel #25 or 26?
  7. Just wondering which issue was it in the Reign of Superman arc in 1993 (June to October) in which the real Superman first returned in I think Sept. or Oct. '93 about the end of Copper, beginning of Modern?
  8. 50 Cent #II (1st)

    The Unofficial Underground Comix thread...

    Gory Stories Quarterly #2 1/2 was also a bound in comic in a magazine which I have forgotten the title of. Corpsemeat #2 had something bound in by Savage Pencil Miami Concert Comic that I'm forgetting the name of had a loose map included.
  9. 50 Cent #II (1st)

    The Unofficial Underground Comix thread...

    Appears an affordable 2nd print of Crumb's Bible of Filth was released last month. It's published by a Dutch publisher and is expanded to over 300 pages (336 pages, over 60 additional pages). Anyone know why some pics show silver lettering and "Scratch Books" on the cover and others are in gold lettering without the "Scratch Books" at the bottom? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1941701701/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. 50 Cent #II (1st)

    The Unofficial Underground Comix thread...

    While I've got copies of 3 variant printings of the "Rainbow" interior cover edition of Freak Brothers #2, it was reported that there was also a variant of the Pink Paper edition. Today my copy arrived and I can confirm that there was a Rainbow cover variant of the Pink Paper edition. So the first 4 printings all had Rainbow variants.
  11. Rampant Rumors on the set of the new Star Wars movie that Christopher Plummer is taking over the role of Chewbacca after old photo released.
  12. 50 Cent #II (1st)

    THE PUNISHER on Netflix

    Watching an episode today, they reference the Phoenix Program. New what that is because I happen to be listening to this book. Very interesting, if you're looking to learn about it. https://www.amazon.com/CIA-Organized-Crime-Illegal-Operations/dp/0997287012/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1510971630&sr=8-1&keywords=CIA+Phoenix&dpID=515d%2BSJ134L&preST=_SY344_BO1,204,203,200_QL70_&dpSrc=srch Seems the husband and wife are both reading the same book "Life of Pi" by Martel, which is a very good book, wonder if there's a significance later as I'm only 6 episodes through.
  13. 50 Cent #II (1st)


    Glad I'm not considered "Average".
  14. 50 Cent #II (1st)


    Thanks. I'd give JL a three and a half out of five stars (if they don't have a quarter star). or a 6.5 out of 10. I rate my Netflix (I miss the firefox allowing 1/2 stars they used to ) as Stars: 1 (really bad), 2 (bad), 2.5 (Meh), 3 -3.4 (OK), 3.5-3.9 (Good), 4-4.4 (Very Good), 4.5-5 (Great).
  15. 50 Cent #II (1st)


    You mean 87 out of 221.