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  1. Crossover artists that started out in comics With the price the R. Crumb piece going for a record high, I wondered what other artists could do that in the future. There's artists that are both, which are harder to catagorize, like XNO and The Pizz. What successful mainstream artists first started out in comics and what was their first comic work? The two that comes to my head are both punk rock artists. Gary Panter - Hup Raymond Pettibon - Captive Chains Rick Griffin - Moscoso - What are some others?
  2. With the talk about the Basquiat getting twice the previous high. It was the same buyer as the previous high, by the way. But this one got by most, a new high of over $6.5M for a Kieth Haring. Reminded me that Eric Orr was friends with Haring and I think there was one page with Haring's art in Orr's comic book Rappin' Max Robot. Anyone else know of any other comic books with Haring art in it?
  3. It's chump change (that I don't have) compared to the record amount paid for an American artist today. A Basquiat sold for over $110M today. More crazy today, bitcoin is over $1,900 today.
  4. I read that it's being reported that the Fritz the Cat cover OA is the highest price ever publicly paid for a piece of original art from an American comic book (those Tintin art pieces in Europe can go for millions). Anyone confirm this or know of any other OA that went publicly for higher (other than paintings)?
  5. $717k w/ BP today. That's R. Crumb hitting new ground for this Fritz the Cat cover from the Felix Dennis estate (he died in 2014, the movie Hippie Hippie Shake was about OZ magazine and Sienna Miller played his girlfriend in the movie. She became known for wearing a murkin for the movie. All the copies and negatives of this movie were destroyed, required by the insurance co. So nobody will ever seen it. Now here's the crazy part, my girlfriend at the time and I saw the movie years ago, we got advanced screening passes to see it in Sherman Oaks were they ask the audience after questions and I pointed out that they could add more of the beautiful art which wasn't shown. I also pointed out that there was also a plot point about one specific piece of art that was supposed to be well known, I think a centerfold piece, that for some reason wasn't included in the film even though they talked about it more than once. I thought maybe they hadn't gotten permission yet to show while filming. I never found out what the art piece was they were referring to.) Frazetta painting last years sells for a surprising low of $50k and R. Crumb this year skyrocketing... Is this a sign of the new Underground Comix resurgence, at least in OA, since it's being reported as the highest price ever publicly paid for a piece of original art from an American comic book (those Tintin art pieces in Europe can go for millions)? https://comics.ha.com/itm/original-comic-art/robert-crumb-r-crumb-s-fritz-the-cat-cover-original-art-ballantine-1969-/a/7163-91033.s?ic4=GalleryView-Thumbnail-071515
  6. I checked on amazon prime video Friday afternoon and it showed I could watch the show (it was green and stated watch now), so I go to watch it in the evening and it's gone to a needed subscription for Starz yellow. That was a disappointment to the evening.
  7. Nice Space Vixens (3-D Zone #16), it's the harder to find printing I've been looking for.
  8. Looks like the grader thought it was issue #1, not #11 from the date of 1989.
  9. Picked up a Rainbow edition of FB #2 "pink paper" edition, this is the rainbow print I was missing and I would guess is the hardest of the Rainbow prints since it shows up the least often.
  10. Probably the Mixed Age forum, and you'll probably want to post here that you've posted them.
  11. Well, the Mean person_without_enough_empathy Thrills bootleg doesn't show up often. But I've never seen these later issues of the Australian Zap Comix bootleg series. Appears to have been at least 12 issues and they added "Stupid & Nasty" before "Zap Comix" in the later issues.
  12. REALLY???? Goodwill? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Omaha-the-Cat-Dancer-1-ORIGINAL-COVER-ART-Reed-Waller-1984-/272579640420?hash=item3f77033c64%3Ag%3AgmsAAOSwax5YvZYO&nma=true&si=KF5scdatlsgG8%2B3pzHJeEPCeMBs%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&rmvSB=true In the thread in the Copper Section there's also a post about a Bizarre Sex #9 (2nd print with a $1.50 cover price), this would change the current guides, I believe, I haven't checked the Fogel's yet. I believe it was previously discussed in 2010 in the same forum.
  13. Coincidentally, I just ordered a Gary Panter mini comix called More Hair from 2003? a couple weeks ago (after I notice Charles Plymell was included in it), but it hasn't arrived yet. http://www.garypanter.com/site/index.php?/shop/mini-comics/
  14. Looks like Marvel has removed all references to the upcoming Silver Age series, so maybe we'll never get to see the end? But Midtown Comics has the first issue listed for a week earlier than originally listed, now on the 19th of this month. http://www.midtowncomics.com/store/dp.asp?PRID=Miracleman+By+Gaiman+%26+Bu_1507893
  15. Posts by 2 of Skip's daughters in the last 1/2 hour, leads me to believe Skip passed. RIP. Another post states he passed at 12:45pm with his brother present.