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  1. The Unofficial Underground Comix thread...

    While I've got copies of 3 variant printings of the "Rainbow" interior cover edition of Freak Brothers #2, it was reported that there was also a variant of the Pink Paper edition. Today my copy arrived and I can confirm that there was a Rainbow cover variant of the Pink Paper edition. So the first 4 printings all had Rainbow variants.
  2. Rampant Rumors on the set of the new Star Wars movie that Christopher Plummer is taking over the role of Chewbacca after old photo released.
  3. THE PUNISHER on Netflix

    Watching an episode today, they reference the Phoenix Program. New what that is because I happen to be listening to this book. Very interesting, if you're looking to learn about it. https://www.amazon.com/CIA-Organized-Crime-Illegal-Operations/dp/0997287012/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1510971630&sr=8-1&keywords=CIA+Phoenix&dpID=515d%2BSJ134L&preST=_SY344_BO1,204,203,200_QL70_&dpSrc=srch Seems the husband and wife are both reading the same book "Life of Pi" by Martel, which is a very good book, wonder if there's a significance later as I'm only 6 episodes through.
  4. JUSTICE LEAGUE: PART ONE (11/17/17)

    Glad I'm not considered "Average".
  5. JUSTICE LEAGUE: PART ONE (11/17/17)

    Thanks. I'd give JL a three and a half out of five stars (if they don't have a quarter star). or a 6.5 out of 10. I rate my Netflix (I miss the firefox allowing 1/2 stars they used to ) as Stars: 1 (really bad), 2 (bad), 2.5 (Meh), 3 -3.4 (OK), 3.5-3.9 (Good), 4-4.4 (Very Good), 4.5-5 (Great).
  6. JUSTICE LEAGUE: PART ONE (11/17/17)

    You mean 87 out of 221.
  7. JUSTICE LEAGUE: PART ONE (11/17/17)

    They were worth waiting for, first seemed pretty short but fun, the post was a bit more detailed regarding something completely different (future sequel aspect).
  8. JUSTICE LEAGUE: PART ONE (11/17/17)

    Thought it was OK. There's a during credit scene as well as a post credit scene for those wanting to know if you should stay through all the credits.
  9. Watching this 1975 (Netflix lists 1979, which is the year it was released in the U.S.) movie again, it's a bit of a devilish idea to put a message before (as the book does) that it's based on actual events when it's fiction. Wonder how often this has been done before? The idea of no ending was actually the publisher of the books idea, he suggested that author remove the last chapter (the 12 pages were later published separately). The flow and music of the move remind me of another movie, even though it has nothing to do with the subject, Miracles Still Happen (1974) that came out about the same time, that's about a sole survivor who's plane crashed in the Amazon jungle. The director's most recent movie The Way Back (2010) was pretty good by the way.
  10. Saw Ingrid Goes West in the theater. Was a bit of a odd one, but worth watching. Always like shows filmed near the area I grew up in, this was in Venice. There's also a Netflix series starring Will Arnett that was filmed in the same area of Venice that's worth watching, 2 seasons have come out.
  11. Robert Kirkmans History of Comics

    You people saying that Stan was paid to be the boss and it was expected then. Well the interview where he states he doesn't know why Jack left seems rather recent and he still seems to not want to admit what went on back then so I don't give him any pass for what happened in the past as he can't admit now what took place.
  12. Watched a good one this evening. Wind River (2017).
  13. A classic I've seen, thanks. It's been a long time since, so maybe I'll add it to my queue and give it a reviewing. No specific genre or order, but here's some movies I've watched from Netflix that I enjoyed in the last 4 months (yeah, it's been pretty sparse in good movies lately). Your Name. (anime) Maudie (drama) Shot Caller (action) The Big Sick (comedy) How to Be a Latin Lover (comedy) The Exception (thriller, drama) Gifted (drama) Their Finest (drama) The Sense of an Ending (drama) Land of Mine (action) I loved Witching & person_without_enough_empathying (Spanish) and have recommended it a couple times, but nobody has posted they saw it. Too bad, it's got some great visuals and love how the story does a 180 early on. If you're looking for more recommendations, I posted a list of about 60 smaller independents or foreign movies I would recommend, previously that should be found in my old posts. Here's the link from almost 2 years ago.
  14. Good gore/comedy/horror movies

    I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only one that liked this, I wasn't sure posting it here was a good idea as I was actually conflicted that I did like it. As in, do I really think this movie is funny or am I having a hallucination from a food poisoning reaction?
  15. Good gore/comedy/horror movies

    Saw The Lure, definitely and odd one.