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  1. Was just watching Ciao Manhattan (1972) movie and about 13 minutes in a character is reading an issue of Insect Fear.
  2. Who watched today's TMZ? Had a piece about the Freak Brothers series from SDCC. Adam DeVine is one of the people doing the series. In L.A. they repeat this evening's episode tomorrow at 1pm on Fox.
  3. So, is it now time to start picking uip those Freak Brothers #1 (1st print)? https://www.forbes.com/sites/dbloom/2019/07/12/fabulous-furry-freak-brothers-to-fly-flag-in-animated-series/amp/?fbclid=IwAR33RsM3ew0onNVKXOnUbZI0rcY8cQI_RUC990Favt_UwRp6_Ek7Z2F5CYk
  4. Anyone looking for a copy of Cobb's ColorVision, Ron is selling file copies from himself on eBay Australia. Shipping adds a bit ot the price, but still under $100 for one direct from him.
  5. Here's what we can assume for now. Hup (1st print) by Panter in 1977 (light blue on lower half of "HUP" on cover) (probably the first "Xerox" underground comix book?) https://www.printedmatter.org/catalog/tables/1088/42164 Hup (2nd print) printed by George DiCaprio with Panter's approval (early 80's?) (no blue on lowe half of "HUP" on cover, one interior page has a "6" within a circle on ithe edge) The AH (1st print) by Panter in 1979. (no signature on top of interior page) as seen on Robert Williams copy at the 1:30 mark: (note, Williams states that The AH is the first Xerox Underground Comix, but I believe he was unaware of Panter's previous Hup from 1977. He discusses how he and S. Clay WIlson came up with the response to The AH with Yama Yama / The Ugly Head in 1981. I suspect the DiCaprio printed the Yama Yama / The Ugly Head, would love to hear if that's so and if so, what DiCaprio had to do with getting these out? Was he the one telling Williams about the public response to get him riled up with S. Clay?) The AH (2nd print) by DiCaprio? in early 80's? (pencil Panter signature on inteior page top that's been "copied" with the printing. (This could probably be seen as an unofficial printing, with Penter's approval.) The AH (3rd print) miniture The AH (4th print) microscopic The AH (5th print) glossy high quality printing by Wright Litho (no longer in business) in 2003. Pee Dog #1 (1983) (black ink on white paper, mini) Pee Dog #2 (1st print) (1986) (deep red cover version) https://hey-ho-outside-affiliatelinksnotallowedtumblr.com/post/117372888582/last-night-i-stopped-by-to-check-out-my What is the Pee Dog #2 version with red and black in on white paper? (I think it's part of the 1st print? Is the all red cover version above a limited signed version?) https://www.ebay.com/itm/vtg-Pee-Dog-2-underground-mini-adult-comic-1986-Jay-Cotton-Gary-Panter/163581025483?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Pee Dog #2 (2nd print) (20xx) (Green paper with black ink in 2009 by Picture Box, 500 copies, there was also a special edition of 10# and signed copies each with unique pornographic covers) There were some small mini Pee Dog's also made, little info. on those is available. Here's one example: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pee-Dog-underground-mini-adult-comic-1982-Cotton-Panter-signed-handmade/113675214695?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  6. WIth Panter's early items, there seems to be no real definitive info. Here's what I've learned, the 1st pictured one is not a 1st print, but a 2nd or later print, the "copied" signature at the top is the clue. There's a video on youtube I've posted that shows Robert Williams open up his copy and tit's the same size about as that one and there's no signature at the top of that page. I'm unaware of these smaller editions, but know the last one was a high quality printing done in Orange County, CA.with a glossy cover that is about the same size as the early ones. Panter told me that he would let DiCaprio reprint his books and that's who I suspect did the printing with the copied signature at the top of the page. I've got a HUP 1st print by Panter that George DiCaprio used to make the 2nd printing of HUP., which lost the blue color on the cover for the 2nd printing.
  7. This goes to show that you should always keep looiking even it it's been fore ever since the last one showed up. In Jan. and Feb. there were 3 copies of Panter's the A S S individual_without_enough_empathy (1st print) that sold on eBay. So if anyone here picked up multiple copies, I'm still looking for one. There's a 2nd copy of 101 Views of the individual_without_enough_empathy up on eBay now, but the seller want's more than I've got to spend on it, even if it's one of a 100.
  8. Chuck R. posted pics. today on the facebook Fogel's page of his Underground Comix collection and I was rather surprised he posted a picture of himself in drag letting people know he goes across country performing in drag shows. Very interesting man. Is this commonly known before and old news?
  9. After the success of the Black Panther movie, I'm assuming people are going after the first Black hero character comic book?
  10. I believe it is from Dan Clowes, but wasn't familiar it was from the Eightball series. Was it printed like so and included or was it reprinted with the record?
  11. Picked up the first 2 issues of Chad In Amsterdam, a modern Underground. Also purchased the original art for the cover of #2 from a Russian artist who posted it on her Instagram account. http://www.chadinamsterdam.nl/ Also, if you find this '94 spoken word double record, there's a parody of a Chick Track included.
  12. Very cool item, found some for sale by a couple sellers in France and ordered a couple.
  13. https://www.drmartens.com/us/en/c/rick-griffin-boots?hploc=banner1&hptag=rick-griffin Too bad not in my size.
  14. I think that's where the major motion picture or multiples of are going to start from.
  15. Yes, and if one or more of the new TV characters becomes popular, then this book has a better chance than most of becoming hot and going up in value.