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  1. Yes. Its the fairytale story. And She named the dragon lockheed in the fairytale . Technically its a 1st appearance within a story for Lockheed( wagging his tail beside her).
  2. Some fun to knock off the negative waves And a couple of characters 1st appearance...
  3. 1993 Masterpieces was a trial run. Trying to figure out what the market really want. Artist like Steranko was just trying to hard to be more artistic for my taste. Sienkiewicz was just being Sienkiewicz.
  4. Proof that Ms. Marvel got woke in the Bronze age I still prefer her original costume
  5. Bronze age Marvel for a bronze age generation When paintings started in trading cards Its so rare to find well known comic book artists
  6. I always wanted to ask this about doc doom attire. Why he is wearing a green sleeves dress skirt with a big belt???