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  1. Loved the monster books as a kid so I had to get them back later in life. I have some pretty nice copies now, check our my Gorgo run here: https://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/comics/PeopleSetDetail.aspx?PeopleSetID=14301
  2. Konga #6 CGC 8.0 from Blowout. It was actually the reason I joined the boards.
  3. Love Tales of Horror 8. I think it is certainly hard to find a good looking copy. I spent a long time looking.
  4. I don't sell often but appreciate any documented feedback you care to share on how those transactions went. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the buys all. I've posted price drops on the three books left. The thread closes tomorrow evening US EST.
  6. Price drop on the Mystic - still two additional beautiful books on here besides the Mystic.
  7. Book Ten- Planet #70 Probably my favorite cover . I took a chance on this one ~10 years back on the bay raw, bad pics, good luck for me. I submitted and did not press it. You all saw the prettiest 8.0 every this week in an awesome thread by one of the best sellers here... but this one is pretty sweet too. Spine ticks holding it from higher. Since the glare is on the cert, key cert details: 1030571003 CREAM to OFF-WHITE Pages First person with $2450 $2250 USD takes.
  8. WIN! Thank you. Now somebody go pick up those other books and I'll drop another in here.
  9. WINNER. Guess I priced it well within a buyers comfort level.
  10. Book Nine- Suspense Comics #11 Another book that presents well above grade. It gets killed by the back cover. Check out the missing person next to the guy with the O face to see the reason for the grade. Hard for me to price this one, so let's see what happens. First person with $400 USD takes
  11. Book Eight - Witchcraft #5 This one has to be the best presenting 5.5 out there, and clearly one awesome cover. It gets killed by the back cover tear. See it on left side, 1/3 of the way down. If you need more pics, send me a PM. I'll add any asks to the thread. First person with $1050 USD takes.
  12. Book Seven - Weird Mysteries #4 Simply an awesome cover. First person with $3100 $2975 USD takes. 
  13. Book Six- Mystic #32 Love this cover and feel the book flies under the radar. First person with $700 $630 $600 USD takes.