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  1. just what I had graded it at. Thanks a million guys !
  2. In my first thread ever, introducing myself and my little comic, some members felt my own grading was off and to post the book here. so.... would appreciate it. Front cover centerfold Migrating rust at top staple Strangely, most of the rust is visible from the outside. Defects Creases galore And major chipping on edge of front and back covers and one piece of tape on back cover to fix a tear: that was there when my mother bought the book in a bargain bin at a toy store in 1968. Another piece of tape on the last pag
  3. yes, I do. But most of them are French as I grew up in Quebec. Stuff like Asterix, Tintin and Metal Hurlant magazine (Heavy Metal mags) and one of my favourites: Phillippe Druillet.
  4. indeed. For while, i collected everything that was part of my childhood: I collected redlines, Coca Cola bottles and trays, fountain pens, some old paper back novels like the Perry Mason books (not easy to find), old doowop 45's.....etc, etc. Now, I spend the little money I have on Swiss watches,..
  5. thanks for all the positive comments !
  6. I see now its not the greatest photo. Will post better ones... For those wondering, I do not want to slab this as i think it is no better than a 1.0, so I will keep it with me.
  7. Well... Was collecting passionately in the 1990's but have slowed down quite a bit. I thought I would introduce myself with the help of my super low grade Spidey Here is my first American comic book I bought when I was 5 years old (with my mom) in 1968. She knew I liked the Spiderman TV cartoon back then so when she found it in one of the bins, she bought it. I dont remember how much she paid for it but she told me before she died that she gave the store owner a $20 bill for 4 comics and she got change back.