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  1. Yes, there are 6 in the collection. Photos:
  2. Trying to establish a grade range for a set of Superman comics. Posted one of the earliest/worst ones before. This is one of the latest/better ones. Thanks in advance.
  3. Sorry we didn't use a dark background for these photos. Complete novice here. Not sure how to describe. Hopefully photos will suffice.
  4. Popeye #1 and lots more Golden Age Dell Comics available now at
  5. Q: "What kind of music do you usually have here?" A: "We got both kinds... we got country and western."
  6. This was my first experience with L.B. Cole... I guess they're not all like this one?
  7. Thank you @FlyingDonut and @fifties! Great advice! We'll be lowering our opening bids. That Alice in Wonderland @FlyingDonutspotted was an exception to our previous "25% of guide" rule because it stood out as particularly bright and beautiful. Apparently it wasn't our friend's "cup of tea" and went straight into storage unhandled/unread. We are receiving some Best Offers, below and above our opening bids, so we're accepting and shipping those as we go. Will revise the ones that don't sell and list more this weekend.
  8. Yes, your book is in a plastic sleeve sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard in the padded envelope. We have checked Sold listings, and noticed some of the same books we have (in worse condition) selling for more than we're getting. They seem like large established sellers with lots of followers and we're just starting out / dependent on direct searches and eBay's algorithms. And we can't find some of the books we have on eBay, in the price guide, or anywhere else. Sometimes we find the cover art on pinterest, but they're not selling the book.
  9. Thank you! We listed a few with $1 opening bids, since we had no idea about their value (and it was easy), but we got concerned when some shot up and others (inexplicably to us) ended up selling for $1. So we started referring to a price guide, but you're absolutely correct, the prices we see there are insanely high. Plus, price depends on grade and we're just not able to grade all the books we have (or even tell which few might be worth the effort to grade). So we've been generally aiming for 25% of the 9.4 grade price. But @Tri-ColorBrian and you are right about that book. We were concerned
  10. Yes on all points! Totally understand. We are using plastic sleeves and cardboard for stability inside the padded envelopes. The last thing we want to do is damage any of these beautiful books that have lasted this long. Thank you!
  11. Yes. There's a problem with CGCForum's automatically-generated redirect/referral URLs. Moderators have been notified.
  12. Hi, I noticed when someone mentions eBay in a post, a URL like gets generated. When someone clicks through, they end up at and CGCForum should get credit for the referral. Similarly, when someone posts a specific eBay Store URL like, a URL like
  13. Thanks for the feedback so far! The first eBay link in our post isn't actualy a link. I tried to "remove" it, but there's nothing to remove. Is it possible when someone types eBay it automatically becomes a link? (We'll see if these two mentions also appear as links.) The second link is a direct link to our store... ... it works when copy/pasted into a browser, but it doesn't get us all the way there when selected within these posts. "How can these be improved?" referred to the photos. More lighting? More closeups? Better loo