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  1. it looks like stallone got the idea for this after watching logan haha
  2. my question would be why does cgc list it as a tee titans book but wth marvel 2 in 1 interiors? the interiors would show the indica no? thus stating its a 2 in 1? can you find an action comics 1 cover and put it on any book and cgc recognizes it as an action 1?
  3. dave stevens berni wrightson hal foster bruce timm frank miller frank frazetta adam hughes jeremy bastion brian bolland jack davis
  4. Thus leading to sharons prizes. Shes always brilliant and whenever ive bought something from her she always includes domething for my twins. Thanks to sharon via shin i now own a leading comics 4, oldest book in my collection and alistair and violet have some sweet toys to entertain themselves with. Another great raffle experience. Until next year....
  5. Shin killed my mystery box. I asked for some bronze marvel to sample as i dont really have any and he sent a stack of sweet books. Also a stack of mags, a bag of buttons and stuff, toon tumblers, a batman maquette and cool as beans superman tin toy. An incredable variety for me to dive into. Also what i tbought was a backpack that turned into an amazing wine kit that tbe wife is very happy to get lol. Finally, he then tells sharon to send me the prize he won in the rafgle cause he dosent really collect floored. So much thanks to shin for my 1st mystery box. They truely live up to tbe hype
  6. Just got my mystery box from sckao with tbe sharon bonus box. Hipe ti get to crack tbem tonight. If not tomorrow!
  7. ..just got! thanks for hammy and the elves for everything. anyone have a page the list is on? for who won my gift, what I won?
  8. someone just posted their windblade 1 in the bronze forum asking questions...let the sharks start circling
  9. post this in the copper section and expect a lot of replys. desirable and insanely rare
  10. it did indeed, no pics but I got a bunch of marvel bronze horror goodness and a gn ive never heard of about vampires! thanks again, good reading all around
  11. got mine todayfrom kramerica, big thanks. my person hasent mentioned if they got theres yet....
  12. i always thought Robinsons starman would make a killer show
  13. b and v 320 is expensive but ive found the jughead is reasonable for the 2nd appearance
  14. rosa is by far the nicest artist ive ever met. I mean free sketch....and he brings a chair for you to sit in while he does the sketch. nicest guy ever. adam hughes on the other