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  1. Oh wow, I hadn't come back here for a bit so I never saw this post. I see you left positive feedback so I assume all was good and the book arrived unscathed? Thanks
  2. Oh no, I wasn't even thinking about you slighting me fastball; quite the contrary. I was just sending a link to show that my book sold within an hour at a very aggressive price even though no link had been shown. Just proving I guess if you have this book sell it now! You are a stand-up member of this community IMHO.
  3. Well, I wasn't pumping and dumping as I didn't even link my listing of this book on that post but I just sold my 9.6 raw copy within an hour of listing:
  4. Venom first host #3 2nd print on fire
  5. I just sold my last copy of Moon Girl DD #1 cover A 9.4+ for about $24 plus shipping so I can't complain....BuhBye book no need for it in my
  6. Looks like ink loss from fingers handling the book-5.5/6.0
  7. Looks about 9.0 maybe, and a pressing wouldn't get it much higher IMHO.
  8. I have a handful AUS variants as my mother is Australian, and on one of her trips home she brought back some for me around 1991?
  9. I've been off the boards for a bit, and have been focused on selling/listing much more on eBay. I can add some recent sales as I know it is something I like to see from other sellers. Spawn #200 2nd Print 9.6- $52 plus shipping Spawn #77 Newsstand 8.5/9.0-$35 The Boys #2 VF+ 8.5/9.0-$9.50 The Boys #2 9.2-$14.50 Wonder Woman (vol. 2) #9 Cheetah 7.5-$9.29 Wonder Woman (vol. 2) #9 Cheetah 6.5/7.0-$6.29 x2 Drax (2005) #1 9.2+-$5.50 Spider-Man Noir (2009) #3A 9.0-$14.24 Thor GOT #2 9.2-$15 Gotham City Sirens #2 9.4-$15 Bloodstone (2001) 1-4 8.5/9.0-9.4-$40 on auction... was hoping for better but hey, for books I bought for $.50 apiece I can't complain Batman Who Laughs (2019) #3 A & B covers 9.6+-$15 Sensation Comics (2015) #4 Hughes cover 9.2-$8 This is just some highlight books, but I've sold much more in the last couple of months. Black Hammer AOD 1-3 is selling well at cover or better for even 9.0 copies. If you can find these in high grade in $1 bins, snag them up and flip. Spawn is on fire and I'm very unhappy I stopped buying the series after 201 up until around 230 something like most others. Having a stockpile of those issues would be awesome. Newsstand issues don't disappoint as most on here know. I have some copies of good issues, but left a huge stockpile behind at a $1 sale years ago that I knew I should have just snagged them all. Live and learn! Happy hunting and selling
  10. I did Mylite 2's forever, then to Mylites and down to the regular bags/boards. Problem is they charge an arm and a leg for the mylars, and they are current size to boot which sucks. I hate current sized bags personally.
  11. I posted an ad in the dealer etc. section of the boards looking for a FL boardie/dealer to possibly check out and make an offer on my whole collection of books, or maybe just half, to no avail. Any suggestions on online dealers who have the means to buy half the collection (5-7k books), or the whole thing(roughly 15K books) that would give me a fair offer on them? I've considered Sparkle City and My Comic Shop, but want some input on any other dealers that maybe other boardies have dealt with to unload a large number of books. I think it is just time for me to seriously trim down the collection, or just get rid of the whole thing and move on for now. Thanks