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  1. I did Mylite 2's forever, then to Mylites and down to the regular bags/boards. Problem is they charge an arm and a leg for the mylars, and they are current size to boot which sucks. I hate current sized bags personally.
  2. I posted an ad in the dealer etc. section of the boards looking for a FL boardie/dealer to possibly check out and make an offer on my whole collection of books, or maybe just half, to no avail. Any suggestions on online dealers who have the means to buy half the collection (5-7k books), or the whole thing(roughly 15K books) that would give me a fair offer on them? I've considered Sparkle City and My Comic Shop, but want some input on any other dealers that maybe other boardies have dealt with to unload a large number of books. I think it is just time for me to seriously trim down the collection, or just get rid of the whole thing and move on for now. Thanks
  3. Not sure if this is the thread to post this, so if not let me know. I have been debating this for some time now, and the time I think has come to just unload about half or the whole collection. It has become too big. I sell on here and eBay, but that has also become kind of tiresome to me. The collection is roughly 13-15K comics ranging from GA (very few) to present, with the majority being 2003 to now high grade comics. I have many duplicates of good runs and books that I meticulously picked off the store shelf myself so there are literally thousands of CGC ready books in my boxes. I have about 6 boxes of DCBS orders I have never fully processed just sitting here. There are also many boxes of "overstock" comics that are mostly $1 bin copper/modern picks, but they also contain some good stuff, just maybe not in the super high grades. I would like to have someone here in FL come check them out and give me an offer on all the books or maybe even just half of them if that is more agreeable. I live in Maitland Fl just off of I-4 so if interested send me a PM for more info.
  4. and it is actually SDCC Comics to be exact, but..............................
  5. Just sold a raw 9.6 Umbrella Academy FCBD for $150!!! I knew years ago that I should have scoured for more of these but hindsight is always 20/20. I have another copy raw 9.8 that I'll have graded maybe at some point.
  6. Just got another very nice shipment from them. Out of about 92 books, all were strict 9.4-9.8 with the exception of about 4 being in 9.2/9.4. However, my copies of Spawn 293 came with all 3 covers like I ordered but the BW variants were not the 1st print error copies, but 2nd prints! This book was not recalled as has been discussed at length on the boards so I'm at a loss as to why they did not send me the 1st prints that I ordered. They are still selling for a bit of a premium so it would have been nice to get what I actually paid for, and make some cash flow back on this order. It is not like they can pull the 1st prints out of their at this point and send them to me....thoughts???
  7. The Batman Who Laughs (2018) #2 AB 9.6+-$11
  8. The Batman Who Laughs (2018) #1 AB 9.4/9.6+-$10 Capullo cover has NCB bend BRHC FC
  9. Because as I said before, the run was good barring any TV villain 1st appearance. Great cover, great run and Kate Kane Batwoman solo arc that should have been selling for $8-10 before IMHO. Or, sell them all now.