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  1. Batman/Fortnite!?! I literally figured absolutely no one was going to care about this book and ordered 0. MM comics had great bundle deals and I just figured it would be super over-ordered or like I said first, no one would care. You can't ever figure out this market!
  2. doesn't matter which way it is oriented on the bed as far as the removal. Still, always use something to slide under the spine side to lift the book gently. If you don't you risk trying to grab the book straight from the bed with your hand and you could cause a cover rumple/indents/edge bend etc. Again, with higher priced moderns especially Marvel books with their rice paper thin covers, trying to take book in and out by grabbing without something to prop it up first, or just sliding it over the edge, is going to cause damage that I can guarantee. I sweat a little every time I'm handling 9
  3. Use a softer business card or something similar to always slide under the spine side of book to prop it up enough to grab and flip over/remove from the scanner bed. This mitigates handling stress when dealing with higher priced books. I wear gloves when handling most books as well because many modern comics are very susceptible to finger printing/smudging, especially. Have the backing board for the book at the ready when you remove comic from the bed so you immediately have it on a sturdy base to transport away from the scanner and into the bag. I also suggest using some darker piece of co
  4. I just got my one copy 1st print and it is borderline 9.9. I have slabbed a few 9.9 comics that I called as being such and this copy is very close. I would not doubt that we should see a fair number hit that mark.
  5. Just a heads up on this one as it seems no one ordered this book for whatever reason. Even those without Diamond accounts should have their copies by now depending on who they order from and the shipping frequency they choose: God of War Fallen God #1
  6. I've been trying to buy these for years without luck...they are always missing from back issue boxes around my area. I think I have 2 copies.
  7. This^ Spawn even early issues now in high grade newsstands sell much higher than direct editions. I would BIN only as auctions are too much of a gamble on who is looking at the right time of the auction, then you get pennies on the dollar for something. Truthfully, even some borderline drek in a CGC 9.8 Newsstand might be pretty good returns in this market.
  8. Funny, I thought the book was pretty good myself. A good little detour from Superhero books for me when it was coming out. The eye of the beholder.
  9. Not sure but that seller drewbizz has just about every variant to every comic ever made in that store it seems.
  10. Unfortunately they are out of the smaller sizes, and have been for a couple months. I get the 8.5 x 11 from them and am hoping they come back in soon as I'm getting low.
  11. agreed Papermart cardboard sheets are the best out there by far. I have been using them for over a decade. Other suppliers I have tried have really bad sheets in my experience.
  12. funny i thought I had a copy of that for sale, went and saw that I did, and now it has been sold
  13. #1 comes out this week I think. I thought about ordering some but dumped them last minute. I have too much mess right now.
  14. so the 1st print from the information I saw about this tpb on a Youtube (accurate?) video is this-the 2nd print according to the indicia came out before the 1st print as it was a print error in the indicia. The 2nd print is the 1st print, the 1st print is actually the 2nd print, and the rest of the prints are accurate. Here is a link to a listed 2nd print copy, which if the info I saw is correct, is the 1st true print:
  15. Uhh yea that is kinda crazy for that book. What even made it get on peoples radar in the first place? They have done 100 movies already and the book series is over as well, right? Anyhow, that may be a unlicensed cameo or whatever but this is his 1st licensed appearance in a "comic book".