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  1. That $100 listing is a very aggressive price for a raw plus they have 10 copies in the quantity. They don't understand the concept of implied scarcity. They will not sell any at that price for now I don't think. $50 is achievable.
  2. I am currently on the hunt for anything Star Wars from DH or Marvel if I find them cheap.
  3. So pissed about 306D....I missed it as I believe it was an FOC just announced cover that flew under my radar, and most other peoples as well I assume-$50!?! I have been pre-ordering Spawn in multiples since about #251 and plan to keep going. I am trade waiting on the reading though. I have too much backlog of reading to even worry about it. That said, I'm not too keen on the Alexander art. I read Dark Horror and was underwhelmed, though I believe Phillip Tan is on art duties now which I think I'll like more as it will look more nostalgic Spawn to me. As far as collecting these, their are already many issues in the past few months that have/are drying up fast and commanding premiums-mostly the 2nd and later printings so get on them if you can find them. Below are a few: #300J ASM 300 swipe 300-3rd print 300 4th 301-3rd Print= 302-2nd print error...was real hot but has cooled a bit 306D- Gunslinger Spawn FOC cover= because I missed
  4. So in data-basing books today in Collectorz/Comic Collector app, several of the DC #1's of the Rebirth ongoing series came up as "special editions". I think I remember seeing some issues of these books that actually had a different banner on the FC I think denoting "special edition", or something along those lines with different covers? These however do not. They have the same cover as issue 1A but the barcode/sku is different, as is other things of note as listed below for Aquaman #1: under barcode says where the regular version says direct sales Aug 2016 Indicia reads Aquaman: Rebirth #1 Special Edition Dec 2018 Inside had ads for the first 3 TPB's of the series where I would think the regular #1 would not as those wouldn't have even been printed yet BC has a green cover Lego ad whereas the regular version has an ad for a TNT show called Animal Kingdom So the more I think about it, these are very reminiscent of the DCU variants from back in the day except there is no way to differentiate them if you were looking at them in a comic store in a bag/board without knowing the subtle difference in the UPC sku, and the wording beneath it instead of a huge DCU logo in the UPC box. Some sellers have them on ebay listed as the special editions for very cheap. I think I got all these comics in either 5 Below or Ollies multi-pack bundles; again, very similar to the old DCU variants being sold in multi-packs. Anyhow, just thought some other boardies might find this interesting if they were not aware of these. I'm assuming their quantities might be limited compared to the regular printings, or maybe not. Thoughts? Regular UPC Special Edition UPC
  5. I agree all that DH Star Wars stuff is full of gold ripe for the grabbing in cheapo boxes still I bet. Some of the Marvel 1st appearances are a sure bet too I think. Grab them cheap while they are down.
  6. Up for sale on eBay is a The Witcher Library Edition HC. Was pretty available about 6 months ago, now not so much. First season of the show was pretty good, and is picked up for another season. This copy unfortunately was damaged by Diamond apparently with the ding to the spine caused by the strapping they use I assume, and the other dings were the horrible shipping to me from Amazon fba seller that gives no mess how a book arrives to the buyer. But I digress, if you are looking for a decent copy of this book here it is.
  7. Was trying to find info on these boards, and emailed some other dealers and larger web stores but no one wants to respond to me about this book. I decided to just list it as an auction and see what happens. If your in the market for price variants from this run, here is your chance for a very nice copy of a Disney Four Color comic! I have a kudos thread here on the boards and my eBay feedback is %100. I take pride in the grading, handling and shipping of all my items.
  8. Yea I did figure that this was price experiment similar to the Marvel .35 cent variants from the Bronze age. I'm curious if anyone has any experience selling/buying one as there is no sales data to be had in my search.
  9. So I've been upping my game on eBay recently, and started digging through a box of Dell/GK/Whitman stuff I've had forever and never have really sold much out of it. I think I sold some issues years back that basically paid for the whole long box and I have sat on the rest. Most know these types of books are pretty hard sells unless you are shipping overseas, or are Barks Duck issues (of which I have a few still I think). But I digress, as I was going through the box and pulling some out to scan for auction maybe, I noticed this Four Color 819 is the 15 cent variant. There are no listings on eBay or sold/completed listings either. A search of MCS, Metropolis and Google in general is not giving me anything. Book looks to be about a 7.0 due to a dust shadow on outside margin of BC. Maybe higher? Any boardies wanna help me out?? I'd appreciate it, thanks!
  10. Just one of my Spongebob newsies...have quite a few issues of this series in Newsstand editions:
  11. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say 7.0 looks very nice color wise, and flat, with no apparent cover dents/wrinkles etc.