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  1. Agreed. If it starts getting anywhere near the price of the book minus cgc fees, I just start looking for the graded version. And if my current books don't look like high 9's, I don't buy more raw versions. I try catching a graded version as soon as they start flooding eBay, hoping I can get one for about 40-ish, so all the work of sending it to cgc is done. Hoping to do this with the Alien 1 Gleason variant. Mine has a damaged corner and I can't get one locally anymore.
  2. I hear that. I recently stopped buying raw books with the hopes of a high 9. I managed to get a couple worthy of sending to CGC, but I got a few that were clearly not high 9's. Sad part was that a couple might've been but the seller didn't properly package the books. This even happened to me with the Brzrkr 1 Mico variants. The books are 1 of 500 and they put them in an oversized box with no bubble wrap or form. One of the issues had damage on every page. That was disappointing. So now I'm just buying graded books or readers from now on - books I don't care about the grade. I guess I could buy
  3. They’re working on separating them. A lot of them have separate categories but takes time to get them all.
  4. It allows you to load your entire collection on your iPad or phone and gives you updates on recent sales and Go Collect fmv.
  5. Grumpy. Just sharing, dude. It pulls from various sources, like Go Collect, which pull from eBay. But makes sense if they haven’t separated this newsstand yet. They’re working to separate more and more of them. Like Spawn 1 newsstands have their own category now.
  6. According to CLZ, Spawn 53 is blowing up. I have no idea why. My 9.6 has gone from $16 to $220 in the last week or so.
  7. I'm currently a premium customer. If I upgrade to elite, do I get another shipping box for free and another $150 in credits?
  8. Yes. 40 books. Does that make a difference? I didn’t see anything that said it would be slower. They’re currently still on step one.
  9. Good lord. My books have been out for 62 business days already. I just found out that I still have 80-90 more business days to go! That is painfully slow. I sent my books out at the end of November and I won’t get them back until July! I could almost create another human in that time. There has to be a quicker way of doing this.
  10. Yep. Have CGC press and clean it too. It’ll probably go up in value.
  11. I like more bang for my buck. I’d buy 9.8’s of: Uncanny X-men 221, 244, 266, 282 and 283. X-Factor 6. Strange Academy 1. Spawn 1 and 9. New Mutants 87 and 98. That should run you about 3k to 4k. Good chance the X-men/mutants will all take off once they hit the MCU.
  12. I see cards are starting to become popular again. Decided to go through my sets and thought I’d share.
  13. Sent in my first batch just before Thanksgiving. My comics were received on 12/2. They still show as "received." At time of delivery, they said about 65 days for grading and 35 for pressing, do they mean business days or total days, and does that mean 100 combined?