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  1. Don't see much to change with a press? Maybe .5 shift, nothing major. Most of what's seen there wont change with pressing. Corners are rather rounded, most of the bends have broken the color, right side corners are beat up, the tear on the back covers a decent size, and the color looks faded in spots unless that's glare.
  2. Aren't those corners a bit rounded to hit that lofty goal?
  3. So then the question is, since it very well could be a mfg defect, I haven't personally looked at other issues, but I don't see this repeated on others I've seen pics of. SO its likely not a regular occurrence. This kill the potential for a 9.0+ on this book? Its pristine otherwise.
  4. This was my thought as well, but the books not trimmed
  5. Ouch, was really high on this one I guess, thanks folks
  6. Was bagged and boarded in a long box, use heavier boards .040, packed snuggly in the box Just never seen bends along the edge like this, very well could be damage, but its a first for me presenting like this
  7. Cool Cover Newsstand 9.8? 9.6? That's 3 books today, I wont post anymore for a few days
  8. Newsstand Edition 9.4/9.6? 9.2 for that spine? I got one more, please don't get annoyed with me
  9. Recently broke into a long box of x-men 1991 series, had all the variants I could get my hands on back in the day. Came across this issue with #54 Prism edition, has what look to be fractures in the cover along the top and bottom. Is this damage from being boxed or is this a production issue with the heavier cover?
  10. Jim Lee / Chris Claremont duo event, my Uncannys & 2nd series need
  11. Hey Forum Folks, So about to submit my first batch to CGC and this is the one book I'm fighting myself to not send, its got issues. Its far from a bad looking book, but I have comics in better shape that would likely benefit more from a grade if it goes how I'm thinking. Notable Issues; Spine corners are okay but not great. If they were the only issue, I'd expect a 9.0/9.2 Outside page corners are good, didn't attach individual photos, I'm pleased there. Counting 7 or 8 ticks along the spine that come into the FC though. So with the just the 2 corner issues and these, I'd n