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  1. I’ve seen sales at 1000 bucks!! Crazy
  2. ghn999, I wish I could afford a 9.6, but thanks for the response.. wes
  3. Awesome!! What price were you looking at?
  4. Looking for a first print GI Joe 21 CGC 9.0-9.2 or raw around same grade. thanks
  5. Closed ...Looking for Star Wars Tales 23 Raw high grade and or Knights of the old republic 42 Raw high grade. Or already graded (9.4-9.6).
  6. Bump on green lantern lot was 60 now 45 plus 20 for shipping
  7. Bump on Green Lantern 201 was 75 now 65 plus 15 for shipping
  8. Bump on Thor 5 was 100 now 90 plus 15 shipping
  9. Green Lantern / Red Lantern $60.00 for lot plus $20.00 for shipping on these because of the amount of books. If you want specific photos please ask. Too many for individual photos
  10. That’s it for today. I’ll be sending out payment info sometime tomorrow and will mail out what is sold once payment is received. Thank you guys...