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  1. Thank you that was very helpful.. I’m still pretty new to the collecting world so I’m trying to learn as I go along. I’ve sent a msg to the seller in regards to returning the issues and hope that I am able to. BTW that is a beautiful issue!!
  2. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the pictures he had sent looked clear but not clear enough to detect those issues till I received them in person. As for the ASM 252 it’s almost flawless on the outside with minimal spine crack or 2. But interior pages are off white (more brown than white). I purchased from a private eBay seller hopefully he accepts my return but now I’m out 25 bucks to ship it back which is BS.....I guess you get what you pay for sometimes
  3. He had this and ASM 252 also NM listed for $600 Canadian for the pair. I ended up paying $325 Canadian for both.
  4. Thanks for the reply I will attach some additional pictures for you. As for the pen mark i’m not entirely sure I don’t want to attempt removing it on my own in case I make it worse.
  5. Hello Everyone, I recently purchased an issue of Secret Wars 8 online which was graded a NM+ according to seller. Pictures looked great from what seller had provided but I noticed a lot more once issue had arrived to my house..... I found what seems to be a very small tear of roughly 1/4” on the top of cover and also what seems to be 4 small pen dots in the centre of issue to the left of spideys head. I believe I did get it a great price all things considered but am really disappointed with the purchase. Before trying to return it I’d like to hear some educated opinions on how t