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  1. Cash ready for graded blue label slabs! open to all grades. Will consider unrestored raw/complete copies. pm me directly what you’ve got :-)
  2. I’ve got an 8.0 white pages for grabs... $775 shipped
  3. Interested in Asm 15 pm sent!
  4. Preferably raw - must be unrestored! Will consider graded copies PM me directly with what you've got! PayPal ready. Thanks in advance :)
  5. I’ve got a nice low-mid grade WHITE pages ❄️😄
  6. Would prefer the book ungraded and raw - will accept slabs as well. PayPal ready - please PM me with what you’ve got!
  7. PayPal ready for a raw (I restored) or blue label stabbed IRON FIST 14! please message me directly with what you’ve got! thanks in advance.
  8. Cash ready for PayPal transaction. Please PM me with info. Thanks in advance! Joseph
  9. PayPal ready! must be a newsstand copy - preferably CGC - NO SIGNATURES PLEASE