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  1. I got the same email. Would like to know if it will auto charge once it gets scheduled for grading.
  2. Bulk submission received date : Dec 07, 2020 status is still received.
  3. I want a graded comic to put on my shelf. Probably 20 or so years from now I’d sell it along with my other collectibles. I’d just like something that has a higher chance of holding value for when I do inevitably sell one day in the future.
  4. Looking into buying my 1st ever comic. Have roughly $500 to spend on it. Willing to buy raw and send in to get graded or I am open to buying already graded. Any advice is much appreciated.
  5. Are you in dire need of money now? If not just do economy and wait. The price is unlikely to go down before you’d get it back
  6. Saturday is not a business day so it’s not going to count.
  7. Type: Bulk Received date: 12/07 status: Received 50 “working Days” so far. Turnaround time was 30 days on the date my cards were received.
  8. All of my psa slabs have a small amount of wiggle room. If I were to shake the slabs they definitely would rattle the card a small bit.
  9. I mailed a package of cards to be graded and it arrived to CGC PO Box on Jan 22. It has not been picked up yet and now I just got an email from usps saying I need to reschedule the delivery. I’m confuse what’s going on. Thanks.
  10. I know Beckett will grade it but wanted to know if cgc would. The card is from “the Pokémon Weekly”
  11. Just wondering what dates are currently being processed? Mine were received on December 7th so today makes 30 working days and just wanted to gauge how much longer until they start to get scheduled? Thanks all!
  12. I’m guessing CGC won’t grade French CP promo zards? I seen they said French cards through sword and shield base can be graded. Not sure if they just haven’t updated it though.