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  1. That's pretty cool, glad that is the plan. Will ease a lot of anxiety.
  2. You know, the timing of when your auction ends never even occurred to me as a thing to look out for. Thanks for that.
  3. Ah, well, if that's the case I agree with you. My expectation was that this was a CGC thing, not related to the carrier. But, we'll see I guess.
  4. I've got stuff delivered far after that that's already been graded and sent back to me, without fast track:
  5. Holy bleep! I dunno if that page/application is even working yet, but that's crazy regardless.
  6. Yes and no. I see people all the time freaking out because the package says delivered with the carrier, but CGC doesn't have them in their system as received. This is CGC saying "we have your package". Seems like a good idea to me.
  7. Yea, I'd guess it's pretty new (I didn't see it the the day when I checked my submissions). Could be still a work in progress. But, I like it.
  8. Ace Comics, if it hasn't been said yet. #1 is first appearance of Blondie, but #11 is the first appearance of the Phantom.
  9. They will tell you if your shipment has been received, box on the right side. I'm a little unsure how up to date it is, I had a package move to delivered today, but this still says not received. But could be a lag in checking in packages regardless. https://www.cgccomics.com/account/my-submissions/
  10. Thing is, that will still only be USPS confirmation. There's no guarantee that someone actually signed for it. Look around the boards, there's been threads of people talking about how, in Covid times, no one wants to touch the machine to sign, so they just deliver it anyway. Even after(if) someone signs for it, it probably won't show up on your submissions page. It will still go to the back of the queue for opening. You'll just have a sig confirmation instead of a "delivered" in your tracking status. And, if you didn't know this already, sig confirmations can be done online. I have i
  11. If you're doing SS the grading/pressing portion is expedited anyway. So, like KCO said, for SS books your best bet is probably CCS as part of the process, so it gets pressed after the sigs. I think, after this first year is done, I may go the same route as Nihilo and just submit books through facilitators/pressers. Or just do SS, since even free tier members can do SS submissions.
  12. There are some, maybe obvious, exceptions to this rule. Signature Series and Express/Walkthrough tiers are not waiting that long from delivery to opening. Just everything else.
  13. For me it's less about shipping and more about trust. At least on Ebay, between Ebay and PayPal, you get some sort of protection if you ship them off and then they say you didn't, or whatever. Not sure FB has that.
  14. Marketplace is an icon at the top, looks like a little store. I think FB has a rudimentary kudos/stars system in place like Ebay does, but nothing full fledged. I don't think there's much protection from scams, etc.. I never sell or buy anything on there that I can't pick up or deliver in person (at a neutral location unless it's something massive).
  15. I think KCO basically covered it. I recently started submitting stuff to MCS (mycomicshop.com) and I really love their methods of both consigning and selling directly to them. Quick, easy to do, and painless to get to them. For graded comics it's super easy and fast, and you get to decide whether to throw them in auction or just sell them, and when they sell MCS deals with everything, takes their fees, and you get a check/PayPal. The only "issue" I see with MCS is that they grade raw books really, really conservatively. So if you have a newer book that you had pressed and are convince
  16. MCS has a guide to it. I've never done it, but others here have and swear by it: https://www.mycomicshop.com/webuycomics/howtoshiplongboxes
  17. The priority flat rate boxes (medium or large) might be your best bet to keep prices down. You can take the chance and send them media, plenty of people do. But if some postal worker gets a wild hair up their butt and decided to check it could cost you. If your runs are exceedingly large, I think the only real option is shipping them in short/long boxes. It's fairly expensive, but doable and not too over the top.
  18. No one has locked this thread yet? Bunch of Bullies....
  19. So, I'm not really "in the hunt" for a Batman #1. That (obviously fraudulent) opportunity came my way so I was going to pursue it and see what happened. But I'd really rather spend my money elsewhere for now But thanks for looking out.
  20. I was literally laughing at how ridiculous an argument we were having. I guess if that makes me a hypocrite, sign me up!
  21. Fair enough, I'll keep that in mind for the next time, if there is one.
  22. Mmmm, resorting to name calling. Now my Thursday is complete.
  23. MP #1 is the "rebirth" of HIM to the name Adam Warlock. This, however is his first full appearance