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  1. This might be a "DUH!" moment but if you aren't looking for one of the "big" artists, look them up and reach out. I did that for a cover I'm looking for and the artist responded very quickly and was very open to working with me. I'll post the cover if all goes well over the next few weeks!
  2. Even if that proves to be true, I cant see this issue skyrocketing more. The theory being proven true might get it a small bump again but this is crazy for this issue, imo. Much better books out there for half that with much better reliability.
  3. I'm not sure what to make of this one...
  4. What would have been a joke a short time ago now has some logical grounds. I found this in a lcs dollar box and it predates Hulk #1 by about 3 months, so this would be the true first Red Hulk, given the market around Marvel Previews #95, yeah? It even has a bonus variant cover on the back and in the current market it only takes one person agreeing to set the standard... so you can find this on the bay for 2k
  5. Did Zapzic start this service? "This one has my personal guarantee 'Beautiful Copy' post-it on the slab!" Just saw my first slab from this company. Their serial number is like 20 zeroes and then a 3 digit number 🤣🤣
  6. Most other keys don't have print runs of 3k.
  7. Does anyone know if this has ever happened? Seems to have a very big swing potential on the risk/reward spectrum.
  8. The article says that this is a direct result of DC pulling their business. Diamond closes New Memphis