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  1. Anyone else get an invite to the "Ebay Council"? 😆 I can't wait until they ask for my feedback...
  2. I listed it for fun just to see, only 3 keys in this run that are worth less than 100 total combined for the 3, got an offer for 280, sold!!
  3. I've found out that I love foreign editions and variants! I have several on the way through customs, including a nice grail... can't wait!
  4. Friday at 9am pst, the much anticipated villians cover. I want many of these!
  5. Yeah same. I just told them I had a hot comic that was worth up to 25k I wanted to list and I had the ability to do so within 24 hours. They want their fees.
  6. They probably would have been happy if they got any bids.
  7. Their 10% commission includes the shipping label plus full insurance for the shipping, I've started listing on there.
  8. I concur, although I only went once, it was for 6 weeks and I stayed in Dumbarton for 5 of the weeks. Beautiful country, great people, amazing scotch!
  9. No I think his name was Chuck, he lived down the street, he wrote his name inside the cover.
  10. One of these SS just popped up for sale in a FB group, $8,500.
  11. I think its safe to say the ceiling for 8.0s has been found.
  12. Looking for single issues or a full variant set of this issue, not completely sure how many variants there are as KC is incomplete from my EB searches. Prefer raw but will also consider graded ones, let me know what you have and your prices, thanks!
  13. Is there any other industry where a company can damage goods of yours that they have for whatever reason and they are able to fix it how they see fit? Or ignore it? Aren't there legal requirements they are subject to as a registered business to be fully liable for damage they cause?