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  1. Hi I thought I’d post this here and see if any fellow star was fans could help me I’m looking at getting my Star Wars The Clone Wars comics signed by some voice actors who signatures I’d like and sending it to Cgc for grading but cannot find anyone who can help facilitate a signing for the voice actors I’m looking for if anyone could point me in the direction of who I could contact to make this happen I would greatly appreciate it thank you
  2. I like the old judge dredd comics so I bought a couple of the books collecting them together and managed to get this one signed by the writer who created dredd and one of the artists and asked how much a sketch would cost he said he couldn’t do a full sketch because he had to go but would do a quick one for free what was nice and this is how it turned I couldn’t have been happier with the results of the sketch
  3. That’s really cool normally you see Stan lees signature but you don’t see to many of Joe Sinnotts I’ve noticed
  4. Honestly I don’t mind paying the same amount for both but if someone wants to list a pence variant lower out of snobbery then that’s fine with me that’s there own fault
  5. Thanks it is a nice one hardly ever see pence for the early dr strange issues of strange tales
  6. First dr strange pence and isn’t in the worst of conditions compared to some pence comics I’ve seen of books
  7. Book is complete and all firmly attached to the staples is in nice condition in general
  8. Thanks I didn’t know if they had separated the two or not because how they label the uk price variants
  9. Okay I’m probably missing something obvious but does anyone here have a link to the pence variants for Fantastic Four in the census if so that would be much appreciated thank you
  10. honestly it’s just a pence variant it’s a mistake probably a fair few collectors have made at some point I never had this because my first comic was a pence issue this one isn’t worth grading that’s not to say that pence copies are inferior to cents just in this case the grade is to low to justify any value and it being a common comic as well
  11. With that back cover I’d be at a 2.5 max I doubt you can fix that
  12. Beautiful copy I knew the where more collectors on the boards with a copy just getting them to post them it’s got to be Kirbys best cover along with 67 and 72 in my opinion
  13. Beautiful copy and you seem to have the same wrap on your copy as mine
  14. Been trying to work out what grade this would get the insides are all nice and tight the cover has some wear to it but the second front cover is in better condition. Sorry about the images can take some more if you need. Thanks in advance
  15. a personal favourite always liked this one just for the cover alone so definitely a bonus for it be a double cover