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  1. Somebody's got to be looking for A+ pages from the early 1980's independents? Eclipse Comics DNAgents 1983 Censored? GGA? All-in-One
  2. It can be a grind, but it's worth it to me:
  3. Thanks for the kind words BuraddoRun. The search for additional pages has run dry for me at this point. I've spoken with Alan Kupperberg (before his passing, RIP) and Al Gordon, and beaten down every door I can think of over the decades. I've ended up with 15 of the 18 panel pages, and am also missing the splash. To answer your question directly, for some reason, Iron Man's sad soliloquy on the final page really resonated with my younger mind. The drama to me was intense. Later in life when I stumbled upon 'comic art' I somehow ended up with that very page right away, and the hunt was on! Simply could not believe it. Somewhere in the very early 2000's I wrote a nice (my opinion ) article on this passion of mine in the CFA-APA. Regardless - I'll keep my eyes peeled for you on any of those pages that you are looking for as I keep ringing the bell once a year. If anyone has one of these last four pages, please allow me to make an offer to you - I promise you these are meaningful to me and my offer will reflect that Best to all for health Mess
  4. running a bit late, but here is my annual outreach post. Its not the best 'art' but it is the most meaningful to me
  5. bumpity bump bump FYI Also have Kirby to trade for the right piece....
  6. Still attempting to locate these pages - appreciate any and all help thanks gang - stay healthy
  7. Some of the sexiest pages by Will Meugniot and Al Gordon, along with some other oddballs :) Free USA shipping on everything. Link: (
  8. Good morning, I hope anyone reading this is safe and healthy. Looking for the COMPLETE issue of DC's Birds of Prey #17 that was sold on ebay many years ago and ANY Pages from 28 - 29 - or 30 Thanks guys - please PM me here
  9. Looking for something along the line of 'Heroes and Villains' - or a preliminary piece such as those that will often turn up in The Jack Kirby Collector. Marvel characters only LMK - I'm ready to buy :)
  10. Hi all, Happy Fathers Day! Please help me out if you can as my search to reassemble this story has gone very, very dry. Missing the splash and a handful of pages. Alan Kupperberg Art. thanks in advance for any consideration Len For what it’s worth, looking for Guice BoP 28, 29, and 30 anything too!
  11. Having the word ‘production’ in the title will indeed be a negative. It cannot help you in any way. Only hurt.
  12. Any others out there? Only 5 contacts (and THANK YOU to those 5) - still looking! Len
  13. Good morning, The title says it all. Looking for pages from Avengers 1,2,3 and 6 Also looking for the right Twice Up Splash from either: JIM TOS TTA Strange Tales I have cash in hand and other significant Kirby art to trade for the right piece. So if any older list members have been on the sidelines wondering about forking over 10% to 20% to a dealer or an auction site, well, I can offer great trade, strong $$$ and bulletproof references. Some Instant liquidity for the right page PM me here or email me at mess3499 at yahoo dot com Len
  14. Post the NYC Art show.... Somebody has to need money for the Heritage (or Comiclink) auctions that are heading our way. Looking for the RIGHT page Let me know Mess3499 at yahoo dot com thx