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  1. Hi all, Happy Fathers Day! Please help me out if you can as my search to reassemble this story has gone very, very dry. Missing the splash and a handful of pages. Alan Kupperberg Art. thanks in advance for any consideration Len For what it’s worth, looking for Guice BoP 28, 29, and 30 anything too!
  2. Having the word ‘production’ in the title will indeed be a negative. It cannot help you in any way. Only hurt.
  3. Any others out there? Only 5 contacts (and THANK YOU to those 5) - still looking! Len
  4. Good morning, The title says it all. Looking for pages from Avengers 1,2,3 and 6 Also looking for the right Twice Up Splash from either: JIM TOS TTA Strange Tales I have cash in hand and other significant Kirby art to trade for the right piece. So if any older list members have been on the sidelines wondering about forking over 10% to 20% to a dealer or an auction site, well, I can offer great trade, strong $$$ and bulletproof references. Some Instant liquidity for the right page PM me here or email me at mess3499 at yahoo dot com Len
  5. Post the NYC Art show.... Somebody has to need money for the Heritage (or Comiclink) auctions that are heading our way. Looking for the RIGHT page Let me know Mess3499 at yahoo dot com thx
  6. Hey gang -- happy new year -- please contact PM me right here or email me at Mess3499 at yahoo dot com if you have ANYTHING on this list thanks!!! a) A Neal Adams Avengers Page. Has to have Wanda on it b) A Don Heck Avengers Splash -- Pre the Buscema run. c) A Werewolf by Night #32 page (Don Perlin) Has to have some Moonknight. MK's first appearance. d) The right Perez JLA/Avengers DPS e) ANY pages/covers/prelims From DC's Birds of Prey #28, #29, or #30 by Jackson 'Butch' Guice. f) ANY pages from the lead story in What If? #29 - What if The Avengers Defeated Everyone? by Alan Kupperberg. And Kirby AVENGERS pages / anything! thanks!
  7. Nico, Well done indeed! What an asset! many thanks
  8. That Avengers page is wonderful! The shot of Jan in panel two is a great representation of that entire era!
  9. Would love the opportunity to give a strong offer for the right page. Pls PM me here Thanks for the consideration
  10. last bump -- Monday Morning Blues --- only two responses so far, c'mon gang
  11. wow -- re-bumping so that my message can get the small chance to resonate with a few folks more. this one moved down the list rather quickly...
  12. Hi All, Title and tags say it all Willing to step up for the right piece - Have some partial trade available too if that's your thing, depending on wants BTW always interested in Kirby Avengers interiors as well! Lets help each other out Will treat every response in strict confidence - Plenty of successful references if needed PM me gang!!!! or email me, whatever is easier - mess3499 'at'