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  1. at least wait until after the movie, historically books build on movie releases, especially after the ad/short/preview is released and then they drop after the movie *of course this is based on a lot of Sony X-men/Spider & DC releases, that were varied in quality...when Disney/MCU release something it could change the whole mindset, it may further energize the market (the way Marvel do with the easter eggs at the end) Put it this way, I have 9.6/9.8 raws of #300 and #316, I'm getting them to CGC in 2 weeks in order to sell. It's a sellers market
  2. This right here. 100%. I watch a few youtubers and not a single one mentions writer, artist OR plot. Purely First Appearance (fap). One guy listed his 3 specs (2 FF's and a cap am) and when I mentioned they were all drawn by John Byrne he didn't know who that was...trading CGC 9.8's like oversized cards is where we're at presently. However...(this is where I turn positive) The pure focus on FAPS means that as long as you avoid those issues you can still but a lot of good reading material cheaply, just don't try and complete the run, yet!
  3. Thank you everyone, think I'll send it for cleaning... for everyone suspecting moisture damage...would a picture of a page give us further information! One thing...the guy who was wanting to buy it at a 4.0 grade was probably under-grading me!!!! Thanks everyone
  4. Hi, I've returned to comic collecting and most of my collection is Bronze/Copper and up around the 7.5-9+ grades. I'm not very good at the lower levels. I took some books over to a comic dealer, who thought I was selling....so when he told me the grades i wrote them down It has that wear on the upper left corner. spine looks good, no creases. a few ticks on the spine. send it for a clean? I've marked this as my worst comic in my collection Thank you in advance