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  1. The Eternals must have been the one Marvel title (and number one) I didn’t buy back in the 70s. Great buzz about the Chloe Zhao film so diving in after all these years...
  2. That was me 2 months ago...emerging from a 35 year hibernation (and getting my first slab ever as well). Welcome back.
  3. This looks like the place to share my old Daredevils...have had these since mid/late 70s. What a fantastic comic...great to see all the DD love here. Never got #1...probably would have set me back $10 back then...back then I’d rather buy 5 $2 books.
  4. I’m now the proud (fractional) owner of Fantastic Four 1. Was interesting to watch the bid/ask fluctuate and ultimately end down quite a bit when the trading window was open.
  5. Not only are these newsstands, I even bought them off the newsstand...among the last comics I bought for 35 years. The only thing I’m not sure of is if these are technically copper age.
  6. Just saw crazy last minute bidding on eBay for Young Avengers #1 CGC 9.8 drive it to $714 price...a record I think and 2x what it was a couple months ago. And there are BIN copies for much less!
  7. Prob true for most in the the 70s even as kids we began to understand the collectibility aspect although the differences in condition were much much less pronounced as compared to today...back then we just felt lucky if we found an issue we were looking for and hardly paid attention to condition.
  8. You might be on to something...he would take his comics to school and hide/read them in his folder and do his calculations on them during class.
  9. Would appreciate your expert opinions and in particular on the impact of the ink. I got this and a bunch of other early Marvels from the same collection when I was a kid in the mid 70s and a lot had the math homework or whatever the hell it is on them. I hope wherever he is, that kid knows how much value he destroyed because he was too lazy to find some scrap paper.
  10. I had the dumb luck to get them when I did and then to (store them responsibly) but basically forget about them. Had chances to buy FF 1 for like $50 but that was a fortune to me back then. Most comics I either got new or paid $2-5 for.
  11. Wow I found my tribe! I collected as a kid in the 70s and then bagged and boxed them up and pretty much forgot them. Didn’t buy a comic since the early 80s. I collected other Marvel titles but focused on Fantastic Four and ended up with a run from 19-230 and a few earlier ones as well as Annuals 1-16. Seeing some of those covers after a long time away, they are just amazing —my favs 72, 74, 75. I just rebagged and reboarded them and this forum inspired me to take pictures while they were out. Great to see all the FF love here!