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  1. He meant that high grade ECs are rare and hence (relatively) expensive.
  2. I prefer the science fiction titles, and these had the covers I preferred. Favourite cover: (at the risk of posting this too many times lately)
  3. I think you may get a qualified 5.0 to 5.5 for this. Otherwise just enjoy it for what it is.
  4. The OP said it was graded in the last month. Staples won't go rusty that quickly especially in a slab. Recently in the PGM thread, a book was graded very harshly - much lower than everyone's estimate. It seemed they took off a whole grade for "moderate rust on staples" even though that rust was not visible on the book in the slab. Also many judges in the PGM thread would downgrade a book to 7.5 for a ding like that on the cover.
  5. He can't be such a tough guy if he needs to wear longjohns when he goes to the desert.
  6. That's a very harsh grade. Basically they are taking off a couple of points for stamps (I thought these weren't deprecated?) and minor rust on staples (that must be on the interior so no-one will see).
  7. That writing is the date written by the vendor and I think that is not deprecated.
  8. I posted this in the cigar thread but it will be better appreciated here... I left it in the bag so you could see the sticker with the dealer's notes as to what is inside.
  9. For those who have not read this book before, I recommend it. Kaluta's art captures the Shadow's era beautifully.