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  1. Yeah, then again there are those who are asking for twice GPA high in a given grade. I don't care how nice it looks for its grade, that's just mad!
  2. I'm sure glad I didn't pull the trigger on any of the copies I was looking at a few months ago with sellers asking all-time GPA highs in the given grades. Prices have continued on a downwards trend in most grades below 7.0. Time to look for a deal before the next resurgence. #patience
  3. Well obviously. I didn't think I had to point that out.
  4. You can also use GPA. Match the serial # there to the Ebay listing to see the actual sold for price I believe.
  5. I might have some. I recently picked up a run from the last 10 years. Is that the correct time frame for those books? If so, please PM me. Cheers!
  6. FYI those look to be Best Offers, which means that they most likely did not sell for those green asking prices. One might as well just guess what the actual price was, unless there's a way to find that out.
  7. That's a very desirable ASM and Campbell cover, and has been for quite some time. I can never keep it in stock. One of my favourite Campbell covers.
  8. Yes! That highlighted part is my favourite. Sooo many folks think that pulling out 5-6 $3-10 books is a LOT of books, or as they like to call it "a bunch", and thus deserving of a discount. To which I tell them: "buying 20 longboxes is a "bunch.""