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  1. Thanks, but that's a $7.5K USD copy. Someone pointed out that a copy just sold for $9K (USD presumably).
  2. Well, there we go. What I feared! (Could you kindly provide the link. I see it in GPA, but for some reason my Ebay searches are acting wonky and not showing ANY 9.8s... Thanks!)
  3. Seriously, why aren't copies without the insert given a green label? The only thing I can think of is that the inclusion of such inserts are not printed on the front cover. Also, are graded comics from the '90s that are missing those Overpower or other card inserts given a green label?
  4. I was actually quite serious. Sooo many people have come up to me at my booth asking to have their photo taken with books much less prestigious and valuable than say, an AF 15.
  5. There's a great article somewhere online about ASM 238 and the whole matter of Tattooz. IIRC CGC has missed some instances of the tattooz being married, and because of that, among other reasons, many do not believe that copies with the tattooz should fetch a premium, nor the should the books without them be considered incomplete (qualified). I mean, for the longest time the OSPG specifically stated that there was no difference in value between copies with and those without (but it has been changed recently I believe). And please, correct me if I am wrong, but didn't CGC assign a blue label to
  6. I once thought of doing something similar at cons. Instead of pay for view, it was going to be a photo op with the book.
  7. Thanks. Is there anything specific one needs to look out for when choosing a safety deposit box, or are they all essentially the same? I presume yours are kept in a climate controlled space. But are the boxes themselves airtight? I'm going to meet with my bank to inspect their boxes.
  8. Well, there was more to the story. I actually offered him what he was asking for, but he was experiencing seller and buyer's remorse both at once. As it turns out, HE was the buyer of the last recored sale on GPA a few months ago, so he doesn't really want to sell it, but he needs cash to to buy something else. A classic case of playing with big books that one cannot actually afford.
  9. I've sold all of my higher grade vintage stuff. I've got plenty of graded modern keys in 9.6-9.8, but that's not your thing.
  10. There's no coming back once I sell these books. I'll still read the occasional series digitally, but I don't covet material objects--they're more of a burden to me. Once these are sold I'll move to the country where I'll live in a modest home and enjoy nature and what the natural world has to offer. It'll be a new chapter of my life and I cannot wait! The countdown is on.
  11. Oh yeah, I've bought from him before. I live in a fancy complex with security cameras in the lobby, where we will meet, as usual. He does not know exactly where I live, and it will all be on camera should something go sideways. It's a cash deal like last time.
  12. I love comics and have been a fan of them for nearly 40 years, but it will soon be time to cash in and enjoy life. They're just comics at the end of the day, and I'm no millionaire, so I'd rather cash out to help buy a new home in full and travel (once the pandemic has been tamed!).
  13. Coming today I hope. The seller is out of town but will be back today, so I'll have the book later today or tomorrow.
  14. Well, what makes you say that? Another copy sold for just that recently. I offered the same amount without the seller having to pay fees to Ebay, etc., so I think that's right on par for the course. He could perhaps sell it on Ebay for $8,500.00 USD and pay the fees and then be right back to what I offered in cash. Regardless, I'm glad he declined. The point I'm making is that who knows where the price will end for this book (and many other of its ilk).