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  1. I guess we’ll never truly know what sort of impact it had other than the mostly positive reactions and reviews that came on its release. It’ll be talked about forever in movie making terms due to the nature of its creation, I don’t think we’ll see another film of this size go through that again.
  2. Well I've just caved and signed up with Sky Store so I could purchase the B/W edition on my devices at least. Got to say it looks glorious! Now I may have to cave and buy that incredible looking Vinyl score set....then purchase a record player somewhere down the line.
  3. It may just be the UK for this date, I can see it on Amazon Prime and a few other services now. Unfortunately the one that I want is the version that comes with the 'Justice is Grey' edition but this is only available on the Sky Store which I don't have.... Blast these endless 'on demand' services! I have about 5 subscriptions now but typical the one I can't get has the version I want.
  4. Very true, I enjoy this thread to see where the trends hit each week. Loki seems a tough one as most of his keys are pretty pricey and I don't know of any that sit in the modern category. Perhaps it's the likes of the supporting cast to speculate on (such as Owen Wilson whose character name I forget but I know his FF issue popped after the trailer). What's TVA by the way?
  5. I found the same thing with this issue as an example. The ups and downs of so many books like this are following the weekly release schedule of a TV series, it's crazy! If you're on the ball with these shows you can do well in the flipping market. I totally get it for certain books that you can bet will hold their value but there are so many that no one will care about when the series are done.
  6. And the next announcement should be.... Cyborg is back in the -script folks!
  7. Overall I've enjoyed this show and look forward to the finale, I'm hoping it sticks the landing. I haven't found the flag smasher baddies to be particularly interesting but Walker has been a great character, glad to see they are keeping him for more.
  8. I wonder if the 'Justice is Grey' version would come with it or if that's going to an alternative option. It still hasn't come to the streaming service over here in the UK...
  9. It was all there for the taking. The diversity and epic storytelling that everyone wants now. Even for those that didn't necessarily like BvS, the other films would of had other directors on board to bring their style too but it would at least be a coherent universe. And if they'd nailed the Flashpoint multiverse arc then WB could of continued with the likes of Matt Reeves Batman etc and it would look like a well thought out plan to allow these other stories to be told. Going back to JL2 and 3 now would probably come across to lot of movie goers as a copy of the Endgame plot; time tr
  10. An Atom movie is the kind of thing that is now years away whilst DC films go about their various re-boot attempts etc. It's funny when you think of all the stories and plans that were in place way back in 2016; the JL trilogy building up to the grand finale vs Darkseid, setting up Cyborg to be a major player for his own film, Green Lantern teases that could easily have led into the GL Corps franchise, setting up the New Gods ideas for a Jack Kirby cosmic epic, The Atom coming through on the international stage.... And this was all prior to Marvel hitting it big with Infinity War, Bla
  11. Unfortunately the more we see from WB trying to leave these films behind, the more it seems like a long long way away that any chance of a sequel will occur. Particularly with Snyder having so much in the pipeline with Netflix and the majority of the cast appear to have been muffled by the powers that be. The potential was all there but it feels like any reverse decision by WB now would be even more far fetched. Maybe we could at least get the comic book version of JL2 and 3 to see out the story!
  12. Some really interesting points raised above about preserving something as historically important as an Action 1. Even if I was a millionaire it could be way too stressful to own such a piece!
  13. Is it just an ego thing or are these guys genuinely delirious about their own ability?
  14. Very interesting read, so much coming out after all these years of silence from people involved in these films. I wonder what the other working titles were before the studio decided on ‘dawn of justice’ which I agree was not a good choice.
  15. I like the look of this one more than Wandavision and F&TWS. I’m still a sucker for wanting to see them all even if I find some of the episodes a bit ‘meh’, but with Loki it looks to have a good vibe about it with some great leads in Hiddleston and Wilson. Looking forward to it!