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  1. Went to a flea market today as soon as it opened. I purchased from two different vendors with comics. There were a lot of boxes. Some other guys that started at a different point than I did apparently found some price variants. I am happy with the two I found.
  2. Star Wars, John Carter, and Tarzan seem to be the most common.
  3. Nice book. I wish I could contribute to this thread... Maybe someday
  4. I love/hate this book. For some reason, I seem to have accumulated more copies of this book than any other.
  5. I love those three packs. We discuss all the time whether they are direct market, or whitmans, but they are not price variants.
  6. Thanks again to everyone who looked. I am going to close the thread. If you just missed it or were just late to see it, feel free to send me a PM with offers.
  7. OK, I was going to close this thread, but I really do want some of these items to go to new homes. So, I will leave it open one more day. Until then: All remaining items are 20% off until I close the thread sometime tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!
  8. There are all of the marvel legends series? I really like them and have a bunch including some duplicates. I have considered putting a entire run together by series, but never got around to putting together an entire list.
  9. Hello- I didn't mean to drag this out this long. That said, I plan on closing the thread probably tomorrow. PM me any questions, and thanks again for looking.