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    FACT if I stop posting, trillions and trillions of transistors would be out of work.

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  1. Next time I send you something, I am going to send you a new sheet of construction paper to use when scanning books.
  2. going to let this run through the weekend, especially since FBS is drawing a lot of attention down to mixed. Buy a book, or make me an offer... I am open to trading too
  3. Found this to be interesting, sorry if one has already been posted here:
  4. Thanks for all the looks and the purchases. Questions, comments, offers welcome.
  5. I was going to actually mark this closed, but decided to say that I am open to offers. If no offers, I will close on Friday. Thanks for looking...
  6. I have several other Essentials, but I think members of this board hate the b&w reprint essentials.... If anyone wants, I can post the X-men essentials 1-5 and a Tomb of Dracula...LMK Any interest in some cheap Overstreet Price Guides? Otherwise, I will keep digging through some boxes. Maybe more to come.