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  1. it is all there on the wayback machine...
  2. Mikey- Two books like that are not irrational purchases. To answer your question truthfully, I would have to list over 350 books. I buy every one of them if the price is in an acceptable range. You don't have a problem- I have a problem
  3. I am guilty of calling them marvel whitmans in the past, especially the ones with the blank UPC box. (People used to think they were all reprints too) I would be willing to never do that again if people would agree to stop calling foreign editions of comics price variants.
  4. I pulled a GL55 with a sticker today at a somewhat local show in Laurel, Maryland. If anyone really wants me to scan it, I will post it.
  5. That is a beauty. For the longest time, Ringo 28 was probably considered the second most difficult to find of the 30 cent variants, in any grade. Thanks for posting Jimbo
  6. Hello Everyone, I let this fall away for a long time, but have been still adding to the hoard. Currently, I am looking for a couple of specific marvel price variant books: Doctor Strange 14 with the ORANGE starburst Two Gun Kid 131 I like high grade, prefer raw, but grade is not important if the books are complete. I am interested in 30/35 cent variant Westerns (any) and Tomb of Darkness 30 cent variants. I am also still interested in double cover price variants, and signature series price variants if the price is right. I am interested in all other 30
  7. Next time I send you something, I am going to send you a new sheet of construction paper to use when scanning books.
  8. going to let this run through the weekend, especially since FBS is drawing a lot of attention down to mixed. Buy a book, or make me an offer... I am open to trading too
  9. Found this to be interesting, sorry if one has already been posted here: